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Chapter 4

Demon Queen's Notice: The following piece was commissioned by T-GF, whose DeviantArt account can be found HERE.  In the near future, 3D art by T-GF will be added.  Please enjoy!

Emma woke sharply, the harsh beep of her alarm piercing her rest.  With a groan, she rolled over and slapped the snooze button on her alarm clock.  She felt groggy, heavy.  She was glad, at least, that she’d gotten a full night’s rest, regardless of the sluggishness it had imparted.

Unable to bring herself out of bed just yet, Emma rolled back over and looked at her fiancé.  She smiled.  He looked so beautiful.  It wasn’t often that she would describe a man as such, but it was the first word that popped into her mind as she looked at him, gracefully spread out across the sheets.  His skin was positively glowing.  Whatever skincare regimen he had undertaken must have really been treating his skin.  His lips even seemed to be more full than usual.


Maybe it's the exercise.


She reached over to him and ran her fingers through his hair, as gently as she could.  Even his hair felt soft and fine, more so than usual.  With a happy sigh, Emma slid her fingers out of his wondrous hair and slipped out of bed.  Even as she went to into the bathroom she couldn’t shake the feeling of heaviness that had fallen over her. 

Out of habit, she climbed on the scale. 




Emma couldn’t even believe it was possible to have gained that much weight over the course of a handful of days.  Looking down, though, she could tell her belly was ever so slightly bulging.  Even her hands, hanging at her side, looked swollen and somehow chubbier.  She shuddered, hoping it was just the dehydration caused by the last few days’ stress.  Walking over to the mirror, Emma inspected her body.  Her hips looked ever so pudgier.  Her thighs too.  Almost worse yet, her stubble was back.  It was, impossibly, almost as long as it was when she shaved it yesterday. 

With a growl, she sped out of the bathroom, quickly slipped on her work clothes, and stomped down stairs.  She didn’t have the patience to make any breakfast, so she just poured herself a bowl of cereal.

About halfway through finishing her cereal, she heard Cody coming down the stairs.  For some reason, she got the urge to stand up.  She didn’t really know why, but she just felt it would be rude to remain seated.  Cody came into the room smiling devilishly, a palpable grace and lightness to his step.  Emma was again struck by his beauty.  His hair was mussed up and wavy from sleep, but somehow managed to land in such a way that it framed his face perfectly.  He was still naked.

Emma, of course, could not resist looking at his cock, now soft.  She was surprised though, by how small it was.  She’d never seen it looking that small and shrunken.  She quickly justified it away; the room was terribly cold.  He turned towards the fridge, and she put the thoughts from her mind.


“Ugh…nothing to eat,” Cody said.


Emma felt worse about that than she should have.  For some reason, her anxiety perked up again.  She felt bad that he was disappointed.


“Emma, why don’t you make me breakfast before you go?”


Emma smiled.  Making Cody breakfast would make her feel much better.  She got right to the task as Cody sat down at the table.  It only took her a few minutes, but she took extra effort to make sure everything was prepared just how Cody liked it.  Lightly toasted bread with butter, eggs with cheese, and a few slices of bacon. 

When Emma brought the food over to Cody, she realized he had been watching her the whole time.  His cock had grown hard.  Somehow, though, despite his hardness, his cock was barely longer than it had been when soft.  Emma stared at it.


“Something wrong, babe?”


“Um, no!”


Emma quickly looked away from Cody’s clearly smaller member.  She would have been surprised if his previously comfortably-sized member was any longer than three and a half inches in its current state.


Could it be the way he was sitting?


Cody began eating, and Emma automatically took care of the dishes.  Cody was dressed and back downstairs before she finished the dishes.


“My class got cancelled today, so you can take the car.  The guys and Priscilla are gonna come over later to save me the trip.”


A spark of fear shot through Emma’s gut.  It took everything in her to control her tone.


“Oh!  Okay then!  I’ll be back at my usual time, maybe a little earlier if things go well today!” she said.

Her heart was racing.  She didn’t want Priscilla around.  She couldn’t handle the sudden envy, or determine where it had come from.  She couldn’t tell Cody “no,” because it was irrational, right?  She’d have to just deal with it. 

Emma tried to calm herself, walking over to Cody and kissing him goodbye.  As she turned to get her stuff and go to the car, Cody slapped her ass.  She cried out, surprised.  Arousal flared within her alongside her shock.  Cody’s lips curled into a smile. 


“Love youuuuuu!” he said, turning away to walk towards the couch, “I’ll see you later tonight.  Have a good day at work!”


Emma nodded and left without saying another word.  Her heart was now racing for two reasons.  Arousal was still radiating from the stinging remainder of Cody’s spank.  The heat surging through her groin was only making her nervousness about Priscilla worse.  As she drove, her mind drifted to thoughts of Cody kissing Priscilla while she was still at work.  Involuntarily, her mind progressed to thoughts of them lying on the couch, fucking.  Priscilla was lying down on the couch, Cody was gripping her tightly.  She was utterly dominated.

Somehow Emma found herself only growing more aroused.  Unintentionally, she found herself shifting her feet around inside her flats, enjoying the sensitivity of the sensation.  It was only when a car slammed their brakes in front of her that she snapped out of her horror-fantasy.  There was no collision, thankfully, and the sudden adrenaline gave Emma some clarity of mind.

She suddenly realized that she was feeling unnaturally nervous, and even more unnaturally aroused.  Her feet were unbelievably sensitive.  She thought back on the morning.  She’d made Cody breakfast the moment he had asked, without even so much as a second thought.  In retrospect, it was as if she had obeyed instinctually.


What the hell is going on?


The rest of the drive was uneventful.  Emma forcefully kept her mind on work topics, fearing to allow herself to drift back to those horrific images that plucked at the edges of her mind.  Her arousal wasn’t subsiding, but, through sheer force of will, she managed to keep herself under control.

Sitting down at her desk, she realized that Coleen was back at work, but despite keeping her eyes peeled, Bruce was nowhere to be found.  She avoided Coleen as much as she could, focusing on her work as much as was possible.  Her focus was quite terrible, though, as she found her entire body very itchy.

About an hour before end-of-day, she finally got up to go to the bathroom because the itching was impossible to handle any longer.  She deliberately chose one of the single-occupancy bathrooms, for privacy.  Inside, she slipped off her work pants and lifted her shirt.  She immediately gasped.  Crawling up from the waist of her pants was a small line of wispy hairs.  The hair that had previously been stubble in the early morning had grown considerably, curling out of the edges of her panties.

Emma sobbed, almost brought to tears by the sight of her increasingly hairy thighs and crotch.  She pulled down her panties slightly.  Underneath, the cleft of her womanhood was dark, as if she hadn’t shaved in a week or more.  Her pubes even looked more coarse and rough than usual.  Unbuttoning her blouse, she checked her armpits.  Sure enough her armpits were filled not just with stubble but with half-inch, dark hairs.  She looked natural in a way she had never seen herself before.

Closing her eyes, Emma leaned against the wall with her pants still around her ankles.  She knew she had only one choice.  She had to confront Bruce.  Emma quickly dressed herself again, grimacing against the itchiness her hairy legs and crotch were generating.

Once back at her desk, she opened her corporate address book on her computer and searched for Bruce’s contact card.  Sure enough, there was his address.  She wrote it down on a note and shoved it in her purse.  Then, riding on all the motivation she could muster, she texted Cody a message that almost choked her to type out:


“I’ll be home a little late, don't worry!”


Again her imagination was assaulted with all kinds of uncharacteristic imagery.  She had an image of Cody and his friend double penetrating Priscilla.  The thought was so lewd that Emma felt ashamed for even thinking of it in public.  What was worse was the fact that she was getting wet at the thought.  She felt sick.

Finally, five o’clock rolled around and she quickly packed her things.  She got in her car and put Bruce’s address into the built-in GPS.  20 minutes, not too far.  Her whole body was itching and she felt uncomfortable in her work clothes as she pulled out of the garage and began navigating the rush-hour traffic.

When Emma turned down Bruce’s road, she became overwhelmed with a sense of dread that only grew worse the closer she got to his house.  Finally, the GPS piped up, saying


“Destination, reached!”


But she didn’t stop.  She couldn’t stop.  She was too scared.  There was no way she was going to be able to confront him like this.  She needed to go home and come back on a day she was more rested and more clear of mind. 


“Make a U-turn,” spoke the GPS, in its robotic tones.


Emma cleared the navigation, caving to the adrenaline.  She was sweating and shaking with nervousness.


At least I know where he lives.  Baby steps, baby steps.  I can try to confront him tomorrow if I want to.  It’s not like he’s going to disappear or anything. 


Her guilt wasn’t subsiding, despite all her internal excuses.  She wanted to talk to Cody.  Cody would make her feel better, right? Her mind snapped back to those awful thoughts.  Her day had been like a rubber band mentally.  Itching, bad daydreams, nervousness, back to itching, back to daydreams, back to nervousness.  She was struggling to keep focused on the road on her way home, but somehow she managed to safely arrive back home, thirty minutes later.

Emma’s breath caught in her throat when she pulled up to the front of her house; there was still another car in the driveway.  She had hoped that Cody’s friends would have left by now.


To be fair, I was a little earlier than I said…


She parked roadside and scooped up her things, huffing in frustration as she stepped out of the car onto the pavement.  The sensitivity of her feet was causing an uncomfortable feeling with each step on the hard ground.  She could hear the TV blaring before she even opened the door, high-definition video game gunfire ringing out through the open living-room window.  She made out the sound of Cody’s voice, but what he said was indecipherable.  The female laugh that followed it made her heart jump.

Emma opened the door, trying as best as she could to conceal her anxiety.  Her smile seemed involuntarily pained as she greeted the group as a whole, and it only got worse as she scanned the room with her eyes.  Priscilla was sitting right next to Cody on the couch.  Cody was sprawled back against the corner of the couch, where the arm met the back.  His arms were spread wide, giving him a confident, relaxed appearance.  His legs extended over to the second segment of the couch, with his feet almost touching Priscilla’s thighs.  She was wearing a tiny pair of sport shorts, so her thighs were exposed. 

Emma was infuriated to discover that the juxtaposition of Cody’s feet to Priscilla’s thighs was turning her on.  She wanted to spit, especially considering she’d never even liked other girls.  She couldn’t get the image out of her head, though, even as she turned to put her stuff away and get a glass of water.


Cody’s feet on Priscilla’s thighs.  Cody’s feet on Priscilla’s thighs.


Her stomach churned.


“Cody, I’m gonna grab a shower, okay?  Today was super stressful…”


Cody looked at her by tipping his head backwards.  Emma would have laughed if she wasn’t so upset.


“You got it, Emma!  Come gimme a kiss before you go, though!”


She moved almost automatically, her womanhood bursting into instant heat and arousal.  She walked over to him and he righted himself.  When she went in for the kiss, he didn’t immediately let his lips contact hers.  He held there for a good few seconds before finally moving the rest of the way and completing the kiss.  The wait made her squirm, but she didn’t protest, even though she felt confused by his sudden change in behavior. 

Cody smiled at her, at which point Emma smiled a nervous smile back at him and began to head upstairs.  The moment she got into the room she shut the door and stripped down.  The relief was instantaneous.  The itching was reduced to just a fraction of what it had been while clothed, and the reduction of pressure from her tight work clothes was almost as relieving.  With a sigh, she dragged herself into the bathroom, where she pulled down her panties and flung them into the corner of the bathroom.

Emma was immediately confronted with her own appearance in the mirror.  She looked even more bloated than before, with her tummy now bulging out slightly.  The hair situation was worse than she could have imagined.  Her crotch was a hairy mess.  Coarse hairs now curled across her cleft, long enough to no longer even be considered stubble.  The spread of pubic hair was crawling towards her thighs.  The crooks of her legs were dark with it, and the growth of hair had continued up towards her belly.  Emma shook her head in dismay.

Turning her body to look at her back and butt, she gasped.  The cleavage of her ass was darker than it should have been, and there was undeniably a darkening patch of hair growing in at the top of the cleft of her ass.  It took everything in her not to cry.  Through sheer force of will, she dragged herself into the shower and began to wash.

Emma grimaced as she washed herself.  She could feel her newfound hairiness against her hands as she spread her exfoliating scrub across her body.  It was especially bad in her crotch, where, for the first time in her life, she could say it truly felt like a “bush.”  She gritted her teeth harder as the sensation of washing her cunt turned her on.


What is wrong with me?!


She wanted to be mad.  A part of her was mad.  She never used such coarse and lewd language, even internally.  The word taunted her, though, as the warm water stimulated her folds.


Fucking hairy cunt.


She mimed a gag at her own thoughts, but in truth it turned her on.  Nervously, she looked out of the shower glass at the clock.  It had barely been ten minutes since she’d come upstairs.


I need to let this arousal out of my hairy, pathetic, cunt somehow…


Emma shook her head hard enough to fling her wet hair from side to side.  Pathetic?  She didn’t know where that came from or why it turned her on, but she was convincing herself that it would be best to get this out of her system one way or another.  Giving in, she slipped her fingers down between her lower lips, moaning slightly at the soft feeling of warm stimulation inside her cunt.

As she slid her fingers over her clit, however, her eyes shot open.  Something wasn’t right.  She stepped back out of the stream of water, bent over, and spread her labia.  A miserable whine escaped her lips.  Her clit was so swollen that it was visible.  It almost looked like it was throbbing.  She stared at it for a full minute, amazed at the fact that an organ she’d never seen without a mirror was now visibly poking out of its hood at the convergence point of her inner lips.

Emma had seen anatomy images in school, of course, but it was shocking to see for herself how much a truly engorged clit looked like a miniscule cockhead.  When she finally took her hands away from her lower lips, she was shaken enough to stop touching herself and finish washing.

She stepped out of the shower, wrapped her hair up, and went out into the bedroom.  Her blood was pumping.  She felt both aroused and feverish.  From downstairs, the sounds of video games and laughter could still be heard.  Emma sighed.

She laid down in bed and grabbed her smartphone.  Searching online, she tried to find something, anything that would give her a hint about what was going on with her body.  Nothing besides heavy testosterone use or severe ovarian issues even came close, and she was quite sure she didn’t have either of those.  After a half hour of going deeper and deeper into the irrelevant, pages deep links on the search engine, she stood up and took off her towels.

Emma slipped into some loose pajamas, trying to come to a resolution about what would happen tomorrow.  She needed to go find Bruce, but she was more and more terrified the more she thought about it.  Flipping of the light, Emma flopped down into bed.


I just gotta “man up” and do it already.  I can’t keep being so non-confrontational!


Emma sighed sadly.  She couldn’t help but hope Cody would come up to bed soon, but in truth it was still quite early.  The light of sunset was still leaking in from the window.  Fatigue was taking her, though, and she found her mind slipping into half-sleep within minutes.  She fell asleep long before Cody came upstairs.  Her last muddled thoughts were about how strange it felt to be so intimidated by everything recently.  After all she’d been through, she couldn’t understand why she was being so submissive.


*         *           *


Emma woke with a start.  She felt strange and heavy.  Reaching beneath the covers, she tried to relieve a strange itch between her legs.  Her fingers were met with cold metal.  She shifted, utterly bewildered.  Her fingers felt heavy and clumsy as she felt around the strange object between her legs.  It had a dome-like shape at the top, with a small hole and a whole bunch of bars.  She had to feel through a lot of hair, but she found that the device had a tight ring at the base. 

Emma’s face twisted with confusion as she felt around the area of the base of the metallic object.  She could feel something warm and wrinkly underneath the ring.  She moved it around and realized she could feel the motion.  That was when she felt two small, but firm orbs roll against her fingers.

With a gasp, Emma threw aside the blankets, her jaw dropping.  In between two hairy, thick thighs was a hairy bush with a tiny metal cage protruding from the hair.  She cried out when she realized that the cage contained something far more horrifying: a tiny, flaccid cock that could hardly be considered a proper penis.  Underneath the caged, pathetic cock hung two tiny balls in an overly wrinkly sack.  They were probably no larger than a boy’s testicles.

Invasive memories filled Emma’s mind.  She’d always had little, stunted balls because of her high testosterone in early puberty.  That’s why she had a small cock, too.  It had never been big, always less than 3 inches, even when hard. 


What?  That’s not true!  That’s not…me…


Looking at the cage, though was causing a reaction in her hairy member.  Her little cock started to harden, pressing against the edges of the miniature cage.  As her cock swelled, she vaguely remembered that she never really got fully hard.  Her cock reached its maximum size, a chubby little semi.


“What on earth are you doing?!”


The high-pitched voice startled Emma enough that she flinched.  Her body jiggled slightly from the sudden flinch, and she noticed her pot-belly and fatty man-boobs for the first time.  Her eyes shot to the door of the bedroom, searching for the source of the voice.

A short girl stood in the doorway with an arrogant, disgusted look on her face.  She was dressed in thin lingerie, her tits and hard nipples easily visible through the sheer material.  Her cunt had a small, carefully groomed strip of hair above it.  She was well-tanned, and her makeup was perfectly done, as if she’d just strode in from a hot date.  Emma felt like she knew her somehow, but no name or knowledge of this girl came to mind.


“You pathetic little pervert!  I cannot believe you were trying to touch yourself while I was out of the room.  Get over here.”


Emma was so scared that she obeyed immediately, her cock twitching and pumping out a small bead of precum against the metal of the cage. 


“Get down on your knees,” the girl said.


“Yes, ma’am,” Emma replied automatically, hearing her deep voice for the first time.


“Look at me, pervert.”


Emma looked up, realizing that she knew those eyes.  They were Cody’s eyes…


“Lick my feet like the dog you are, and go back to bed.  You’ll be in the cage for another week.  If you’re lucky, I’ll let you…”


*         *           *



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