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Chapter 5

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Emma gasped. 


A dream!  Oh…thank god it was a dream!


The sheets were clinging to her, damp with sweat.  She could feel that her armpits and the backs of her knees were soaked from her perspiration.  A glance over at the digital thermostat display on the wall showed that the room wasn’t even hot, so it must have been a result of her feverishness.  Her phone showed that she was, again, up far too early. 

Cody was snoring on the other side of the bed, curled up just about as far from her as he could get.  A twinge of sadness stabbed into her chest.  She groaned softly and sat up in bed, her face twisting into a pained frown.  Work was the last thing she wanted to do.  She found herself worrying about leaving Cody at home.  After last night, where Cody seemingly spent the entire night next to some other woman, Emma was not feeling up to leaving the house.


I could call into work…


The thought of taking a day to stay home inside with Cody made her heart leap; that is, until she remembered the meeting.  She groaned again, which caused Cody to stir slightly, though he did not awaken.  She absolutely could not miss the meeting with her boss.  Once again, she was bound by work.  The promotion would be so foundational in taking their life to the next step.


That life might look much different if Cody is gone…


Emma intentionally bit her lip – hard.  She knew she was being foolish.  She had never had any reason to distrust Cody, and all of these feelings were just a chain reaction from the stresses of the last few days.  Emma swung out of bed, and went to the bathroom.  Despite the itchiness of her body and a persistent feeling of heaviness, she turned on the water, lathered her armpits, legs, and crotch with shaving cream, and set to shaving. 

Starting at her ankle, she began the first stroke that would spell the end to the hair that was plaguing her life.  She watched with a rising feeling of conquest as the razor cleared a path through the coarse hair that had grown in on her legs.  That feeling disappeared in an instant.  With horror, she felt her hand lose grip of the razor, sending it flying into the corner of the shower where it promptly snapped in two.  The razor head skittered across the bottom of the shower and the handle wobbled in the corner where it had fallen.

Emma had to exert all the self-control she had to not scream.  Clenching her hands into fists, she swung the door of the shower open and stepped out onto the bathmat.  She didn’t even care about tracking water across the bathroom as she strode over to the cabinet, hoping to find a razor.


Are you fucking kidding me?

The razor box was empty.  Cody had forgotten to buy more last time he went out, apparently.  Emma gritted her teeth so hard that her jaw started to hurt.  Slowly, she forced herself back into the shower.  For the following ten minutes she sat unmoving under the hot water, too angry to even clean herself.  Slowly, though, as she cooled down her mind turned to thoughts of her predicament.  She couldn’t shave and she had to go to work.  She couldn’t stay home.  It seemed her only option was to try and hide her hair problems with long socks and pure force of will.  It would take everything she had to not itch herself. 

Images of her accidentally touching the crotch of her pants at work to deal with her long pubic hair materialized in her imagination.  She felt heat spread through her crotch. 




She was furious at her own arousal.  It was such a disgusting thing to be aroused by.  The thought of the word disgusting being used towards her own sexuality instantly sent a second wave of heat through her, and that wave was followed by an odd feeling of tension near the top of her vulva. 

Puzzled, Emma looked down.  She immediately cried out.  Pushing out from between her lower lips was a fat, swollen, and phallic clit.  She simply stared at it in disbelief. 


How is this even possible?  Am I still dreaming?    


The consolidation of the feeling and the sight of her engorged clit twitching involuntarily dashed her hopes.  Somehow, despite her horror, some deep part of her burned with arousal from seeing such a weird, freakish thing between her legs.  As it throbbed again, she moaned.  She couldn’t fight back the thoughts that were flooding into her head, carried on waves of unwanted arousal.  She wanted to touch it.  To stroke it.  To jerk it.

Shaking, she fought against her own arousal.  As her hand started to slide down over her enlarged belly, she felt like she was watching her body move against her will.  She was caving to temptation.  Her fingers rubbed across the trail of hair that spread up from her wild pubes to her belly button.  The feeling of the hair under her fingers made her shiver.

She continued sliding her hand downwards.  Spreading her fingers, Emma ran them through her coarse, overgrown bush, feeling for her engorged clit.  She jolted when her fingers made contact with the sensitive organ.  It hardened beneath her touch.

For a brief second, her self-control flared up, causing her to hesitate with her fingers squeezing either side of her clit.  The feeling, though, was so intense that she couldn’t hold for long.  Slowly, her fingers slid up and down the body of her enlarged clit.  Looking into the mirror as she stroked again and again, she found herself pushed to even greater arousal by the sight in the mirror: A chubby, hairy girl stroking something between her legs.

She began to stroke faster, urged on by the pathetic sight before her.  The feeling was intense.  Pressure was building deep inside of her, and the tip of her clit felt positively electric.  She bent backwards slightly, obeying a filthy desire to see her own cunt.  Instead, though, she found herself looking at something even more arousing.  Her clit had swollen up enough that it looked like her fingers were rapidly jerking a tiny, shrunken micropenis.

Emma came.  It hit her so suddenly that she almost coughed.  She jerked, her legs beginning to shake.  Slowing her strokes, she moaned pathetically, her voice dipping deeper than she’d ever heard it before.  She felt something hot and wet on her fingers.  Looking into the mirror, she saw a small stream of some clear fluid dripping down her fingers and falling towards the floor. 

Behind her, the door clicked.  Her eyes shot wide with fear.  She watched as the door creaked open, hearing Cody’s voice call into the bathroom.


“Emma…you okay in there?”


His voice was off somehow.  It sounded higher, more sharp, and more demanding.  Emma stumbled over her words, trying to stop Cody from entering.  It was too late.  Cody stepped into the bathroom.

Cody’s mouth hung open as he stared at his girlfriend.  After a few, paralyzed seconds, a look of disgust spread across his face.


“Emma…like…what the hell.  I mean, I’m sorry for interrupting you at such a clearly compromising moment but…just wow.  I didn’t think you’d be jerking yourself off in here like that.”

His voice was indignant, almost sarcastic.  Emma was frozen, speechless.  She simply stared at her boyfriend as he spoke.  She couldn’t help but notice how different he looked, too.  His body was thinner, less muscular.  His hips seemed more full, and his chin and jaw lacked their usual shadow. 

Silence hung in the steamy bathroom for much longer than was comfortable.  Finally, Emma pushed herself to speak.  She felt shaky and afraid, but she had to talk to him.


“Cody, do you…feel…any different?” she asked, softly.


“No.  I mean, besides feeling a little surprised right now,” he replied.


“Don’t you think I look much different?  I mean like…my hair and my…parts,” she asked.


Cody’s face twisted with bewilderment.


“Did you get a haircut or something?  It looks the same to me, and what are you talking about when you say ‘parts?’”  he said, answering her question with two more questions.


“I mean my hair everywhere else.  Don’t you feel like it’s different?  And doesn’t my…vagina…look weird?”


Emma struggled to say the word for her own body part.  Somehow it felt disgraceful and wrong.


“Emma…why are you being so weird right now?  Are you asking me if I remember that you have ambiguous genitalia?  Yes.  I could never forget and never will.  As for the hair, well…” Cody sighed before continuing, “You know I’ve never really liked your body hair, but it doesn’t bother me all that much.  I know you have a hard time controlling it, what with your hormonal issues.”


“My…what?” Emma said, taking her own turn at bewilderment.


“God Emma, what has gotten into you?  I’ve told you I’ve accepted this stuff and I always will.  Just.  Look.  Are you going to clean up your mess?”


Emma’s eyes were wide.  None of this made sense.


What is he talking about?  Hormonal issues?  Ambiguous genitalia?


She looked down.  Pooling between her legs was a small puddle of clear cum, dripping from the tip of her clit? In fairness to Cody, her clit didn’t look much like a clit now that she was looking at it.  It really did look like a micropenis.  As she looked down past her hairy bush, she could see that her lips looked different, too.  They were wrinkled, far more so than she remembered.  Covered in dark coarse hair, they looked shockingly like the skin of a ballsack.  Without even thinking about it, she probed her wrinkled, hairy lips with her fingers.  Sure enough she felt an unfamiliar presence deep inside each of them.  It almost felt like there were two hard orbs inside, one deep inside each wrinkly lip.  The cleft of her pussy had changed drastically from that of her memory.  It was much less straight and defined, it had become the meeting place of two loose, creased lips.

In utter shock, Emma just nodded slowly, keeping her eyes diverted to the ground.  She could see Cody turn away out of the corner of her eyes, his expression clearly portraying pity for her.


“Okay, well I’m going to go downstairs now and give you some privacy.  Come on down when you’re cleaned up,” Cody said, finally turning to leave the bathroom.


Emma nodded again.  She was utterly ashamed.  Her confusion was almost overcoming the shame, though.  Nothing that he was saying or she was feeling lined up with reality as she remembered it. 


Am I losing my mind?


As she tried to puzzle it all together, she gathered some paper towels from the cabinet and cleaned up her mess.  The shame of the task was painful, yet, to her great frustration, still arousing.  She was quickly coming to terms with the fact that she had developed some kind of humiliation thing.  Her limp member had hardened by the time she was done with the task, not that it was much bigger when hard.

She slipped out of the bathroom and got dressed as usual, then headed downstairs to make breakfast for Cody and herself.  Cody was sitting naked in front of the window when Emma came downstairs.  Emma wanted to say something about it, but decided against it.  Instead, she bowed her head and just set to making breakfast without saying a word.  As she cooked, she looked over at her boyfriend in timid glances.  His chest had softened even more, and it looked like he was developing breasts.

Emma plated Cody’s breakfast and called him over gently.  When he stood, she saw that his cock had shrunken even more.  It looked more than half the size it had been a few days ago.  She said nothing, though.  Cody thanked her for the meal, which made her smile. 

When they both finished, Cody went upstairs to change, informing her that he would be driving her to work and then going to go study.  Emma waited patiently until Cody returned.  His clothes looked ever so slightly too big.  Again, Emma said nothing.  She figured it would be best to try to get to the bottom of all this before she brought it up with Cody again.  The ride to work was quiet.  They barely spoke to one another.  Cody kissed her quickly before she left the car, and then he drove away.

Breathing deeply in an attempt to center herself, Emma made her way up to the office.  She avoided everyone she could, only stopping to talk to the front desk receptionist in order to ask him if she’d gotten any mail.  She received a few envelopes and then went straight to her desk.  Opening her email, she breathed an incredible sigh of relief.

Emma’s boss had written her to tell her that the meeting had to be rescheduled at the last minute.  They would instead meet next week.  Emma smiled.  For the first time in days she felt truly lucky.  This would give her time to go home and plan what to do next.

Without wasting another second in the office, she switched her computer off, told the receptionist that, on second thought, she wasn’t feeling well and was going to head home, and then left the office with a stifled smile.  As she climbed on the bus, though, her mood suddenly took a turn for the worst.


What if Cody is hanging out with the guys and Priscilla again?  Couldn’t that whore just take a leap?


It wasn’t common for Emma to think of someone so poorly, but she had had enough of suppressing her dislike of Priscilla. 


Priscilla is a gross slut.  I bet she loves filling her cunt with any cock she can get.


Emma laughed to herself, trying to ignore the feelings of arousal that came from saying such filthy things.  She felt somewhat strange behaving so cruelly.  After all, it was out of character.


Priscilla deserves it though.


Despite her letting loose her thoughts on Priscilla, she still found herself fretting the entire bus ride back to her house, all the way up until she reached the end of her driveway. As she turned to look at her house from where the sidewalk met her driveway, her blood ran cold.  The car was parked in the driveway.


Did Cody forget something?  Please god, please let him have forgotten something.


She was stricken with absolute panic.  She had to be smart, but the ache in her feet and the hardness in her panties weren’t helping her think straight.  Slowly, she approached the house, terrified of what she might find inside.

Emma’s mind filled with images of illicit adultery: Cody riding Priscilla, Priscilla riding Cody, Cody slamming into her doggy-style.  Her chest tightened with anxiety.  Her cock tightened with arousal.  She wanted to scream, at herself for becoming aroused and at Cody for making her scared and at Priscilla for existing.  She quietly opened the door, peering inside.  The first floor was totally empty. 


Did Cody bring the car back and just ride with someone else?


She snuck through the living room towards the kitchen, checking the laundry room, the mudroom, and even the first floor bathroom.  No one was there.  It was only as she returned to the living room that she heard a noise from upstairs.  A soft thud, and a girlish laugh.  A spear of ice seemed to pierce her heart.  Beginning to quiver, she slipped up the stairs, listening carefully with each step.  She heard a door close.  Muffled voices carried through the wall. 

As Emma approached the bedroom, she heard the pipes creak as though the shower had turned on.  She knew this was her opportunity.  She slipped into the bedroom to see two piles of clothes discarded on the floor.  One was clearly Cody’s.  The other, though, was comprised of a pair of short shorts, red lace panties, a spaghetti-strap cami, and a push-up bra.  From inside the bedroom, she could hear the voices from the bathroom much more clearly.  Two voices, one higher pitched than the other. 

Emma had found herself in a nightmare situation.  They had to come out eventually, but she had no idea what she would do when that happened. 


Confront them?


The terror that struck her heart while thinking of confronting her boyfriend was too much to bear. 


No.  I need proof anyway.  It might not be what I think…right?


She paced around the room quietly, thinking.


The closet is the only option.  I’ll be able to see the bed, but it will be too dark for them to see me.


She slipped into the closet.  Thankfully, the door was already just barely cracked open, so she was able to go in and replace the door back to its original position without anything being out of place.  Kneeling in a section of dresses in the closet, Emma had a clear line of site to the bed.  She waited in dead silence, barely breathing.

By the time she heard the water turn off, the closet had gotten uncomfortably hot, and she’d begun to doubt her plan.  She had no idea what she would do if she was discovered.  Fear was the only thing keeping her in place as she heard the door to the bathroom click open and the voices inside clarify.  A woman was laughing.


“You know I’ve always thought you were funnier than the rest of them anyway, Cody.  Funnier, and, well…sexier, too.”


The source of the voice stepped into view.  Priscilla.  Her curly, strawberry-blonde hair bounced as she shook her head out of a towel.  Her breasts were large and natural, smattered with freckles.  Her nipples were small and light brown.  Her butt was on the smaller side, but tight and firm.  She clearly worked out.  Emma couldn’t help but realize that Priscilla looked better than she had even in Emma’s illicit, unwanted fantasies. 

Cody stepped into view, nude, blocking Emma’s view of Priscilla.  He pulled her into an embrace and Emma heard the sound of a kiss.  A knot of hatred formed in Emma’s belly, but, worse, she felt something pressing against her panties.  A brief check with her hand revealed that her clit had grown harder than ever.  It was lightly lifting the crotch of her pants.  Fury pumped through her veins.

Cody guided Priscilla down onto the bed.  Emma could see her again.  Her eyes were heavy and her face was flushed.  The woman was smiling an almost devilish smile.  As she fell down onto the bed, she kicked her legs wide open, revealing a pristine pussy.  Completely hairless, Priscilla’s cunt was smooth and compact.  Petite inner lips beckoned to Cody’s cock.

Emma could see that Cody was hard, yet his cock was smaller even than it had been this morning.


Does she not care about his size?


Cody stepped forward confidently, approaching the edge of the bed.  With a sudden, aggressive motion, he grabbed onto Priscilla’s thighs and slid her closer to him.  Lifting her legs up, he slid his cock between her lips lengthwise, not immediately penetrating her, but instead teasing her clit with his cock.  His cock was quickly slick with her wetness.  She was moaning gently, letting him have his way with her without any sort of fight.

After a few seconds of this, hearing Priscilla’s moans intensify, Cody slipped down and into her pussy.  She cried out in surprise.  Cody even moaned slightly at the sudden change in feeling.  He was pumping into her with such perfect rhythm.

Inside the closet, Emma was struggling to control her breathing.  The tension in her panties was unbearable.  It was almost hurting her.  She found herself fixating on the scene, morbidly aroused.  The sight of Priscilla’s feet curling behind Cody’s head as he pounded into her from a standing position by the side of the bed was overwhelming.  Emma found herself rubbing her own feet against some of the soft clothing on the closet floor behind her.  The feeling was beyond belief. 

The soft cotton caressing her toes and the soles of her feet was somehow making this bearable.  Though she was in pain, she wasn’t dying like she thought she would.  Instead, she felt horribly, disgustingly aroused.

Cody was kissing Priscilla’s thighs as he pounded her, his thrusts becoming more and more intense.  Their moans intertwined.  Cody’s kisses moved up her legs until he could go no further.  Without breaking the rhythm of his thrusts, Cody slid her legs forward such that her feet were nearer to his face.  He began to kiss her feet.

Emma was shaking.  She had never been so envious in her life.  As she watched Priscilla’s feet being kissed and caressed, her own feet began to tingle with anticipation.  Her crotch was exploding with arousal.  She almost moaned, but bit her lip to control herself.  Cody and Priscilla shifted slightly from the thrusting, and now Emma could easily see Cody’s cock pushing into Priscilla’s cunt.

Priscilla was almost screaming.  Emma could see her body tensing up even from the closet.  Cody was starting to tense, too.  His ass was glistening from the exertion.  It was all too much for Emma to handle.  She started to shake.  She felt a sudden clench in the muscles of her stomach and groin.  Pleasure shot through her clit.  Wetness spread through her panties, hot, sticky wetness.  She had cum in her panties. 

The orgasmic contractions and the sensations in her hyper-stimulated feet were too much.  She had to stuff her mouth with a dress to stifle her involuntary moan.  As her pathetic orgasm was still coursing through her, she heard Priscilla cry out in pleasure, followed shortly afterwards by Cody. 

Emma couldn’t bear to look.  She simply flopped down onto the floor of the closet and hid.  She hid, tears streaming down her face and hot, gooey cum in her panties, until she heard the two of them get up and begin to get dressed.  She tried not to hear their conversation as they cuddled in post-coital bliss.  While her whole body still felt pleasure, she couldn’t have imagined any way to feel more humiliated and heartbroken.  She muffled her ears with one of the dresses that had fallen off the hanger.

Finally, almost an hour later, she heard Cody and Priscilla leave the bedroom and go downstairs.  She waited for another twenty minutes to ensure they were gone, but they never came back into the room.

Carefully, Emma stood up and slipped out of the closet.  There was a tiny cum-stain on the front of her work pants.  She tore off her pants and her panties, cleaned up her cum, and slid on a new pair of panties and work pants.  She knew she needed to get out of the house and make it seem like she had seen nothing.

I’ll just go to the café for a few hours and try to get some work done so I don’t lose my job.  I can’t avoid going to see Bruce any more.  Its either confront him or lose everything I have!


Going downstairs, Emma peered out the window to make sure the car was gone.  When she confirmed it was, she slipped out of the house and headed to the café, hoping desperately she wouldn’t see anyone she knew.




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