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Chapter 2

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Emma woke with a start, glancing at the clock.  With a sigh of relief, she realized she still had ten minutes before her alarm would even go off.  She swung her legs out from under the blankets and rubbed her face.  Thinking back over the night before, she smiled. Her sleep had been perfect until the last hour or so, where the subconscious anticipation of rising had triggered anxiety over the big presentation.  It was good she was up early, though.  She wanted to get there early and put the finishing touches on the project.


Cody stirred next to her.   Today was one of his free days.  No classes, though he had told her earlier in the week that he was having some friends over to study and then play games together.  That meant she had the car.  As much as driving could be a hassle, Emma actually found it somewhat relaxing.  It was repetition with just enough stimulation to allow her to explore her thoughts.

Emma got up and hurriedly showered before setting into doing her hair and makeup.  Her makeup ritual was efficient and effective.  She aimed for professionality, not necessarily flair.  She finished faster than usual, her ritual blending into a blur as her mind went over all the facets of her presentation.  She stuck to a simple and nutritious breakfast: a fruit-and-yogurt smoothie with a bowl of whole grain cereal on the side.


The drive to work was as serene as it could be. She found herself running through potential outcomes, muddling thoughts of the far future with those of the immediate. She arrived at her building early, and landed a particularly nice parking spot.  With so much extra time to spare, she decided to stop by the lower levels of her building, which housed an upscale food court and shopping center. She stopped at her favorite coffee shop in the food court, ordering a large to-go box of coffees and a dozen donuts. Taking the extra step to impress the partners gave her a surge of confidence.  


The elevators were dead empty, and the office was significantly quieter than it would be once normal hours began.  Emma crossed the main room to one of the side conference rooms, unlocking the door with the temporary passcode she had been issued for the scheduled presentation.  She set the coffee and donuts down, slid her laptop out of her bag and started going over the details of her presentation.  She propped the door open so she could keep an eye on the office and get things set up once her co-workers started flowing in.

Emma was only able to work for a few minutes without interruption, though.  Just as she was getting into a focused state, she heard raised voices from outside the door.


Are people fighting in the copier room?


Sighing audibly, Emma stood up and stepped out of the conference room.  Sure enough, the voices were coming from the copier room next door.  She couldn’t imagine who had come in early, let alone who would be arguing at this hour.  She made her way to the door.  To her great dismay, she saw the face of Bruce through the partially opened door. The look on his face was one of pure anger.  She could see a dark, wet stain on his shirt that looked like spilled coffee.  Emma pushed the door open.


“Hey, is everything alright in here?”


“You should just stay the fuck out of here, Emma,” Bruce growled, pointing across the room with his right hand, “this careless, brainless bimbo just smashed my hand in the door because she is too airheaded to watch where she is going.”


Emma now saw Coleen, red in the face, attempting to gather papers up off the ground.  A large puddle of coffee had begun to soak into some of the papers. There was a dent in the small, wheeled cart that people often used to cart new paper to the copier room from the supply closet, and Bruce was holding his left hand close to his body.


“Whoa!”  Emma said, raising her hands to gesture restraint, “Look there’s no need for that kind of lang…


“Bimbo?!” Coleen screamed, standing rapidly, “Don’t you even get me started you lazy pervert!”


Bruce snarled at her, his heavy features contorting around his eyes, which almost seemed to glow with anger.


“Oh…Did I hurt your feelings, perv?” Coleen continued, ignoring Emma’s wild gestures, “Yeah, that’s right!  I’ve seen how you look at the women of this office, always ogling us when we walk by, when you think we aren’t looking.  What, don’t you get sex at home?  Or do you have to try and fantasize about us all here like a pervert?”


“You idiotic bitch!” Bruce roared.


“Oh, I’m the idiot?”  Coleen’s voice rose to a fever pitch, “I came in early to fix your stupid issue just to have you follow me around the office explaining to me how to do my job.  Then, you bumble in here and try to blame me when you crash into the office cart because you rushed through the door without looking!  Everyone knows this room is tiny and everyone else in the office knows to fucking knock or at least look through the window.  So who is the real idiot, Brucey!”


“You!” Bruce coughed back, “You’re the incompetent joke of a blonde who probably sucked her way into her current job.  You don’t have the decency to look behind you before you swing that cart around, you waste of space!”


Emma tried to interject, but was drowned out as the two cut one another off.  Finally, with a shriek, Coleen raised her voice above Bruce.  Her face was beet red.


“Get out of my face you disgusting slob.  I bet the only reason you’re so gross and bitter is because you’re a sad little cuck whose wife makes him lick her feet.  I bet you act so big and bad because your shrunken dick won’t satisfy her so you have to listen while she fucks better men than you.  Never speak to me again you piece of fuckin’ trash!”


Emma’s eyes were wide and her mouth was agape. Never in all her time had she witnessed an office dispute get so out of control.  This would certainly lose them their jobs, especially if anyone else had seen. She began to panic when she saw Bruce raise his right hand out in front of him.


“No!” Emma screamed, thinking he was going to hit her.


“May your words turn on you,” Bruce said, his speaking pattern suddenly different, “May you feel the wrath of your own degeneracy. And may your accusations of perversion turn back on you!”


Following his strange proclamation, he growled in a language Emma did not recognize.  Her heart began to race, however, as the ring on his right hand glowed brightly and a strange hissing noise began.  Emma’s mind flew, trying to understand what was going on in front of her.  In an instant, a swirl of unknown light, looking something like a shooting star, spun around the ring and blasted outwards, striking her in the chest forcefully.  Emma screamed.  Bruce’s arm was thrown back and he cried out in pain.  The ring on his right hand was broken, and was sizzling.


“What the FUCK was THAT?!” Coleen screamed.


Emma was clutching her chest so hard that she was wrinkling her shirt.  She didn’t feel any pain, but she felt a strange tingling sensation spreading across her head.  It almost felt like her brain was tingling.  Her stomach felt a little uneasy, and she was shaky from adrenaline. She leaned against the wall, trying to regain her composure.  


“Fuck, my ring! Fuck!” Bruce swore under his breath, swinging the door open and rushing out into the office.  


“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” Coleen shrieked, setting off after him.


Emma’s mind was rapidly pulling together a plan of action.  She was surprisingly good under pressure.  She had no choice but to finish the presentation today.  If she left early to go to the doctor or to confront Bruce there is no doubt the team would hold it against her, even if it wasn’t her fault.  A wave of nausea interrupted her thoughts, but subsided shockingly quickly.         Glancing out the door at a clock in the main office, she realized she had no choice but to go forward; her co-workers fight had taken precious time.  As she made her way back to the conference room, she found herself unable to understand what it was that had happened at the end of the conflict.

Emma could barely work.  Her mind kept racing back through her memories of the ring and the strange light that had come from it.  It didn’t seem real, yet she knew what she had seen.  She absent-mindedly clicked through her presentation slides, connecting her computer to the projector with only ten minutes to spare before her presentation was due to begin.  She was still shaky, and her body seemed gripped by an ongoing cold sweat. Taking a deep breath, she tried to center herself, keeping her confidence in her skill at the forefront of her mind.

Only a few minutes later, the first of the partners stepped into the room.  Emma struggled to hide the anxiety on her face.  She was pleased to find, at least, that her bosses seemed appreciative of her bringing coffee and donuts.  She finalized a few last-minute changes in her presentation and waited for the last of her bosses to filter in.

Emma was uneasy for the full length of the presentation.  Strange waves of nausea kept passing through her body, followed by a strange tingling sensation in her head and her…crotch? Somehow, though, she managed to power through with only a few strange looks from the partners who knew her well enough to tell something wasn’t normal.  The presentation was not what it could have been, but, with any luck, she figured she could still have made an impression.  

The Q & A session after her presentation was long, which was both encouraging and unsettling.  She was glad the partners were taking interest in her proposal, but she really needed to go home.  Being in the office was just making her feel worse by the second. When the last question was finally asked and the partners broke for lunch, she immediately went back to her desk, packed her things, and filed a sick day with the office manager.

The drive back home was miserable.  She kept getting odd tingles all over her body accompanied with cramps and a serious sensation of fatigue.  Worst of all, her feet felt so sensitive and sore that it was bothering her to drive with her shoes on.  The discomfort got so bad that she kicked her shoes off at one stoplight. Even then, the sensation of her feet on the pedals just felt strange

When she finally broke free of the midday traffic in the city, she breathed a sigh of relief.  Home was getting closer and she would, hopefully, be able to spend the rest of the night resting with Cody.  She made her way through her neighborhood, parked the car in the garage, and rushed into the house.  She had to stop herself from sighing audibly when she opened the door, as she immediately saw two of Cody’s friends sitting with him in the living room.  


“Hey guys!” She said, as cheerfully as she could, “Home early!”


They all smiled, looking away from the television only for seconds.  Cody was playing some game online.  Both of Cody’s friends greeted her as she made her way over to the kitchen.


“Everything okay, Emmie?” Cody said, still somewhat distracted by the game.


“Just wasn’t feeling too great after my presentation, so I figured I’d take the rest of the day off as personal time.  I think I’m gonna grab something to eat, then head upstairs to lay down.”


“Okay, hun!  I’ll come up soon!”


Emma grabbed some leftovers from the fridge and threw them in the microwave.  Despite the waves of nausea, she was feeling uncharacteristically hungry.  She had always enjoyed more hearty breakfasts and dinners.  Lunch was usually small for her.  She chocked it up to nerves, plated her leftovers, and headed upstairs.  

It wasn’t long before Cody came into the room. She had finished all the leftovers and fallen into bed almost immediately.


“I sent the guys home,” Cody said, “how are you feeling?”


“Not great,” Emma said, “my feet are sore as hell for some reason and today was just terrible.”


“Oh no!  How come?”  Cody said, sliding down to the bottom of the bed.


Cody patted his hands on his lap, indicating he intended to give her a foot massage.  


“Freaking Coleen and Bruce were at it again.  This time worse than ever.  They were screaming at one another, literally screaming,” she said, “It got really bad.  I had to break it up but...”


Emma hesitated, unsure whether to tell Cody about the strange light.  She decided she needed more time to audit her own memories.


“But?” Cody echoed.


“Uh, nothing, they just took a whole lot of my time, and it ended up making me feel nervous during the whole presentation.  I think my stomach is bothering me so much because of how anxious I was.  I mean, I still think I did fine, but not even close to as well as I could have.”


Emma sighed and laid back.  She realized that Cody’s massage felt incredible.  It was like she could feel every single motion of his fingers, and every single touch sent tingles up her legs.  To her surprise, the massage even made the waves of nausea subside.


“God babe, that feels REALLY good,” Emma said, “Can you do that a little harder?”


Cody smiled and nodded.  The next swish of his hand made her let out an involuntary moan. It felt like intense relief of tension, but at the same time there was something else.  She felt herself getting a little wet at the feelings.  She’d never felt that from a foot massage before. As the tiniest heat of arousal awoke in her, she couldn’t help but look at Cody’s handsome face.


“What about you, babe?”  She asked him, “How was your day?”


“It was alright, I suppose,” he said, “Did a good amount of studying, played some games with the guys.”


He laughed suddenly.


“Oh my god,” he said, “in one of the matches I was playing online, one of the other engineers from my department joined in and we just absolutely wrecked the other team.  You should have seen it.  You would have been proud of us.”


Emma smiled at him.  She never really cared for games, but she was glad that they made Cody happy.


“In the next match, some guy was trolling us hardcore so we decided we would mess with him back.  We went and gathered up all the best weapons on the map without fighting him and we put them all on a big pile of mines.  If he wanted to get any weapons, he’d get blown up.  But we decided to mess with him by going after him unarmed…”


Emma found herself drifting off to the story. His rhythmic massaging was just too much for her to handle.  As her consciousness waned, she felt herself drift into the heavy heat of sleep. Mixed with the arousal, it made her feel quite sensual.


*        *          *          

“Please!  Please, I beg of you!  It was not my fault!  It was some woman who broke the ring,” said an unknown, deep voice, “I’ll make it right. I’ll fix everything.  Just fix the ring this one time and I’ll straighten everything out.”

Emma was confused, she seemed to be in the bathroom of her workplace.  She could hear a voice echoing around her, but everything seemed misty and distant. Her feet tingled with pleasure. She felt warmth in her groin.  

Emma closed her eyes and thought of Cody, but for some reason, she couldn’t get his image right in her head.  He kept looking smaller, slighter, and more promiscuous?  None of her surroundings or thoughts made clear sense.  She tried to walk, but she felt heavy and strange.  Looking down, she realized she wasn’t wearing any clothes. She cried out, running for one of the stalls.  As she did so, she noticed the walls were lined with urinals.

The men’s room?

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something moving.  She flicked her head sideways to look.  It was her reflection in a body-length mirror that hung on the wall.  When she looked closer, though, she realized that something was horribly wrong with her appearance.  Instead of being herself, she was Bruce, standing naked with a tiny uncut cock dangling between her legs.  Hair spread from her crotch upwards across her heavy belly.  She screamed as her surroundings changed yet again. She was in a bedroom on her knees with a ball gag in her mouth.  She could see her cock dangling downwards, erect, but still small.  She was whimpering, looking at a woman’s feet in high heels.

Screaming, Emma pulled herself into a ball on the floor and clasped her eyes shut.


*        *          *

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