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Careless Sport: Chapter 6

Careless Sport: Chapter 6


Author's Note: These stories were commissioned by TGF, who also did the incredible 3D work for them.  TGF's profile can be found HERE.

Brandon couldn’t believe the high he was on as he climbed into the car to drive to the stadium, but as he merged onto the highway, some of the feelings of confidence began to erode, giving way to nervousness.

What if she avoids me?  What if I can’t find her in the crowd?  She has magic, what if she curses me more?

Brandon caught himself speeding twice, and resolved to pull over and get some food before progressing.  He hadn’t eaten all day.  He reached over into the passenger seat for his purse, then realized how foolish it had been to bring his purse. 

Men don’t wear purses.  This will be horribly out of place.

Brandon didn’t catch himself referring to himself as a man this time.

As he pulled off the highway and found a fast food burger joint to stop at, he dumped the contents of his purse out on the passenger seat.  Parking the car, he threw the purse, his old ID with the picture of him before all the changes, all his makeup, and his feminine sunglasses into the back seat of the car. 

In the passenger’s seat remained his cash and then his cards, which all read Brooke.

No one ever checks ID at a fast food joint, and I doubt they will at the stadium either…

Brandon was too nervous to leave the stadium up to chance, so he saved his cash and brought his credit card inside to the restaurant.  There was almost no one inside.  Right away, the cashier addressed him.

“Sir,” the cashier said, “can I take your order?”

Being addressed as “sir” threw Brandon for a loop.  He started to panic. 

“Ah,” he said, “I’ll…Um…no thank you.”

Brandon’s heart was beating.  He turned and left the building, rushing back to the car.  He heard a squeal and a horn as he cut off a car pulling into the drive-thru.  Nearly getting hit in a parking lot only shot his adrenaline higher.  He waved and tried to make a sympathetic face at the driver, who was gesturing rudely at him.

He climbed in his car and took a deep breath, throwing his head backward against the headrest.  Until now, his changes had been very private.  He had thought going out would be like having a disguise.  It wasn’t.  Being addressed as sir? 

Is this me?

Brandon’s head was spinning.  He needed to keep control, somehow.  He focused his mind on memories, memories of spending time with Grayson, of living life with him, of having sex with him, of holding him and being with him.  If he could just keep Grayson and his relationship in his mind, he would be able to make it through the day.

Carefully, Brandon started the car and pulled out.  He managed to keep cool enough to drive through the drive-thru, order some food, and then park again.  Thankfully, the cashier at the window was not as attentive as the one inside and didn’t converse more than reading back his total. 

Hot food felt like heaven to his stressed and empty stomach.  He hadn’t eaten since the night before.  He found himself invigorated by the relief.  He could do it.  He could get to the stadium, buy a ticket, and find the girl.  He remembered her face perfectly, like it was burned into his mind.

Brandon finished his food, started the car, and got back onto the highway.  He was shaking by the time he arrived at the stadium.  A lot more people had shown up for this game than he was used to.

He had been to lots of Grayson’s games, but this one was turning out to be by far the most crowded yet.

All I have to do is get inside and find her.  I can make this all right one way or another.

Brandon steeled himself, took a deep breath, and then opened the door to the car.  He locked the door behind him and he walked towards the stadium, pulling up the hood on his borrowed hoodie out of a sense of self-consciousness.  He checked his phone.  The game was going to begin quite soon.

Brandon hesitated when he reached the lines of people queueing for tickets. 

This is it.  I just have to get through here and I’ll be one step closer to undoing all this.

Finally, he stepped forward and slid into line.  It didn’t take long to get to the checkout clerk.

“Do you have a student ID?” the clerk asked.


Brandon almost reached for his ID in his pocket before realizing that it wouldn’t look a thing like him now anyway. 

“Um…” he muttered.

The clerk smiled.

“It’s no worries if you didn’t bring it, we just offer a discount to local students.  Ticket will be 10 dollars without the ID.”

Brandon’s hand was shaking as he handed over a bill from his pocket.  The clerk smiled, made change, and handed Brandon a ticked.

“Enjoy the game!”

Brandon quickly rushed through the gates into the stadium, sighing in relief.  The stadium wasn’t packed, thankfully.  It was designed for much higher-profile games than this one, even if this crowd was big in comparison to Grayson’s previous games. 

Brandon could see Grayson’s team getting ready just slightly off the main pitch.  The opposing team, too.  He searched the group for Grayson’s face, but couldn’t locate him among the group of players warming up.  He pulled his hoodie tighter and hoped he wasn’t looking too out of place with the hoodie drawn up like that. 

Brandon scanned the audience, searching for that familiar face.  It took a solid five minutes for him to finally locate her.  She was seated on the other side of the stadium, near the sidelines.  Brandon’s heart beat with rage.  Just across from him was the insane woman who had caused all of this.  All the trauma, all the relationship problems, all the embarrassment was all her fault. 

To Brandon’s dismay, the whistles blew and the players began to make their way into ready positions.  He would have to move strategically from here on out to avoid being noticed by the woman.  The crowd was sitting down.  He followed suit.

A few minutes later, the first plays unfolded on the pitch.  Grayson finally appeared and took his position as striker.  He had fought hard to win that position.  Brandon couldn’t help but notice how incredibly sexy he looked, his brows furrowed with determination, his eyes intense, and his face serious.  His hair was slicked back and his muscles rippled with energy.

Brandon watched Grayson play, transfixed by the grace of his game and his form.  He was so proud to be in a relationship with that man who was performing honorably against senior players from an overseas market much more saturated with the sport.  Brandon allowed himself the time to enjoy a bit of the game before he shepherded his mind back to the task at hand. 

Over the next fifteen minutes, Brandon slowly made his way around the stadium, sitting in a new place whenever the crowd got rowdy to cover his actions or cutting out into the food court where he would be out of view of the madwoman.

Finally, he found himself only a row away from her.  He could see her staring at the field, eyes wide with adoration.  Brandon scanned the pitch, reaching to understand what could possibly bring such a worshipful expression onto someone’s face.

His view was blocked by a group of rowdy college kids holding signs above their heads.  He looked back at the woman.  His heart began to race:  at her waist was the bag of powder she had used to cause all this mess in the first place.

Should I reach for it?  Should I confront her first?

Adrenaline was coursing through Brandon’s veins.  His head was pounding.  He was just feet away from his freedom from this masculine form.  One part of him was screaming to confront her and speak to her, the other was screaming out how foolish of a thought that was, that she should reach for the bag and not rely on the mercy of a clearly insane woman.

The woman’s expression grew more maddened and intense.  Brandon had to do something.  He stood up and began to move towards her.  She didn’t seem to notice at all.  He was a yard away, a foot away, then standing in the seat before her.

What do I do?!

Brandon’s hand was shaking.  He took a deep breath, travelling in his mind back to the day of the original confrontation.  He remembered how insane she had been, how irrational.  How it had been nothing but an accident that had brought this horrible fate upon him. 

Anger coursed through him.

I don’t owe her anything.  She’s likely to just curse me again with that powder and who knows what will happen to me then.

Brandon started to turn.  It was like the moment before vomiting; a horrible knot in his stomach was forming, but he knew it was too late to turn back.  He had to follow through now.  He turned and looked up at the woman.  The woman’s eyes darted down at him quickly, then back to the game, then back at him.  She furrowed her eyebrows slightly, as if thinking of something.

Then, she smiled.  Brandon had to act.  He reached up and lunged towards the pouch at attached to her waist.  The woman, twisting her face into a sinister smile, sidestepped, leaving Brandon to fall over the seats. 

Brandon scrambled to regain his footing.  The woman was pushing him down, trying to knock him down the seats.  Suddenly, he heard her scream out.  Her voice was louder than it should have been.  So loud that everyone in the area turned to look at them.

More magic?

What they saw was a small woman with a troubled look pushing back a large man in a dark hoodie.  No one in the area gave Brandon the benefit of the doubt.

“Help!” the woman screamed, “Help me, he’s trying to grope me!”

Brandon looked up at her, almost pleading for mercy.  She quickly flashed him a smile.

“Please!” Brandon said, “All I want is to go back!”

The woman screamed again, before turning to Brandon and speaking in a lower voice.

“You can’t go back.  It’s permanent.  You’re a foot fetishizing man now.  And you’re about to help me complete the second part of the spell: embarrassing your boyfriend in front of everyone he cares about.”

Brandon looked with horror to see the nearby spectators closing in on him.  They were reaching to pull him away from her.  The game had come to a lull, as the crazy woman’s screaming had drawn the attention of the players and coaches.  The ball was rolling freely on the pitch.

Brandon felt someone grab him and yank him backwards.  Voices were shouting at him incoherently.  As he was pulled back towards his seat, he desperately cried out.

“No!  She…She cursed me!” Brandon shouted, “Please let me get to her!  I just need to sort this out please!”

A few people backed away from him.  Two older men were restraining him in his seat.  He could see the pitch before him.  The players had stopped playing completely now.  Grayson stood at the forefront.  He locked eyes with Brandon.

Shame filled Brandon’s heart.  The men around her were becoming rough.

“Grayson!” He shouted out over the crowd, “Please!  Tell them!”

The expression on Grayson’s face was one of utter bewilderment and horror.  He wasn’t moving.  One of his teammates came over to him and patted him on the back, trying to get him back to the game.

The two men holding Brandon down lost their grip on his clothes as he thrashed free.  He fell gracelessly over the row of seats in front of him, landing, sprawled out, on the grass of the sidelines.  A few people from the crowd stood and rushed towards him.  Brandon was panicking.  None of this was supposed to happen this way.  He was scared the crowd was going to hurt him.

“Grayson!  Help!”

Grayson was still frozen, his eyes wide.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of his teammates approach him.  He felt his teammate put a hand on his shoulder.

“Man…” his teammate said, “what the hell is going on?  Do you know that guy?”

In the seats, the woman who had cursed Brandon was still screaming, urging the crowd to restrain her “attacker.”  A few nearby onlookers had rushed to her side and were trying to comfort her.  Grayson’s eyes flicked from Brandon, who was rising to his feet, to the woman in the crowd, and back again.

Brandon struggled upright and stopped on the edge of the field.  From the loose group of players she saw the boyfriend of the woman, the supposed star player of the away team.  He was walking towards Grayson.

“Grayson!  Look out!”

Grayson moved sluggishly, as if in shock.  He didn’t react quickly enough to Brandon’s warning.  The woman’s boyfriend shoved him, hard.  Grayson stumbled backwards, catching his breath from the force of the shove. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you, mate?  Did you send your boyfriend after my girl?”

Grayson’s face twisted in confusion.  He shook his head, but he couldn’t muster words.  The situation was utterly unjust.  There was no way he could communicate to the people around him what had happened.  He barely understood it himself.  They were all judging him.

“How did I know it wouldn’t be over with you?” the player continued, “The minute I saw you and your boyfriend at the restaurant and you tried to fuck with us…I should have fuckin’ known there was something wrong with you.”

“Liar!  You’re making all of this up!”

Grayson finally had found his words.

“Fuck off!  You saw me, you recognized me, and your boyfriend tried to threaten us!” the player shouted back.

“Liar!  I didn’t mean to trip her!  It was an accident!” Brandon shouted, interrupting the foreign player.

Brandon didn’t realize that he had just confirmed to the entire team that Grayson was seeing a man on the side.  Grayson’s teammates were looking at each other.  A few were whispering.  Grayson saw them. 

For the first time in his life, he was overwhelmed with panic.  He couldn’t handle the entire crowd staring at him, his entire team looking at him and perceiving him as a man in a relationship with a man.  He broke.  He turned, his face red and hot, and walked off the pitch.

No one called after him.  His close friends knew he would need space, but some of his teammates who didn’t know him well continued to whisper about him.  No one could believe he’d been dating a man in secret, yet the evidence was there before them.

Brandon saw him turn and go and knew things had just progressed for the worst.  Brandon stood up, pushing aside the now-confused crowd, and walked towards the player.

“You’re disgusting and pathetic, and a liar,” he said to the player.

Brandon stared him straight in the eyes.  The woman’s boyfriend had an arrogant smirk on his face.

“Don’t talk to me you disgusting fagg..”

Before he could finish the word, Brandon had whipped his hand upwards into a powerful slap.  Brandon’s hand collided with the player’s face, making a reverberating crack.  The player spun and fell to the ground, crying out.

There was a scream from the seats.  The woman scrambled down to the field, pushing the bystanders who had come to help her forcefully out of the way.  She stumbled over seats and nearly fell on the grass trying to get to her boyfriend’s side.  She touched his face, tears streaming down from her eyes. 

“Look what you did to his beautiful face!  Look what you did!”

Brandon’s face curled with anger.

“Look at what you’ve done to us!  You’ve torn my relationship apart, you’ve ruined my life!”

The woman’s face curled with rage.  She flew to her feet, removing the pouch of powder from her coat.  Brandon’s hands flew up in self-defense.  The woman slipped on the loosened grass beneath her and Brandon’s arm struck her elbow, sending the powder pouring out onto the ground at her feet.  A puff of the magic powder flew up into her eyes.  She screamed and fell to her knees.

“No!  I don’t have any more of that!  I’ll never be able to stay beautiful for him!”

Brandon was flooded with a mixture of horror and relief.  He had avoided further enchantment, but he had also apparently destroyed his only way out of this situation.  He lifted the woman up off the ground.

“Fix this!” he whispered to her.

Tears were streaming down her face.  Her eyes were red from the powder.

“I can’t.  It’s all gone.  That was the last of my powder.  I needed it for me.  I needed it to keep him happy.”

“What are you talking about?”

Brandon couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  The woman who had caused his entire life to unravel was simply insane with vanity.

“You’ve ruined everything.  I was going to keep us young and perfect forever.  You’ve ruined it all.”

It took everything in Brandon’s body not to hit her.  He was permanently trapped as a man and all she could talk about was her stupid vain plans to use magic for youth.  Brandon let go of her.  He needed to find Grayson.

Brandon turned his back on the woman’s pathetic sobs, on the judgmental team, and the befuddled onlookers.  Despite all the madness, he had managed to find some clarity.  It was done.  He was stuck as a man.  He was going to be Brandon for the rest of his life.  As far as he could tell, there was nothing he could do about that.  But he could at least find Grayson and make sure Grayson was all right.

It didn’t take long for Brandon to find him.  He was in the men’s locker room, sitting alone in the center of the lockers.  His head was in his hands


Grayson barely moved, the only change to his position was the stiffening of his back.  He remained silent.

“Look,” Brandon said, “I know coming here was a big mistake.  I just hoped that I would be able to find that woman and get this all fixed.  I didn’t want you to have to live with me like this.  This is all so insane.”

As he was getting emotional, his soft, French accent was reappearing in his words.

“I just wanted to make it all right but..” Brandon continued, “what she did to us was wrong.  My body has changed completely, my desire has changed so much.  It was wrong.  I just wanted to make it right, but I couldn’t.  I know you might not want to be with me anymore.  I understand that, but let’s get out of here.  Your teammates will understand.  Let’s go home.”

Grayson sighed.  His shoulders loosened.

“Come on,” Brandon said, “We’ll come up with something.  This won’t hurt your career.  They’re crazy and the whole team heard all the crazy nonsense they were saying.”

Brandon moved closer to Grayson.

“Also, I slapped him so hard that he hit the grass.”

Grayson actually laughed slightly.  It was a weak laugh, but it was something.

“Let’s go.”

Grayson finally stood.  Together, they made their way out of the stadium through the side exit and back to the car.  Brandon drove.  The traffic was light, and they were home quickly.  They made their way up to Grayson’s apartment and, finally, safe inside the privacy of their own place, Grayson collapsed on the couch.

Brandon set to making food right away.  He didn’t even say anything.  He knew Grayson needed more time to think and sort his thoughts.  Brandon figured that a favorite meal would make things a lot better. 

Grayson’s head was spinning.  He couldn’t get the memories of the locker room out of his mind.  He had heard the accent, Brooke’s accent.  He looked over at the man cooking in his kitchen, the man who had once been his girlfriend.

Could I be with him?

The thought was uncomfortable to Grayson.  He had never considered the idea of being in a relationship with a guy.

But this guy is different, right?

Even thinking the words “guy” in the context of a relationship put him at unease.  He closed his eyes, then opened them, then looked at the man in the kitchen again.  The man was graceful, beautiful almost.  His body was fit and tight, and he moved in feminine motions.

What the hell has become of my life?

Grayson kept watching him.  Suddenly, he realized with slight shock that his cock had grown hard.  Something about seeing the man’s tight ass and thinking back to hearing that slight French accent he had always loved.

No, this is wrong!

Just as he began to protest, “Brooke” turned and looked at him smiling.  His teeth were perfect and his lips were beautiful.  Images filled Grayson’s mind.  Images of kissing the man who was smiling at him.  Grayson grew harder. 

One part of his mind screamed in protest, but the other urged him to accept these new feelings.  He closed his eyes again and threw his head back onto the cushion of the couch, groaning slightly.  His mind was full of horrible, lewd images.  He always got horny when he was stressed.

He heard a dish clink in front of him, and he opened his eyes.  There was a hot plate of freshly made herb salmon in front of him, one of his favorite dishes.  One of Brooke’s best meals.  He was overwhelmed with emotion.

“Eat up,” Brandon said.

“Uh, yeah, thank you,” Grayson said, struggling to use his girlfriend’s name on the man before him, “Uh, Brooke?”

Brandon laughed lightly.  His laugh was clear and high, but deeper than it had been when he was female. 

“Actually, I’ve come to kinda think of myself as ‘Brandon,’” Brandon said, “I guess it fits me a whole lot better than Brooke now, right?”

Grayson smiled a half smile.  He sat up and picked up the fork Brandon had placed next to the plate.  The food smelled so good.  Memories flooded his mind in surges.  He could remember all the times Brandon had made this meal for him, or at least Brooke had.

They’re the same person right?  Brandon is Brooke.  He can’t help what happened to him.  He stood up for me after all…

He’d had this meal made for him so many times when he was feeling down.  He couldn’t help that the memories were reaching him on an emotional level.  Between the strong memories and the still-present light-French accent on Brandon’s voice, he was finding himself able to permit some emotions towards the man in front of him.

“Everything alright, Grayson?”

Grayson nodded and took a bite of the fish.  It was incredible.

“This is really amazing,” he said.

“Well yeah!” Brandon replied, “it’s not like I forgot how to cook all of a sudden…”

Grayson smiled and shrugged at that.

“You’re right, obviously.”

As he finished his food, he couldn’t help but feel his mood sinking.  His life had changed so much so quickly.  He wasn’t ready for any of this.  He missed his girlfriend.  Brandon somehow immediately caught on to his change in mood.

“Hey, let’s get you up to bed.  No sense worrying any more today, right?” Brandon said.

Grayson nodded and complied with Brandon’s request.  He went upstairs as Brandon gathered the dishes and placed them in the sink.  Brandon entered the room a few seconds after Grayson.

Grayson slipped into the bathroom quickly.  He was getting nervous for some reason.  He slipped into the shower and washed himself quickly.  The hot water felt incredible against his skin.  He couldn’t quite tell what was making him so nervous.  Was it the prospect of preparing for bed?

As he washed and dried, brushed his teeth, and wrapped himself in a towel, he felt his anxiety rising.  Was Brandon going to be waiting for him?  Would Brandon be sad if he didn’t want to share a bed with him again?

Is that even fair?

Grayson couldn’t believe he was even thinking about this. 

Sharing a bed with a man?

Grayson took a deep breath, then opened the door to the room.  Brandon was straightening the covers on the bed.  The room was completely tidied. 

“Hey,” Brandon said.


Brandon smiled.

“Got everything all ready for you.  You deserve a night of rest,” Brandon said, “I’ll…sleep downstairs if that’s easier for you.”

“Yeah…” Grayson said, “Thanks.  I really appreciate it.”

Grayson could tell how much Brandon cared for him.  As Brandon picked up a pillow off the chest of drawers next to the bed and put it into place, Grayson felt a pang of regret and sympathy. 

I’m being unfair.  That’s the person I’ve loved and built a relationship with over there.  I can’t let him suffer, even if he looks different than I’m used to.

His conscience was digging into him.

“Actually,” Grayson said as Brandon turned to leave the room, “You know, if you want to sleep up here I’m okay with that.”

Brandon’s face lit up immediately.

“Are you…sure?” He said, “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

In truth, Grayson was still somewhat uncomfortable, but he figured after all that Brooke had gone through for him, he could bear some discomfort for her new self.  Grayson could at least give Brandon a chance.

Grayson nodded, then walked over to his drawers, got some underwear and shorts out, and slid them on under his towel.  Once he was dressed, he set the towel aside, laying it over a chair at Brooke’s old vanity, and climbed beneath the blankets on the bed.

Brandon was at a loss for words.  He had not expected things to end this way.  He had certainly been doing his best for Grayson, but he had done that out of a desire to see him feel better, not to win him over.  Brandon’s heart beat with hope.

Grayson was turned away from him, and he stripped off the borrowed clothes and put on one of the pairs of gym shorts from his old dresser.  He also slipped on one of his old shirts, noting its tightness in the shoulders and looseness over his chest.

Carefully, he climbed into bed next to Grayson.  He tried to avoid touching him with his body.  He didn’t want to ruin things.

“You don’t have to be so scared,” Grayson said, “I told you that you could sleep here, after all.”

Grayson’s heart was racing.  It was taking everything within him to go out on a branch like this.  He could feel every motion on the bed, and in his mind, everything in front of him was an unknown.  Somehow, a part of him felt excited.  Some part of his mind was whispering that this was just as exciting as the first tender moments of a new relationship.

As Brandon’s legs slid against his beneath the sheets, Grayson felt a surge of fear and arousal.  His cock hardened instantly.  He was scared by how aroused he was becoming having Brandon’s masculine form near him.

Brandon, too, was aroused.  He couldn’t help it.  His attraction to Grayson had never changed, and his sex drive had skyrocketed recently.  Being so close to him, after such an intense and emotionally charged day, was driving him to increasing heights of arousal.  His fantasies were starting to slip out of his control.  He wanted to touch, to kiss, to fuck.

Grayson’s heart was racing.  His own reactions were scaring him.  He wanted Brandon to touch him.  He craved passion and sex after such a long, hard day.  Whenever things had gotten rough with his career or other life stress, he had always felt safe, relieved, and cared for after sex with Brooke.

Could I feel the same with Brandon?  I don’t know if I can bring myself to be sexual with a man…

Brandon’s head was swimming with heat and arousal and longing.  He needed to do something.  Even if it was something minor.  He needed some form of release.

“Grayson…” he said, “I love you.”

Grayson was frozen, his voice was catching in his throat.  He swallowed hard.

“Can I…” Brandon started, “Can I…give you a hug before bed?”

Grayson wanted a hug so badly.  He missed his girlfriend, but the longer they lay next to each other, the more he heard her accent coming through Brandon’s mouth, the more he felt attached to the man next to him.

“Yes,” he said without thinking, his voice barely a whisper.

Brandon’s arms were suddenly encircling him.  They were warm, strong, and safe.  As Brandon held him, he felt himself grow harder.  He felt arousal forming in his loins.  He wanted more, even if parts of his mind rebelled.

Brandon slid closer, holding Grayson tightly to him.  He hadn’t quite learned the quirks of his new body yet, so he quickly realized that his hardened cock would contact Grayson when they were holding one another like this.

Grayson felt something hard press against his ass.  He knew what it was immediately.  Brandon’s hot cock was pressing against him.  Arousal surged within him.  He had never imagined finding himself aroused like this, with his boyfriend’s cock pressing against him.  He let out an involuntary moan.

Brandon was incredibly surprised.

Did Grayson just moan?  Does he like this?

Hope loosened the reins on his arousal.  Brandon grew bold.  He slid his face closer towards Grayson’s ear.  He kissed Grayson’s cheek.  Grayson didn’t resist.  Rather, he sighed deeply and longingly. 

He IS enjoying this!

Brandon progressed, kissing Grayson’s face further and further until, finally his lips made contact with Grayson’s.  Grayson accepted the kiss, closing his eyes and parting his lips.  Brandon couldn’t believe it.  He was leaning over Grayson’s side, kissing him.  His position was strong and caring. 

Grayson’s mind was spinning, but he was far past the point of resistance.  He wanted this even if he hadn’t before.  Brandon’s lips felt so good against his.  They were soft and feminine, but strong.  He loved the feeling of Brandon being over him, of being held by such a strong body.  He had never imagined enjoying it.

Brandon gently slid Grayson sideways, and Grayson yielded to his guidance.  Grayson was on his back now and Brandon was over him, kissing his lips passionately.  Brandon’s lips explored down his jaw to Grayson’s neck.  Grayson moaned again slightly.  Brandon could see Grayson’s cock through his pants.  He’d never seen Grayson so aroused.

Now emboldened by lust and success, Brandon slid his hand down Grayson’s body.  His hand gracefully glided across his hard pecs and abs, down across his waistline, then lower.  He cupped Grayson’s hard package firmly.  Grayson jolted slightly, but made a short, tight moan of pleasure. 

Brandon’s mind was full of lustful imaginings.  He wanted to suck Grayson, he wanted to fuck his tight ass, but more than any of that he wanted to make Grayson come with his feet again, this time as a man.  He kissed Grayson passionately again, then slid his hand down into his pants.  He could feel Grayson’s hard cock within his underwear, hot and ready.  He slid Grayson’s pants down and let his cock go free of the underwear.  Looking down, Brandon was pleased to see a bead of precum forming at the tip of Grayson’s cock. 

He broke away from kissing Grayson’s lips and began to kiss down across his body.  Grayson was like clay in his hands, moaning now and yielding to all of his touches.  He kissed Grayson’s abs, the top of his bush, then slid down and wrapped his mouth around Grayson’s cock.  Grayson moaned yet again.

Grayson was unbelievably aroused.  He felt at the edge of orgasm already.  His cock was in a man’s mouth and he was aroused beyond belief.  He couldn’t believe himself.  As Brandon bobbed up and down on his cock expertly, he focused in on the situation.

My boyfriend is sucking my cock.  My fucking boyfriend is sucking my cock.

He felt like he was going to explode.  Brandon seemed to realize this and slowed down his rhythm progressively.  Finally, he stopped completely, eliciting a sad cry from Grayson.  Brandon wasn’t finished, though.  He turned himself around on the bed, wrapping his feet suddenly around Grayson’s slick cock.

Grayson cried out.  The pleasure was insane.  Brandon’s feet were bigger and stronger than they had been before, but still just as soft.  His own precum mixed with Brandon’s saliva made his cock incredibly slick, and Brandon’s feet slid up and down on his cock with ease.  With each incredible pump he grew closer and closer to orgasm.  He needed more. 

Grayson held up a hand to Brandon.  Brandon stopped his lustful ministrations just long enough for Grayson to lift himself up, move onto all fours, and crawl towards Brandon.  Brandon gasped when Grayson tore down his pants and stared with wide eyes at Brandon’s cock.  Grayson’s mouth hung wide open with desire.  His mind was addled with lust.  Before he even knew what he was doing, he was going down on Brandon’s cock. 

Brandon had already been edging himself through his underwear by grinding against Grayson, and the sudden surprising sensations just drove him higher into bliss.  Grayson had never sucked a cock or even thought of it, but somehow the act came naturally to him.  He knew what would feel good since he’d had it done to him before.

Brandon resumed stroking Grayson’s cock, this time from the other direction since Grayson was now on all fours sucking him.  Brandon was moaning and struggling to keep rhythm as his own pleasure was now smashing into his brain.

Grayson had utterly lost himself in lust.  He didn’t even care anymore.  All he wanted was orgasm and he was willing to do anything to get it.  Sucking Brandon’s cock was turning him on, driving him towards his goal.  So were the thoughts of Brandon cumming in his mouth.  He was far past caring about any of his previous hesitations. 

Grayson quickly got his wish.  He felt a strange and pleasurable feeling on his lips as Brandon cried out a scream of pleasure that mixed masculine voice with feminine.  Brandon’s cock was flexing and pumping.  Brandon was cumming.  Suddenly, Grayson felt his mouth fill with hot, warm liquid.  It was heavy, sexual, slightly salty and slightly sweet.  He was overwhelmed.  As he felt Brandon’s feet lose rhythm on his cock in pleasure, he himself began to tip over the edge to orgasm.

Grayson, operating entirely with instinct, surged his hips forward, sliding his cock intentionally against Brandon’s slick feet.  He came.  Moaning out louder than he ever had, he blew his load all over Brandon’s sexy toes.  Surge after surge of cum spurted out of his cock, and as it did, Grayson swallowed Brandon’s cum.

Grayson couldn’t help but roll his eyes upwards.  His head was spinning as he slid his mouth off Brandon’s cock and tipped sideways onto the blankets.  His own cock was still surging and pumping.  His legs were shaking.  Brandon was panting. 

Brandon pulled Grayson upwards to his chest, both of them falling back onto the bed such that Grayson was now lying on Brandon’s chest.  Grayson could hear Brandon’s heart pounding.  He could feel Brandon quivering in post orgasm. 

“I love you Brandon,” he said, tears coming into his eyes, “I’m so sorry.  I love you.”

Brandon ran his fingers through Grayson’s hair. 

“I’m so happy, Grayson, so, so happy.”

They held each other, not moving except to breathe and stroke one another’s bodies until they each fell asleep.  Grayson fell asleep last, and as his orgasmic pleasure began to fade, he found his fears obliterated.  He was still nervous somewhat about what others would think, but he knew what he wanted.  He wanted Brandon, man or not.




Sweet Nostalgia By Pseudofaun

Sweet Nostalgia By Pseudofaun

Careless Sport: Chapter 5

Careless Sport: Chapter 5