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Chapter 6

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Emma had checked her phone obsessively for hours, unable to sit still or enjoy her coffee.  Hundreds of variations of how the night could go had passed through her mind as she waited for a safe time to go home.  When the clock finally showed 5:15 p.m., she hastily scooped up her things and left the café to head home.  If Cody was back, he would be expecting her soon.  Her heart was racing.  She had to confront him.  Right?  In retrospect, she felt the café may have been a terrible idea.  The presence of other people just seemed to sap her of energy, and she already felt devastated from earlier events.

The closer Emma got to her home, though, the more reluctant she was to consider confronting Cody at all.  She just wanted to rest and have a normal night.  Trying to think of anything but what would happen when she got home, Emma realized she would never be able to work the next day under this much emotional duress.  She took out her phone and sent a quick sick day email to the office secretary.  With the email out of the way, there was nothing left to occupy her mind.  Emma found her thoughts roaming back to the event of hours prior. 

Images of Cody’s cock sliding in and out of Priscilla’s cunt flashed through her mind.  Her imagination seemed fixated on the images and sounds.  She sighed, trying to push the thoughts from her mind, but they came back in force.  Worse yet, she felt her clit stiffen in her pants. 

Before long though, Emma found herself turning the corner to her road.  Her house was in sight.  Then, she could see her door.  As she walked up the steps her footsteps seemed automatic.  She was coasting on instinct and habit alone.  The car was in the driveway, Cody was home.  Everything was normal. 


Right?  Just for tonight?


Emma opened the front door and walked inside.  Her anxiety felt like a hand crushing her chest.


“Hey, baby!  Glad to see you’re back,” Cody’s voice rang out from the couch. 


Emma smiled and waved timidly, avoiding eye contact with him.  As she stepped inside, she was greeted by the smell of cooking meat. 


Is Cody….cooking?


Sure enough, as Emma looked into the kitchen, she was able to see a cutting-board, knives, and some remaining pieces of chopped vegetables.  Her heart was overcome with conflicting emotions.  On one side, her heart was rushing from the thought that Cody was investing time doing something thoughtful for her, but every beat of her heart reminded her of her terrifyingly pleasurable experience watching from the closet.  She wanted to run, hide away in bed, jerk herself off thinking about Cody fucking Priscilla


“Everything okay?” Cody called over to her.




Emma nodded nervously as Cody stood up and went over to the kitchen to remove something from the oven where it had been warming.  He produced two plates of steak and vegetables, bringing them across the room to the table.  Emma sat down at the table and found herself drifting in thought yet again as Cody fetched drinks and utensils.  She felt guilty, somehow. 

Once Cody was back at the table, she waited for him to start eating and then started eating her own food.  Savory and perfectly seasoned, the steak was better than she could have expected.  More guilt flowed into heart.  Cody asked her about her day as she ate, looking down at her plate.  She barely heard his questions.  Instead, she was busy wrestling with her own thoughts, which continually returned to images of sexual depravity.  Her brain seemed absolutely pulled to those memories.

With each image of the day that flew through her mind, her clit grew harder.  By the time Cody finished his plate, she had begun to leak her juices into her panties.


How is Cody not noticing my behavior?  Is he blind?


Cody had begun relaying a story from one of his friends at school.  He was smiling and laughing as if there was nothing wrong at all.  Emma wanted to throw up or, worse, touch herself.  The urge to cum was stronger than she’d ever felt in her life.  She just wanted to feel good.  Just for a moment. 

Cody kept talking, though, despite them both being done eating.  Somehow, Emma couldn't work up the courage to interrupt him, despite the fact that her horny mind had caused her to totally soak her panties.  Her feet, too, were alight with sensations that only drove her arousal higher.

Emma’s agony persisted for another fifteen minutes before Cody, sighing, finally picked up his dishes, wrapped up his story, and walked over to give her a kiss.  Emma wanted to resist, but her desire overcame her resistance.  She needed his lips, and she wanted to give in to him.  His lips connected with hers.


They’re so…soft?


She opened her eyes as they separated.  Cody’s face looked so…beautiful.  His eyes seemed to glimmer, and his lips seemed shapelier than ever.  There was something more, though, that Emma couldn’t quite place, a twist in Cody’s expression that seemed cruel or twisted.  It made her feel self-conscious. 

As Cody turned away, Emma became painfully aware of her body.  She could feel her half-erect clit pushing into the wetness of her panties.  With every slight motion, she could feel her increased weight, the stubble and hair that had grown out of control, the changes to every part of her body.  She could feel every inch of her socks wrapping around her feet, and every motion her feet made against the floor sent ripples of sensation and arousal to her groin.  Her clit grew harder, pathetically straining against her panties. 

Emma knew she needed to get upstairs.  She needed relief, and she needed to somehow make it into the next day so she could get herself to confront Bruce and set everything right.  She figured if she could just do that, everything might return back to normal.

Cody walked over and began cleaning the dishes, and as he did so, Emma stood up and started to walk to the stairs.  The feeling of the cold floor against her feet was overwhelming.  Her mind seemed to explode with images of foot-related pleasure.  She imagined herself rubbing Cody’s now-smaller cock with her feet while he…kissed Priscilla


WHY!? Why won’t these thoughts leave me?


Cody looked over to her as she slowly walked towards the stairs.  She was grimacing unintentionally.


“Everything okay, babe?” Cody called over to her.


“Yeah, just gonna grab a quick shower is all!”


She dashed up the stairs afterwards, powering through her arousal and sensitivity.  Tearing her clothes off, she turned on the water and got in before it was even warmed up.  The splash of cold water against her sensitive crotch made her yelp.  Looking down at herself she was horrified with what she saw.  Her clit had grown even more.  Worse yet, it had taken on a new appearance. 

The tip of Emma’s clit was dark pink and swollen, behind that though, the skin had lightened up significantly.  Veins were visible all along the…shaft?  Though her clit wasn’t more than a few inches in length it was hard, straining upwards with small veins growing more pronounced by the second.

She shuddered as her clit twitched involuntarily, bulging outward and upward.  She saw the hole at the tip that had spit out cum twice already that day.  She wanted to scream.  Despite her fear, she probed her crotch with her fingers.  Her lower lips seemed to have simultaneously grown bigger and wrinklier.  Though she couldn’t bring herself to say it, as she inspected her crotch she couldn’t help but draw a comparison between her lower lips to a different type of sexual organ. 

Arching her back, Emma tried to get a better look at her crotch, but was finding that her belly, still with a hairy trail, was getting in her way.  It was a lot harder to get a good look at her crotch than she would have liked.  Each touch was just making her harder, bringing with it a slew of lewd and humiliating imaginings.

She whipped her hands away from her crotch, trying to ignore the diminutive hard-on between her legs as she rapidly washed herself.  After rinsing and climbing out of the shower, she wrapped herself in a towel and quickly went out into the room, hoping the cool air outside would bring her some sobriety.  Instead, she found herself nearly running into Cody, who had apparently been right outside the door.


“Oh!” she yelped, “I didn’t…”


Cody silenced her with a hard kiss.  Emma shivered as Cody seductively wrapped his arms around her.  His tongue teased at her and he bit at her lip as he pulled away.  Emma found herself unable to move.  It all felt so good.  She just wanted to keep kissing him. 

Emma felt Cody’s soft lips move from her lips to her cheek to her neck.  She felt three kisses and, then, Cody bit her neck aggressively.  Emma’s clit hardened instantly.  She moaned.  He bit again.  Cody’s aggression was palpable.

Pulling away from her, Cody took Emma’s hand and pulled her over to the bed, guiding her body to the bed before letting go and beginning to strip.  Emma was paralyzed in her arousal.  She watched Cody’s pants struggle to slide down over his enlarged hips and ass.  She simply stared as she saw Cody’s smooth belly, once defined with muscle, appear as he lifted his shirt.  Cody’s chest appeared next, but it looked so different that Emma couldn’t take her eyes away.  Two small breasts jiggled on Cody’s chest with each motion he made.  Cody’s nipples were hard and dark in the cool air.  They were even larger than she had remembered from earlier, the brown skin of his areolas having expanded noticeably. 

Emma only stopped staring at Cody’s breasts when he finally took off his underwear.  His cock had become so small that even now, while hard, it barely looked like she would be able to feel it.  Her head was spinning.  None of this made any sense to her.  Somehow, though, she couldn’t bring herself to move or speak.  She just wanted him.  The desires were coming unfettered now; she wanted to worship his little cock and kiss his feet and lick them.

Cody walked over to her wordlessly, placing his hand on her face and lifting it up to him to kiss.  His kiss was forceful and dominant, but not painful.  Emma just wanted more.  Cody obliged, pushing her down on the bed and beginning to make out with her furiously as he spread her legs with his. 

Memories of the earlier events flooded into Emma’s mind, serving only to make her more aroused.  As Cody’s cock slid towards the entrance of her womanhood, the idea that she was about to be fucked by the same cock that had been inside Priscilla just hours ago made her moan.  She had stopped fighting the thoughts altogether. 

Emma spread her legs, thrusting her hips forward to get Cody’s cock.  The result was not what she had expected.  Despite being able to feel her wetness, Cody’s cock pushing into her felt tight and rough.  After the second thrust, it began to hurt.  She moaned out in pain, unable to understand how his now-tiny cock wasn’t fitting properly. 

Cody groaned and sighed, almost as if to say this was as regular occurrence.  Forcefully, he starts to turn her over.


“Come on, we can do it this way like usual,” he said, his tone betraying his frustration.


Wordlessly, Emma complied.  None of this made any sense, but the heat that had descended on her seemed to have made her docile and compliant along with aroused.  She needed release, and she didn’t care anymore about the circumstances.

Cody moved her into a position she wasn’t used to.  She was on her knees, bitch-style.  She moaned as Cody pushed her legs apart to reveal her needy holes.  What happened next, though, she wouldn’t have predicted in any circumstance.  Cody leaned over and pulled open a drawer on his bedside table.  She saw him pull out a bottle of something, heard him pop it open, and then felt a sudden drop of cool liquid slide down her ass.  Apprehension briefly rose above the tide of arousal.

She felt him slide his cock near the bottom of her ass and she looked over her shoulder.  He was smiling deviously at her.  In the corner of her eye, she saw the body-length mirror across the room reflecting the scene on the bed.  The sight stunned her.  Her ass looked so big.  In the mirror she could see even better the extent of the damage her uncontrolled hair growth had caused.  Her ass was a dark cleft between two jiggling cheeks, the bottom of which was a dark bush with a small fleshy nub sticking out.  Her breasts looked small in comparison to her belly, which hung down from her torso as she stood on all fours on the bed.  Even her feet looked different -- big, heavier, and chubbier than before.

She would have kept staring, but suddenly she felt something she wasn’t ready for.  Cody pushed his cock into her asshole.  Somehow, she had expected him to go for her vulva still, not go for anal.  She moaned out as Cody took her anal virginity.  The feeling was invasive but incredible, sensations running all throughout her pelvis.  It felt totally different than what she was used to.

With each thrust she felt a mixture of invasion and extreme pleasure, culminating when Cody shifted positions and managed to hit something just perfectly.  Emma moaned and threw her head forward so that she was looking upside down at her own body.  She watched as drips of fluid were pumped out of her clit with each thrust from Cody.

Cody was moaning, his voice sounding higher pitched than it should have, but it didn’t affect Emma’s arousal.  She was losing herself in the strange feeling of anal penetration.  She felt a growing, deep pressure building up behind her clit as Cody’s thrusts grew faster and harder.  She loved the feeling of her asshole being stretched around his cock.

Suddenly, she felt a burst of pain and pleasure across the right side of her ass cheek.  Cody had slapped her.  With his left hand, he reached forward and pushed down on her back, forcing her head down into the bed.  At the same time, he slid his feet down on top of hers such that the tops gently wrapped against her soles and caressed them.

The feeling was beyond belief.  Emma moaned out, feeling the pressure behind her clit growing as waves of pleasure coursed across her ass and her feet.  Feeling Cody’s feet against hers was driving her mad.  The pressure grew and grew, feeling so strange that she didn’t realize she was cumming until it was already on her. 

The pressure behind her clit suddenly released gushing forward.  Her clit exploded with pleasure, pouring cum out onto the bed as Cody continued to fuck her.  Each thrust pumped more cum.  Emma was screaming out in pleasure, her whole body shaking as she began to hear Cody cumming too.  Warmth poured into her ass as Cody came inside of her, moaning and shaking with her.  Their orgasms simply synchronized in such a way that they both kept feeling wave after wave of sensation. 

Emma’s feet were tingling and she could barely feel her legs by the time Cody finally pulled out.  She collapsed onto the bed, gasping as the last waves of pleasure reverberated through her body.  Cody climbed off the bed and walked around the side.  He ran his hand up her back and into her hair, massaging her head lovingly.  Emma didn’t move, she just savored the feelings.

After a short time, Cody took his hand away and she heard him walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower.  He called to her a moment later, and she sluggishly got off the bed.  As she got up, she realized what a mess she had made, though she still wasn’t sure how she had made the mess.  She wasn’t aware that women were able to cum like that, regardless of the size of their clits.

The bathroom was invitingly warm and steamy.  Despite having just showered, she welcomed the idea of getting into the water again, especially with Cody, who was holding the sliding glass door open for her.  Stepping into the hot water, Cody immediately embraced her, and, for a moment, everything was like it should have been.


*         *           *          


Emma sat in the passenger’s seat of the car as Cody took her to work.  She had gotten up feeling refreshed and courageous, and had, unbeknownst to Cody, called into work to take the day off.  Having woken up considerably earlier than Cody, she had planned her day out completely and was now ready to do what had to be done: confront Bruce once and for all. 

The day had been an exercise in pure will so far.  She had avoided the body-length mirror completely, opting for simple makeup that she could apply only by looking at her face in the mirror over the sink.  Somehow, despite her fear, she had managed to make it this far.

Cody pulled the car up to the curb as usual, and Emma leaned over to kiss him.  She noticed that he seemed distracted and somewhat on edge, but she avoided saying anything in order to keep her courage up.  She kissed him and climbed out of the car, crossing her fingers that none of her co-workers would see her as she went into the building and waited for Cody to leave.

Thankfully, the building was very slow, and she was able to slip into the bathroom to wait until Cody was comfortably out of sight.  After about ten minutes of hiding out, Emma went back outside, put on a hoodie from her bag, and boarded the bus that went to Bruce’s neighborhood.  It was then that things started to get difficult.

From the moment she boarded the bus, she began to feel odd cramps in her crotch.  They weren’t deep in her pelvis like she would have expected, either.  Instead, the cramping and pinching feelings felt like they were happening just under her panties.  Resisting with all her might, Emma tried to focus on the business at hand.

Unfortunately, it seemed like every person who boarded the bus brought her mind spinning back to thoughts about her own body, the occurrences of the previous day, and the lewdest fantasies she could dream up.  First, a beautiful punk girl with a mean look stepped onto the bus.  The light in her eyes reminded her of the glimmer she’d seen in Cody’s just before he pushed her down and took her on the bed.  The next person that bothered her mind was an overweight man who climbed onto the bus.  He wasn’t large or unattractive necessarily, but his body looked scarily like a slightly bigger version of hers as she remembered it from the day before, somewhat bloated and not fitting into clothes properly.

Just before she arrived at Bruce’s neighborhood, she noticed a pretty girl who had her arm propped up on the back of the seats of the bus.  Dark armpit hair poured out from the sleeve of her t-shirt, making Emma self-conscious about the bushes of hair that now resided between her legs and under her arms.

By the time she finally climbed off the bus, she was hard again, this time worse than ever.  She kept having these fantasies of the punk girl grabbing the overweight man and pushing his face into the hairy girl’s armpit while she pegged him.  She’d never had such outward fantasies involving random strangers before, and it would have unsettled her more if she hadn’t steeled herself so vigorously for a confrontation with Bruce.  Instead, she more or less let her fantasies run wild so long as she kept riding to Bruce’s neighborhood. 

Emma rounded the corner onto Bruce’s street just as she mentally reached a scene in which the overweight man was sucking the punk girl’s toes as she made out with the hairy girl and ran her hand through the hairy girl’s exaggerated bush.  She was so hard she felt like touching herself right then and there, the idea of people looking on at her in disgust and arousal simply turning her on more.  Of course, she resisted, locating Bruce’s house just a few minutes later.

Bruce’s house was modest, but, more notably, it was completely dark.  Dismay blanketed Emma’s heart.  She’d finally worked up the strength to get here, sitting through thousands of perverted fantasies, only for him to not be home.  She stood at the end of his driveway for a full minute, paralyzed by disappointment.


I can’t just leave, can I?


A part of her really wanted to just leave, but another part of her told her to march right up and pound on the door.  Somehow, the latter part won.  It took her a good thirty seconds to will her feet to move, but move she did.  She walked up the stairs to Bruce’s porch and pounded on the door three times. 


Nothing.  Fuck.


Hesitating for a moment, she decided out of anger to pound again, this time harder.  Pound, pound, pound.  There was no response.  She started to turn away, and just as her foot hit the first step down, she heard the mechanism of the door click.  Emma spun to see Bruce open the door, his eyes going wide when he saw her.

Emma stepped towards the door and Bruce tried to close it.  Adrenaline fueling her mad courage, Emma threw her foot into the door, yelping from the pain of the door closing on it.  But the door stopped. 


“Bruce.  We need to talk and you know it!” she shouted in to him.


“No!  There’s nothing I can do.  Let me be in peace!”


“No!  I want to know what’s going on.  Let me in or I’ll never leave you alone.”


Bruce groaned, then went silent.  A full, awkward minute of silence transpired.  Finally, Bruce opened the door. 


“Fine.  Come in.”


Bruce looked terrible.  Emma could tell immediately that he hadn’t been sleeping well.  His eyes had dark bags underneath them, and his movements seemed clumsy.  She walked in and he wordlessly led her into his living room, which was much too dark for comfort.


“Aren’t you going to offer me a seat, Bruce?” Emma said, angry and shaky after the confrontation at the door.


“Sit if you’d like.  I don’t know why you’re coming after me.  There’s nothing I can do.  What’s done is done.  You’ll be fine afterward, unlike me.”


Emma sat down on the couch.  It was black leather and perfect quality. 


“After what, though, Bruce?  What is going on?  Clearly you know something.”


Bruce shook his head and waved his hands, pacing behind the couch across from the one Emma had chosen. 


“No, no!  I don’t know anything.  That ring should have never broken!  None of this was supposed to happen, and if it wasn’t for that bitch…”


“No, I don’t care about Coleen right now.  I need you to tell me what you had inside that ring!”


“I can never do that.  It’s impossible for me to do so.”


“That makes no sense, Bruce!”


“It doesn’t have to and it never will, Emma.  Consider yourself lucky that you only received my words and hadn’t broken the ring yourself,” he said, pointing to a spot above the mantle of his fireplace, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.  You’ll probably never see me again.”


Emma looked where he was pointing.  Something glinted on the mantle. 


“Bruce!  You need to tell me what is going on!”


“No!  I’ve told you enough.  Get out of my house.  Now.”


Emma’s head was spinning.  Exhaustion had begun to set in.  She got up, realizing she was not going to make any more progress with him at this point.


“Fine, Bruce!  But…I’ll be back.  I’m going to find out what you did and what all this means.”

Bruce flung his hand out in a flippant gesture, turning to walk out of the livingroom.


“Please leave, and if you know what is best for you, don’t come back!”

With that, Bruce left the room.  She could hear him shuffling around in what seemed to be his kitchen.  Furious and disappointed, Emma made one last adrenaline-fueled choice.  Stepping over to the fireplace, she grabbed the glinting object and strode out of the house.  As she stomped down his driveway, she realized she had stolen the broken ring.  Suddenly she broke into laughter.  The adrenaline high hit her all at once, making this small victory seem like the world’s greatest triumph.  Emma shook with happiness.


I did it!  I fucking did it!  I can’t believe it!


It didn’t occur to her until she was almost home on her bus route that she had no idea what to do with the ring.  She was simply happy that she’d pushed herself to confront him.  Bruce was afraid, she could work with that.  He was on his back feet and she was one step closer to fixing all of…this.

When Emma finally got home, she quickly took off her work clothes, changed into comfortable loungewear, and hid the ring in her jewelry box.  She was so elated that she flopped onto the couch, ordered some pizza through an app on her phone, and flipped on a movie.  She didn’t even bother fighting the endless sexual thoughts that came to her mind.  She just let them come, touching herself absent-mindedly as she watched some pointless drama film.

The movie seemed to lull her into a dreary, heavy-minded state.  Becoming more and more tired and aroused, Emma didn’t notice herself slipping to sleep, her mind full of images of the movie characters engaged in perverse sexual acts.  The last thought she had before she fell to sleep was how badly she wanted to lick Cody’s toes. 

Emma’s awakening a few hours later was heavy and uncomfortable.  Her pajamas were tented from her clit’s hardness and she felt groggy and sluggish.  Glancing at the clock, she realized that it was hours after the time that Cody should be home.

She struggled to her feet and walked to the window.  No car in the driveway.  The elation was gone.  Fear and panic began to set in. 


Is he with her again?


She paced back and forth, unable to distract herself with another movie.  Her clit was raging hard as her mind filled with the possibility that Cody was cheating on her again.  She kept telling herself not to worry because she’d be able to undo whatever Bruce did soon, but her own words were ineffective emotionally. 

After about 30 minutes of stressful waiting, Emma finally went upstairs.  She figured a nice cleanup after the day would be great while helping her pass the time, so she stripped of her pajamas and immediately gasped at what she saw.  As she slid off her panties, she felt something she had never felt before.  Instead of her motionless vaginal lips, a wrinkly, heavy sack slipped out of her panties.  Above it was her clit, no longer looking anything like a clit.

The tip of her clit was pink in its hardness.  Wrapped around the bottom of it was what was undeniably a foreskin.  What had simply previously been an enlarged clit was now the flesh of her cock-shaft.  Feeling around in absolute fear, Emma realized her vagina was gone.

With a look of horror on her face, she looked at herself in the mirror.  What she saw was a chunky, unfeminine body with a tiny hard cock and a wrinkly ball sack covered in a thick bush of spreading pubic hair.  She couldn’t move.  The realization was simply too much.  She just stared as her hard, little cock twitched in arousal from the realization that her body was more or less that of a hairy, overweight man. 






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