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Chapter 7

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Emma laid in bed, her mind swirling with thoughts and fears.  Her heartbeat seemed to have settled into a permanently raised pace; no matter what she did, she couldn’t calm herself.  Worse yet, nothing she did could ward off her arousal.  Tossing and turning in the bed only managed to make it worse, as the soft fabric of her underwear teased the unnatural organ between her legs. 


Shrunken and strange as it was, she couldn’t fight off the urge to explore it, to find out exactly what it was and what it felt like when touched.  As her mind spun into a delirious half-sleep, she found herself involuntarily thrusting her pelvis against the bed in such a way that her tiny cock rubbed against her panties, sliding in and out of its little foreskin.  Before long, she had hypnotically slipped her hands between her legs as well.

The sensation surged her mind out of its haze, but it was too late; she needed the touch, the release.  Her mind filling with unwanted sexual images, she found herself gripping her tiny cock between her fingers and stroking it, spreading hot pleasure throughout her crotch.

She let go.  She let the hot sexual need flood her mind, her cock, her everything.  She thrusted her cock upward, delighting filthily in the way her strange breasts jiggled with each desperate jerk.  Even the dark, stray hairs that she could now see around her nipples turned her on.  Her mind soared through horny images with a burning lust she’d never felt.  She needed sex.  More than anything. 

Emma imagined acts that would have, just days ago, been foreign and disgusting to her mind.  She imagined herself splayed out on the floor, with her pathetic, twitching cock leaking precum into her out-of-control bush.  Priscilla’s feet were on her face, and her tongue was gently tracing the length of the woman’s feminine toes.  Above her, she could see Priscilla’s wet cunt.  Farther up, Cody’s delicate lips were tugging and teasing at Priscilla’s nipples. 

The image was so vivid, so incredibly wrong, yet so arousing.  Emma felt her legs shaking.  A new sensation surged through her.  It started deep within and quickly rushed to the tip of her tiny cock.  At the same time, she felt an odd contraction somewhere between her cock and her ass.  Quickly glancing down, she saw her tiny ballsack tighten.  Less than a second later, she moaned out loud, spurting a small jet of cum into her panties. 

The sudden surge of pleasure was unlike anything she’d felt before.  It was like her cock had become a lightning rod for all her body’s pleasure.  Her mind, her soul, her everything was focused entirely on the tip of her tiny, hard cock until cum blasted out of the tip and freed her from her desire – much sooner than she’d expected.

Emma groaned.  Her heart was pounding.  Disgust, like a heavy blanket, settled over her.  Looking down at her body, she half wanted to retch.  Her hair was out of control.  Dark, rough hair sprung from the edges of her ill-fitting panties.  Her legs were rough with hair, too.  Worse yet, a very visible line of dark hair crawled up from her crotch to her bellybutton. 

She was panting, watching her round belly lift up and down, as a strange thought invaded her mind. 

Who am I?

Emma didn’t recognize her own body anymore.  It didn’t feel foreign necessarily, but a part of her knew it wasn’t right.  She tried to think of herself, her past, her history.  Everything she thought back on seemed so distant. 

I’m Emma, right? Right?

Her own name felt so flat, so meaningless.  How could she possibly see Emma when she looked down and saw someone completely different.  In her post-orgasmic delirium, she toyed with the idea that maybe she just wasn’t Emma, really, anymore.  If Cody was to be trusted, she lived a totally different life than she remembered anyway -- a life with shrunken ambiguous genitalia, premature ejaculation, and uncontrollable hair growth.

Maybe I should just accept it, for now.  Maybe Cody is right.  Maybe I should just be Emil or something…after all, I seem to have a cock now.

She glanced down at the growing wet spot on her panties, which clung to the outline of her softening penis.  It twitched involuntarily as she rolled the name over and over in her head.

Emil…Emil…Emil?  Am I even a girl?

Emil knew the answer, deep down.


With a twitch of his cock, Emil slid over the blurry line that separates woman from man.  He felt it, almost physically, as his mind settled into the right place.  It was horrifying and incredible at the same time; the realization that everything had changed and just might never go back.  He had, against his will, become a man, and yet, somehow, in a perverse and twisted manner, it felt alright.

*                                       *                                       *


Emil woke with a start.  Sunlight poured in through the openings in the curtains.  His mind rushed, struggling to catch up with the fact that he had dozed off without realizing it.  Instinctively, Emil looked to his right, expectantly hoping to find Cody next to him.  Cody was not there.  He listened intently, mentally reaching out into the deafening silence of the house.


With a sigh, Emil slid into a sitting position on the edge of the bed.  His head felt light and his body had seemingly only progressed in its masculinization.  Mustering a small burst of energy, Emil stood from the bed and shuffled to the shower.

Climbing into the hot stream of water, he noted the new sensations; water felt so different flowing down a body covered in hair than it did when he had been…different.  Amid the thick bush between his legs he could barely make out the wrinkled form of his cock, shrunken from the sudden change in temperature.  He already wanted to touch it again.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Emil had never been one to swear regularly, but the circumstances were such that he didn’t even think twice.  He had never been this horny, this quickly in his entire life or, at least, not in the life that he remembered.

How the hell are these little things giving me this much testosterone?

He felt for his balls.  While he noted that his cock had grown just a little since last night, his balls had not changed.  They were still shrunken, miniscule things that barely hung from his body. 

How the hell do I make so much cum then?

Emil realized that he had a lot to learn about his body now.  Every personal secret of femininity meant nothing when you had become a man.  He continued to scrub himself, feeling every inch of his new body jiggling with newfound weight.  Even his weight felt different, more taut, less soft.

By the time Emil was done in the shower, he was hard.  It took everything in him to not jerk himself off before he went downstairs, but somehow the thought of being downstairs when Cody arrived home at long last was more powerful even than his arousal. 

I guess that means I’m a gay guy now?

As Emil got dressed, he pondered his sexuality.  To his surprise, he found himself twitching and hardening at thoughts about all kinds of bodies.  He explored all kinds of experimental situations in his head; it was only as he finished dressing up in some of his most baggiest, unfeminine clothes that he realized the thread that connected all of his perverted fantasies together.

Feet.  Submission.  Degradation.

Emil couldn’t help himself.  The idea of being exposed as the hairy quick-shot he’d become was overwhelmingly present in his mind.  Images of him cumming his pants at work to his coworkers low-cut shirts flew into his mind.  He imagined himself on his hands and knees, pleasuring the massive cock of a beautiful, dominant woman, completely embarrassed that his pathetic cock was smaller even than a girl’s.  Most of all, he imagined himself licking Priscilla’s toes as she made out with his fiancé.

Emil almost came just from the thoughts.  His cock was making a wet spot of precum in yet another pair of ill-fitting panties. Before his body let him tip over the edge though, Emil heard a noise from downstairs.  Shattering the silence of the morning came the sound of the front door unlocking, followed by muffled voices.

Emil froze.  Although he couldn’t quite make out what the voices were saying, it was clear that both voices were female.  His heart raced.

Is Cody bringing more girls back here?

A shock of heartache hit him like a fist.  He wanted so scream.  Not only was Cody cheating with one girl, but now two.  To his utter horror, his cock was harder than it had been all morning.

“Emil! Get down here.  I know you’re up there!”

Emil swallowed, stunned into paralysis. 

How does she know my name?  I’ve never told anyone…unless…

Emil moved, suddenly scared to disobey.  He jogged out of the room, stopping in his tracks at the top of the stairs, his eyes locked with that of a woman who stood, with one hand on her notably shapely hips, at the bottom of the stairs.

The woman at the bottom of the stairs looked vaguely familiar.  She had a mischievous light in her eyes that could be mistaken for malicious, if it wasn’t for the wry smile on her lips.

Her lips.

The realization hit Emil with enough emotional force to make him gasp.  He knew those lips.  He had kissed those lips.  This woman had once been his fiancé. 

A noise from the kitchen broke their stares.  Emil, still frozen at the top of the stairs, saw Priscilla stride into view.

“Caydee,” she started, “oh!”

Emil briefly made eye contact with Priscilla before involuntarily looking down in shame.  Emil’s cock was infuriatingly hard, only hardening more seeing the two beautiful women at the bottom of the stairs. 

Priscilla was wearing a whole athleisure get-up, though it was clear by the fact that she was wearing no bra that she hadn’t been working out lately.  Emil was only tormented further to see in live-action as Priscilla’s large nipples hardened through the tight-fitting fabric as she grew closer to “Caydee.”

“’Cilla, lets go up to the bedroom and let Emil get us some thing to eat and drink, yeah?”

“Sure, Caydee, if you’re sure that’s fine.”

Caydee looked up at Emil expectantly.  Emil was frozen.  Seconds dragged out awkwardly.  A part of him longed to simply obey just to let Caydee have her way.  Another part of him wanted to do it out of pure humiliation and sexual arousal.  A quieter part of him said he needed to get to the bottom of all this, to make things right, to find out for sure if Caydee really was what had become of Cody.

Unable to speak, Emil finally made his way down the stairs, simply nodding submissively.  As he walked by, he did something that he immediately regretted: he snuck a glance at Priscilla’s bare feet.  His cock twitched.

“Emil,” Caydee said, sternly, “do you like what you see?”

Emil’s blood ran cold, and his mouth suddenly felt as dry as dust.  Looking up, he could see Priscilla smiling gently at him.

“Emil, answer me now.”

He still couldn’t work up a response.  He was just frozen, wide eyed, hard as a rock, heart rushing at the speed of sound.

“Cilla, show him some more, will you?”

Priscilla bit her lip and stepped her right foot forward, arching it just as if she was showing it off to Emil.  Emil couldn’t handle it.  He felt a spurt of wetness in his panties.  His breath became notably heavier, and his face flushed.  He couldn’t hide that he had just came in his own panties.  All it had taken was the humiliation of being caught looking at such a beautiful, smooth, foot.  Shapely toes and carefully painted nails had taken him over the edge.

“Well, would you look at that,” Caydee said, smiling now, “I told you that you had more power than you thought, Cilla.  He likes it, don’t worry.  If you couldn’t tell, he just came himself.”

Cilla’s eyes went wide.  Now she was the one whose face was flushed.  Emil had to fight to ignore the now fully-erect nipples just a few feet in front of him.

“Come on now, Cilla,” Caydee said, “let’s go upstairs and let Emil have a break and make us some food.  He can come upstairs and join us afterwards.”

“Okay, love,” Cilla said, beginning up the stairs.

Caydee was still looking at Emil.  Once Priscilla was up the stairs, she walked over to him.  Emil could see all the details of her face now.  There was no doubting that this is who Cody was now.  Her face had become as feminine as could be.  No trace of masculinity was left whatsoever.  Her hair had been cut into a messy pixie-cut that complimented every feature of her face, especially her mischievous, evil eyes.  Emil saw something more in her eyes though.  Emil saw desire.  It was concealed well, but it was still there.

Emil was shaking as Caydee stepped even closer, lifting a delicate but confident hand up towards his face.  She ran her hand gently across his cheek, bringing her face in close.  Emil wanted her beautiful lips so bad.  He wanted to feel the kiss he had been missing for days. 

Caydee placed her lips gently on Emil’s.  Emil was, for that moment, rapturous.  A smile spread across his face for the first time in days.

“Good little pet,” Caydee said, “Make us some food, and there will be more where that came from.  We’ll be waiting upstairs.”


*                         *                         *

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