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Chapter 3

Demon Queen's Notice: The following piece was commissioned by T-GF, whose DeviantArt account can be found HERE.  In the near future, 3D art by T-GF will be added.  Please enjoy!

Emma woke in a cold sweat, her heart thudding against her ribs.  The room was still dark and her blankets were tangled around her feet.  She freed herself and sat up, hurrying to get out of the hot sheets.  The air outside the bed was cool and refreshing.  She leaned her head against her hands and found her thoughts centering around muddled pieces of a strange dream.  She could barely remember any of the dreams, but she felt an instinctual disgust.  Her stomach felt strange, almost distended, as if she were overly full.  Her skin all across her body felt itchy, and her emotional state was dismal.  After a few minutes of struggling to recall her dream, she stood up and stumbled over to the bathroom.

The cold tile of the bathroom floor on her feet was surprisingly relieving.  Emma found herself hoping she hadn’t come down with a fever of some sort; she felt so incredibly hot.  At the sink, she leaned down and turned on the cold tap, splashing water onto her face, and breathing deeply as the water slid across her skin.  She glanced at the small digital clock in the bathroom.  She had hours before work still, but she could feel that she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep.  Heading back out to the bedroom, she stared at Cody sleeping soundly on the bed.  Emma smiled. 

Making her way downstairs, Emma figured that a cup of coffee couldn’t hurt.  To her dismay, though, the cupboard was completely bereft of her favorite grounds. 

Ugh…Cody’s friends probably finished them off yesterday.

The consumption of the household foods was the only real irritation she had ever had with Cody’s friends, and it was a minor one at that.  Even still, it was always irritating to have her favorite foods be out without her knowing in advance.  She groaned, realizing the only way she’d get coffee in her before work was to go to the café.  She had more than enough time, but, for some reason, she just felt like she didn’t want to be around people at the moment.  She figured that yesterday’s stresses must have simply carried over. The presentation had been weeks’ worth of preparation.  

Emma grabbed her gym bag and changed into her gym clothes in the downstairs bathroom, not wanting to disturb Cody upstairs. She had enough time to jog to the café, get back, and then change before needing to drive to work.  She swept up her laptop and slid it into her sport backpack before heading out to the café.  

The air outside was brisk and the sun was shining brightly.  A soft breeze teased the trees of her neighborhood into a calming rustle.  For the first time that day, she felt calm and happy.  Something about the jog seemed to revitalize her, shaking her out of the strange mood she had been in since the strange events of the previous day.  Towards the end of her jog, she felt her thoughts drift towards recounting the confrontation.  

I really must have just imagined that spark from Bruce’s ring.  Maybe he hit one of the lightbulbs in the ceiling or hit the copy machine and made it flash.

Emma couldn’t really convince herself.  Her memories were so vivid.  She determined that she would have to check Bruce’s ring later to see if it was still broken.

But checking his ring means finding an excuse to talk to Bruce.

She shuddered, a feeling of disgust spreading across her body.  She had never liked Bruce, but his behavior yesterday had only made that worse. There was something more, too:  A sensation that she could not quite place. She couldn’t remember clearly what it was, but for some reason, she felt it was sexual in nature.

Did I dream about him?

She struggled to remember her dreams again, but to no avail.  All that came to her mind was that odd feeling of disgust.  Emma didn’t manage to shake off the feeling before she arrived at the café.  As she approached, though, she was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods. She hoped breakfast and caffeine would do her some good.

Inside, Emma ordered her usual coffee, slightly sweet with skim milk.  She ordered an egg-and-croissant sandwich with spinach and tomatoes too, for good measure.  When her order was ready, she carried it over to a window seat and took her laptop out of the backpack.  

Hopefully, no bad news today.

Emma read through a few of her favorite journals. The Oceanic, her favorite online magazine, had an essay on politics which she skimmed through briefly.  She read politics occasionally but generally preferred more personal essays and articles. Her favorite recently had been a writer’s account of her journey to become an honorary warrior in one of the few remaining contiguous tribal societies in South America.  Today she found the essay intolerable.  Something about the latent pugnaciousness of politics seemed threatening to her.  As the essay grew more intense, she found herself feeling anxious, and she decided to close the article and simply check her email.

Emma found her inbox cluttered, as usual, with a whole bunch of throwaway work mailing list messages that had no relevance to her job.  One email, however, near the top, caught her eye.  It was from her direct supervisor, Jameson.

“Good work yesterday, Emma,” the email read, “Your proposal for a new ad design workflow for those three complicated accounts was impressive.  I’ve been talking to the other partners and they agree your revision has potential. Don’t look so scared next time! You’re one of our best!”

Jameson’s words should have brought her relief, but instead, they made her feel self-conscious?  She didn’t get it.  Her own reaction felt foreign to her.  She usually handled praise well.  Instead of feeling encouraged, she felt hyper-aware of herself, as if there were suddenly too many eyes on her.  The thought of showing up to work was making her feel nothing short of nervous and timid. 

Emma tried to enjoy her coffee and watched a few short videos on a video streaming site.  Before long, though she found herself getting restless.  It would be better, she decided, to leave the café a little early rather than risk being late.  She still had to think about confronting Bruce.  Her stomach lurched.

The journey back to her house could barely be called a run.  The coffee was sitting in her stomach like a brick, making her feel more winded than usual as she struggled to keep her pace.  She figured it was probably from the nervousness.  Still, it was a true irritation that the trip home was taking longer than she planned.  

Emma quietly entered the house and made straight for the shower.  If she made good time, she’d be able to get to work no problem.  Cody was still sleeping; in this case, that was good. She slipped out of her running clothes and slipped into the shower.  As she washed, she couldn’t help but feel like her skin felt a little odd under her arms. Looking down, she noticed the beginnings of stubble coming into her underarms.  




She looked down at her legs.


Double fuck.


She could have sworn she’d just shaved yesterday. She never needed to shave daily. She must have forgotten in all her anxiety.  Shaking her head, she popped the shower door open to check the clock.


Nope. No time to shave today.  I’ll just have to be a gross mess.  Good thing I have work pants + a button up blouse…


She groaned and quickly finished washing herself. She shut off the water, grabbed a towel, wrapped up, and left the bathroom.  Cody was up; the bed was empty.  She went into the walk-in closet and began to arrange her outfit.  She slipped on some panties and socks, noting that her feet were still incredibly sensitive, even to the soft touch of her ankle socks.  Keeping the sensitivity in mind, she pulled an alternate pair of shoes out.  Dressy, low-cut, leather mini-boots that had extra padded soles.


I haven’t worn these in ages.


They still had a nice shine to them.  Emma dressed more quickly than usual.  She heard Cody come into the room just as she buttoned the last button on her blouse.  She turned to pick up her boots, bending down and facing the back of the closet. She jumped when she heard something behind her, then she felt Cody press himself against her ass, which was elevated in her current posture.  


“Oops!” he said, playfully.


Emma could feel his cock hardening even through his boxers and her pants.  For a moment, she felt embarrassed.  As Cody grinded himself left to right across her ass, she shook the embarrassment from her mind as best as she could.  She could feel her womanhood awaken with arousal.  


“I’ve gotta be at work…” She tried to say.


He shushed her and thrust against her ass, pulling her hips towards him with both his hands.  Emma couldn’t help but moan at the aggression.  Cody wasn’t usually like this.  He’d always been very romantic, but never overly aggressive. Cody’s hand slid up her belly to her breast.  She felt him squeeze her tightly, eliciting yet another moan.  She looked back, her mouth hanging wide with arousal.  Her breathing was heavy.  She could see his cock lifting the fabric of his boxers. She wanted to protest, afraid of being late, but…


Cody knows what he’s doing right?  We’ve never had sex in the morning like this before…


She felt that strange timidity again.  She wanted to fuck so badly, but at the same time, she was afraid of being late to work.  She felt torn between the two, at least until she felt Cody’s hand slide down to her pussy.  Arousal spread out from a firm prod with two fingers, somehow putting pressure right on her clit, even through her pants, panties, and lower lips.  Her lips slid around her clit, as Cody moved his fingers around and around.  

Emma was moaning now with every movement Cody made. He slid his cock out of his boxers, sliding it up and down her ass.  The lewdness of his actions was driving Emma crazy.  It was rare for him to be this adventurous.  His fingers kept circling, increasing the wetness between her lower lips, teasing her clit closer and closer to…

She cried out as Cody squeezed her breast and increased the pressure on her clit.  Orgasm hit her like a flash of lightning.  She was shaking, moaning.  She fell forward, catching herself against the wall.  Her legs were weak.  She’d come without even taking her clothes off.  Panting and red in the face, she looked back at Cody.  His expression was like none she’d ever seen on him.  He almost looked like he wanted to laugh. She was intimidated more than she had ever been by her boyfriend, but she couldn’t help but find it incredibly attractive.


“Now,” he said, surprisingly calm, “Let’s get you to work.”


Emma laughed, still panting.


“I gotta change my panties after that…”


Cody stepped back, leaning on the entrance to the closet.  It was clear as could be that he intended to watch her change.  Emma smiled at him and obliged.  Thankfully, he didn’t seem to take notice of her leg or even armpit stubble. If he did, he didn’t indicate it.

When Emma was dressed, they went downstairs together and started to gather their things.  Emma glanced at the clock.  


Oh god! I’m late!


She’d never felt this anxious about lateness before. There was no way she was going to make it to work in time.  For some reason, she couldn’t shake thoughts of being judged by her co-workers.  Even as she climbed into the car, her mind seemed to keep circling back.  


I bet even Coleen isn’t late like this.


She couldn’t believe that thought had just crossed her mind.


Since when do I compare myself to Coleen?


Emma barely heard Cody while she was driving them. She was zoning out, badly.  When she finally pulled out front, Cody got out to kiss her as usual.  Instead of just his usual peck, though, he went straight for tongue, laying a full on French kiss on her in front of her workplace.

Embarrassment flooded through her.  She found it hot regardless.  When he pulled away, with a devious look on his face, Emma found herself instinctually hiding her face.  She couldn’t understand what had gotten into her, or what had gotten into him for that matter.  She waved goodbye, then rushed inside, blushing all the way until her floor.

Emma managed to maintain her composure for the day, though she felt uncharacteristically anxious.  She had a lot of catch-up work to do, mostly menial tasks that had been displaced by her need to focus on the assignment.  At some point during the day, her boss messaged her to schedule a meeting for the day after tomorrow.  More nervousness.  As the end of the day rolled closer, Emma realized she wouldn’t have the courage to confront Bruce today.  She even found herself thankful that Coleen hadn’t shown her face in the office.


She probably got time off while HR sorts out what happened yesterday.


After work, Emma took the bus home.  The ride was uneventful except for one odd detail. Her skin was itching and all her muscles felt sore.  Despite scratching her arms and legs the entire ride, she blamed it all on the morning sex.  Sweaty clothes had probably caused the itching, she figured, and sore muscles was obviously caused from coming while standing up.

When the bus rolled into the stop at the end of her street, she rushed off and almost sprinted home.  She didn’t want to spend another second out of her house. Cody wasn’t home yet, so she figured she would take a quick shower while she had the house to herself.

Stepping into the warm water felt better than Emma could have possibly expected.  She sighed audibly, her voice sounding foreign as it reverberated off the sides of the shower.  Being naked again meant she had to confront her mysterious stubble, which had now progressed even further in length.  With a groan, she set to shaving her legs and armpits to perfect smoothness.  For good measure, she shaved between her legs as well, noting that even there, she seemed to have forgotten to shave in the last few days.  

After rinsing off, she wrapped herself in a towel and went down to sit on the couch.  She always liked to sit downstairs after showering if she could; the air was cooler, and it calmed her down to feel cool air on damp skin.  Just as she sat down on the couch, though, she heard the sound of a car pulling into her driveway.  Cody was back.  Standing right back up again, she slipped over to the window and slid the curtains aside, looking out into the driveway.

Emma felt like her heart skipped a beat.  Cody was standing outside the car with the door open.  Another girl had gotten out of the car, too, and was talking to him.  Emma recognized the girl as Priscilla, a girl Cody had been friends with for years.  She knew they hung out a lot, but for some reason seeing them talking so casually struck something inside her.  Her mouth unintentionally curved into a frown.  


What is wrong with me?  I’m being really stupid.

Emma’s stomach disobeyed her thoughts.  She knew she shouldn’t feel jealous, but her gut was tying itself in knots anyway.


Just come in already, Cody!  She’s not that interesting.


To her great relief, Cody waved goodbye, shut the car door, and began to make his way inside.  Emma felt arousal welling up in her, and a desire to prove to Cody just how good she was.  She practically jumped on him when he came in the door.


“Emma!” Cody said, smiling wide, “Whoa…”


Emma’s face was red from rushing blood.  She kissed him on the lips, pushing the door shut behind him, and letting her towel fall to the floor.  Her nipples were hard in the cool air.  




Cody’s words were cut off by another kiss.  Emma dragged him over to the couch.  She was desperate, more desperate than she’d ever been. She pulled him down onto the couch and began to loosen his belt.


“I don’t know what’s come over you, but I don’t mind it in the slightest!” Cody said, laughing.


Emma just smiled at him, her eyes wide.  Her heart was beating with a two-fold desire. She needed him, but she also needed to ensure his attention.  For some unknown reason, she found herself only growing more and more aroused as she thought back to Cody talking to Priscilla. She needed to fuck him.  She needed that consolation.  She only wished that he was taking control like he had this morning. 

Emma finally slid Cody’s pants down.  His cock almost seemed to spring out.  He was so hard.  For a passing moment, Cody’s cock almost seemed smaller than this morning, despite his hardness.  Emma barely took note, figuring it was probably just the position they were in.  She slid her mouth down over his cock.

Her mouth was watering, perfectly lubricating Cody’s member as she slid it deeper into her mouth.  Her tongue danced over the bumpy ridge of his cockhead, tasting every inch of him.  His cock was hot, hard, and tasted better than anything she could imagine in that moment. She took him in deep, surprised at how well she suppressed her gag reflex.  Feeling courageous, she pushed him in deeper, swallowing down his cock and tasting his precum at the back of her throat.

Cody began moaning, absentmindedly sliding his feet back and forth on the couch.  Emma heard his skin moving against the leather of the couch and the image of his feet sprung into her mind.  She sucked him harder, her pussy alight with arousal.  Cody’s moans grew louder.  His cock was so deep in her mouth that she felt his balls contract against her lips as he came, suddenly, forcefully.  She didn’t even have to swallow.  His cum cascaded out, right into her throat.  She loved it more than she ever had before.  There was something truly arousing to her in this moment, choking down her fiancé’s cock and swallowing his seed.  She felt in service to him in the best of ways.

Cody was shaking as she finally slid his now softening cock out of her mouth.  He was panting, smiling at her with his cheeks glowing red.  Suddenly he moved, fast and strong.  He grabbed her by the back of her head, running his fingers into her hair.  He pulled her towards him with a gentle, but commanding grip, pressing her lips against his. Emma moaned.


“Mmmmm…let’s go upstairs, huh?” she said, her voice coming out husky from her arousal, “I want a massage.”


She wiped her lips, stood up slowly from the couch, and strode away seductively.  Cody could see how wet she was even as she walked away.  Her ass swayed and jiggled, seeming more plump and large than it ever had before.  Cody kicked off his pants and followed his fiancé upstairs.  

In the room, Emma flopped down on the bed and lifted her feet, still clean and soft from the shower, towards Cody.  He got the message and immediately set into a massage.  Emma moaned almost immediately, the sensations taking her by surprise.  It felt like more than a massage.  It almost felt like sex.  As his fingers continued to move across the soles of her feet, she had to struggle to suppress further moans.  

As the massage went on, she felt even more strange.  Her clit was tingling with every touch.  She didn’t understand, but she didn’t want him to stop.  In an instant, the tingling became stronger.  She felt like she was going to come!  She gasped.

Then the sensations stopped.  She shot her eyes downward.  Cody was shaking his hands out.  With a sigh, she flopped back against her pillow.  Her first reaction was frustration; the arousal hadn’t gone anywhere since she hadn’t come.  Immediately afterward, though, she felt guilt.


I’m being greedy.  Poor Cody!


She curled her legs up and crawled down to the end of the bed.  Leaning in to kiss him, she whispered into his ear,


“Cody…that was fantastic.  Lay down.”


Cody kissed her again before listening to her and lying down on the bed.  Once he was settled in and comfortable, Emma placed her fingers on his feet and began to massage him in return.  Cody’s sigh of relief was exactly what she was hoping for.  It wasn’t often that he settled down and let her massage him like this, he usually liked giving her the massage.

As she worked the muscles of his feet, Emma was astounded to find her arousal growing still.  Watching her fingers gently move across his feet, working his toes and his heel was driving her nuts.  She’d never realized how sexy his feet were, or how much of an affect they could have on her.  She found it incredibly easy to get lost in the visual of her hands moving across his feet; she fantasized about him placing his feet on her pussy, about her wrapping her toes around his cock, and so much more.  

Emma only stopped when the soreness of her hands snapped her out of her fantasy.  She’d let herself get so lost in her arousal that she hadn’t noticed Cody falling asleep on the other end of the bed.  With a smile, she stood up, walked over to the light switch, and flipped off the lights.  

Sliding into bed next to Cody, Emma found herself slowly drifting into a heavy, aroused daze.  Her mind nonsensically drifted over muddled images of sex as her consciousness waned.  Her breathing fell into sync with her partner’s, and at last she slid into the warm darkness of sleep. 

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