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Careless Sport: Chapter 4

Careless Sport: Chapter 4 brings Brooke and Grayson to a strange juncture.  Grayson can tell something is different, but he simply cannot figure out what it is.  Brooke, on the other hand, has begun to get a grasp on exactly where her changes are taking her - and it isn't any closer to femininity.

Careless Sport: Chapter 1

Brooke and Grayson are a happy couple, and Grayson's success in football has ensured they can enjoy a life of ease.  Their vision of their future is utterly changed when an unstable narcissist armed with magical powder subjects them to a complete inversion of everything they had ever expected.

Clara is the undoubted queen bee of her school, never hesitating from protecting her position of social dominance.  When a new girl by the name of Petra comes to school, Clara decides to try to teach her an early lesson.  Her brutal verbal attacks veer into transphobia and Petra's unpredictable magic powers change Clara's life forever.