All goings-on are at the queen's discretion.  The laws are subject to change, especially if the peace is disturbed.  We are here to create and transform, not to argue and fight.


The queen does not create illegal material.  Twisted? Yes.  Illegal? no.  Content requests, guest posts, art, will be at the Queen's discretion.  In general, the following topics are not permitted:


-Extreme Age Regression

-Extreme Violence

-Rape and Non-consent (All "unwilling" transformations are in reference to the transformation itself and not any included or underlying sexual acts.  No judgement, just the way it has to be.)


Any hate-speech, prejudiced language, or intentional harassment/incitement/trolling will be met with a harsh exile.  I do not ask much of those who come to the den, but this is a safe place to enjoy written content, not a playground on which to cause disturbance.  If you have an issue with another user, take it elsewhere.