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Sweet Nostalgia By Pseudofaun

Sweet Nostalgia By Pseudofaun

Note: This piece was written by the brilliant artist and writer Pseudofaun.  Her Twitter can be located here and her Tumblr can be located here.  I highly recommend checking out her other work!  ~viv

On a back street behind a busy freeway, the doorway to an antique shop sat inconspicuously. Flo spotted the place walking home from work and had stepped in out of curiosity. It was devoid of life save for a quiet old couple behind the counter. She wandered about aimlessly, smiling at all the little toys, scoffing at the strange old signs and advertisements, picking up rusted old tools with passing thoughts of "how much would this hurt to get poked with." She circled around the little store several times, wasting countless minutes. It was time well spent in such a charming little place. Nobody came in, and the couple never gave her even a second look.

She was eyeing an old mooring hook when something caught her eye. Of all the things one would expect to find in an antique store, a quaint bag of salt water taffy is not high on the list. Nestled among bags of marbles, old soda bottles, and antlers pried from some poor deer’s skull decades prior, there it was. It was a charmingly simplistic little resealable bag, plain text with no company name or best by date. Long since gone off sweets, sealed up for who knows how long. Flo gently picked the bag up and felt around it. The taffy was still a little pliable. Not that she'd want to eat it, but the thing was too cute to pass up just for its second-hand nostalgia value. She took it to the front, where the old woman punched the price into an old analogue cash register, as her husband continued reading a newspaper. The old woman smiled warmly as Flo thanked her, but Flo couldn't help but feel a strange piercing sensation at the back of her neck as she walked out the door.

Home at last and profusely sweating from the walk, Flo kicked off her shoes and took her pants off. She sat down in front of her fan, sighing happily. Her girlfriend wasn't home yet, so she could laze around for a while cooling off. She grabbed her backpack and removed the taffy from its pocket, placing it upon a shelf of other various knick-knacks and toys she had acquired over her life. She was very careful about what she bought, but she never got rid of anything. It looked perfectly at home sitting between the old Kinnikuman figures and the rabbit skull. Well, at least, it did to her. She stood there admiring the addition for longer than she understood why, and then she got an urge. She wanted to see how the candy held up.

She carefully grabbed the bag back off the shelf and slowly opened it. To her surprise, a strong scent of fruit and cream wafted from the bag, as if they were brand new.

How lovely!

She poured them out onto her coffee table and was taken aback by how strangely beautiful they appeared. Swirled rainbows of stripes and speckles, like a little cosmos of confectionary. Before she knew it her mouth was watering. She figured they were probably worse tasting than they looked but, she really couldn't help herself. The decision as to which to eat was a tough one, until she noticed two very similar orange and white ones. One of those will do.

She grabbed the sides and pulled, unfurling the wrapper. It released a scent of orange, lemon, and sweetened condensed milk. She gingerly plucked it from the wax paper and gave it a little squeeze. Still quite soft. The watering in her mouth got almost overwhelmingly strong now, and Flo struggled to swallow. She put it on her tongue and closed her mouth.

Flo wasn't necessarily the biggest fan of sweets, preferring salty snacks, but she'd be lying if she said this wasn't the tastiest thing she'd ever had in her life. She was utterly baffled as all of her senses were overtaken by the flowing citrusy, creamy flavour of the taffy. As she began chewing the flavour burst out even stronger as her teeth felt just the right amount of resistance from the chewy texture. She didn't realise it but she was shuddering slightly, and, if she hadn't closed her eyes, they would have rolled into the back of her head.

After a short while, she shakingly opened another piece and put it in her mouth. Each piece was more delicious... and unusual than the last. Blueberry and Marionberry with a vanilla undertone. Strawberry and Banana drenched in boiled sugar. Tangy grapefruit coupled with malted vinegar. Nutty salty marzipan and a dash of iron and citric acid, like soured blood. The last piece was almost sickly sweet like rotting fruit and spicy like smoked chili pepper.

She had savoured every last piece, left with nothing but a pile of crumpled waxed paper. She was left in a state of blissful aftershock, feeling too warm and happy to think about the fact she ate possibly decades-old candy. The feeling of warmth was rising, becoming quite uncomfortable.

Flo wrapped her arms around her stomach as her insides became hotter and hotter. It burned and tingled like she'd drank a cup of battery acid. She held back tears and slammed the coffee table.

"God I'm fucking stupid," she said in grunting agony as the pain swelled and started to sweep itself across her body.

Panicking and shaking, she took the last of her clothes off as she sweated copiously. Her insides were like a raging fire, the feeling persisting as she laid naked and groaning on the couch. Finally, as the heat felt as if it was fading away, instead, a sharp cold slowly overtook her body. She opened her clenched eyes, blurry with tears, to notice her skin was unusually pale. She limped her way back to the bedroom and looked at herself in the standing mirror. She looked like a ghost, with pure milky white skin. The cold feeling sent shivers down her spine repeatedly as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her skin slowly started to regain pigment... but not the right colour. With goosebumps across her body, her skin started fading to a vibrant orange hue.  Strange moving marbled stripes of creamy off-white bloomed around her body like ink across the surface of water.

Flo was paralyzed with fear. She could feel her body lightening as the goosebumps faded and her skin became taut. She gently rubbed her arm. It had become completely smooth, her hair follicles having all but faded away. Slowly, the heady scent of girl sweat she had been enveloped in faded into a fragrant citrusy, sugary sweetness. Flo breathed in ragged slow breaths, hoping it was over, but her relief was premature. Points all across her body erupted into muscle spasms and she fell to the ground screaming, more in terror than pain. Her forehead skin strained uncomfortably as a pair of candy corn nubs pushed their way out of her skull, curving and forming into soft, pristinely striped horns.

Her toes curled up as they slowly fused together and soon her feet and legs took on the appearance of striped stockings, matching her horns. Her long black hair was fading in color and turning a pastel orange as it slowly clumped together and became a sticky mass, though it still retained the general shape of her haircut. Her lips became engorged and pouty, and her mouth started watering again. She struggled to swallow down the fruity saliva as a bulge filled her throat, forcing open her mouth as a long, slimy, pastel pink tongue fell out dripping syrup.

The smell of her "sweat" and her spit made her head fuzzy, and before she knew what was happening, she was lying on her face, her tongue resting on the ground, rubbing her already dripping, unusually smooth cunt with her ass in the air, all the while watching herself in the mirror. More sharp pains erupted along her body before the others had even faded, and she let out a bubbly, mousey yelp. Her tailbone erupted into a two-headed candy corn nub, which slowly stretched and stretched into creamy white taffy tendrils.

Without even thinking, she effortlessly moved the tendrils like an appendage she'd always had, whipping the air and curling as she continued feverishly rubbing her hardened candy clit. She moved her taffy tentacles down to her pussy, and, moving her hands to her extremely puffy, dolloped nipples, she slid a tail in and rubbed herself with the other. She was gushing thick sugary slime onto the carpet with each thrust and she stared at her slutty face in the mirror, her pupils and iris having turned a stark yellow and her tongue lolling around on the ground.

Inside of her body, she could feel something pushing against the tentacles. She desperately tried to press it back to no avail. She wobbled her way upright to face the mirror. Her bright pussy and asshole were on display, with her sock like feet pointed sensually, as she shuddered and shook. The feeling of pushing stretched her from the inside in extreme pain as she watched something poke out of her straining pussy. Slowly sliding out and gushing increasing quantities of candy girl cum out onto her legs and ass, a marbled cock had revealed itself. Slowly her pussy formed into smooth skin around it. It was throbbing heavily and dripping precum as a pouchy set of balls inflated and hung beneath it.

Flo had once hated cocks but... as she watched her newfound girldick twitch and drip she had never been more aroused in her life. The extended feelings of pain had given way to hot arousal and happiness, and she smiled a row of candy yellow teeth, giggling and breathing heavily as she wrapped her fingers around her cock and began stroking. The orange lubricant covered her hands and cock in a slick sheen of fructose as she pumped her cock and used her tails to stretch and tease her ass. The room’s sickeningly sweet atmosphere of humid flavours wrapped her head in ecstasy, making each stroke of her cock send her into gurgling moans. Her mind melted and her legs began to violently vibrate as she jerked her hips into the air, screaming fantastically as she came, spurting thick tangerine cum all over her belly, boobs, and even spraying up to her open mouth. She collapsed and exhaustedly cupped a handful of her sweet cum to her mouth, greedily swallowing as much of it as she could.

Flo sat there for several minutes, taking in everything that just happened. She remembered her whole life but... could not remember what she had looked like just a few minutes ago. She felt as if this was how she'd always been. She wobbled herself to her feet and looked at the sticky puddles around her in the vague shape of her body. Her eyes passed across the now already familiar sight of her marbled, striped, taffy girl body. She sighed happily, then heard a noise. The door behind her opened. It was her girlfriend.

Flo’s girlfriend stared at her alien body with fear in her eyes, glancing down to her cock which slowly stiffened up as Flo lustily eyed her, giving a toothy grin and licking her lips. It was going to be an interesting evening, to say the least.

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