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Careless Sport: Chapter 4

Careless Sport: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Author's Note: These stories were commissioned by TGF, who also did the incredible 3D work for them.  TGF's profile can be found HERE.

Brooke jerked upright, waking rapidly after a night of deep, dreamless sleep.  Her body was sore, and she was very aware of her own nakedness.  Grayson snored softly beside her, seemingly undisturbed by her sudden movement.

Her mind flooded with fear.

Did he see my clit?  How much of my hair did he see?

Brooke slid off the sheets and rushed into the bathroom, as quietly as she could in such haste.  She gasped sharply when she inspected her appearance.  Her clit, though no longer engorged from arousal, was poking slightly out from between her lips, which were fully covered with hair.  She had a full bush above her pussy now, and her legs were no longer just stubbly, but hairy.  Her legs looked like she hadn’t shaved in weeks.  She spun around, panicking.  Her pubic hair was now spreading well up towards her belly, in a pattern that frankly looked masculine.  A sharp peak of hair formed a trail from her groin up to her belly button.


Almost worse, her hair had spread up towards her asshole even more than before, and as she looked in the mirror, she could see that those hairs, too, had grown longer overnight.

Brooke was on the brink of a meltdown.  She had to find a way to calm down.  She slipped out of the bathroom and put long pants, long socks, and a long-sleeve shirt on.  She could feel her new hair against the fabric.  It tormented her as she snuck down the stairs to clear her mind. 

Once she was in the living room, Brooke paced quietly back and forth in front of the sofa.  She couldn’t decide whether to take the car and go to the walk-in clinic again or call the doctor.  The idea of explaining her further symptoms over the phone was too embarrassing to bear.

Brooke needed to act quickly, Grayson would surely wake up soon and that would bring a cascade of problems for her if she didn’t get this sorted out on her own.  It was going to be hard enough concealing the hair from him once the doctor had everything figured out; she didn’t need it to be more complicated now.

A terrible thought crossed Brooke’s mind.

What if they can’t fix it?  What if it’s permanent.  What if it keeps getting worse and there is nothing I can do?

She quickly dismissed the thought.  No problem was insurmountable, and the doctor would have found anything truly severe when she first went to the walk-in clinic.


Brooke was sweating from panic.  She hoped Grayson would be distracted by the upcoming game against the British team such that she could conceal her problem.  She doubted it would be that easy.  She was already too warm in the long clothes she was using to.

Brooke, restless, made her way over to the kitchen and began preparing breakfast.  She almost burned the eggs and the toast while her mind wandered back to her lack of a useful solution to her problem.  She caught herself scratching herself multiple times during the preparation of breakfast – on the arms, on the legs, and on the chest.

At this point, every itch and cramp brought her mind speeding back to anxiety about her hair growth.  She was so lost in her thoughts that when Grayson made his way into the kitchen and said,

“Good Morning, hun!”

to her, she jumped.

Brooke’s response was shaky, and she could tell that Grayson was already aware something was wrong, even if he did not come out and say it.  She heaped some slightly overdone scrambled eggs and toast onto his plate and poured him a cup of coffee, then served herself and sat down next to him at the table.

Grayson immediately started talking about the incredible sex from the night before, and Brooke was relieved to discover he did not seem to have noticed her hair.  If he did, he made no mention of it as he complimented her on how incredible he had felt after their spontaneous session.  Brooke tried to keep calm and discuss her enjoyment of the session, but she found herself preoccupied with yet another mystery:  her sudden enjoyment of jerking her clit. 

Brooke could not help but feel such an action was unfeminine at best and straight up manly at worst.  Once again, Grayson never mentioned seeing her do it, which was a minor relief.  She still could not get the memory out of her mind though, nor could she understand why she had struggled so much to cum until she jerked her clit.

Brooke was relieved when Grayson finally changed the subject to their plans for the day.  She informed him she was still not feeling up to school. 

“I’m worried about you,” he said, “won’t you get marked down?”

Brooke reassured him that she would keep up with her work and that both her classes of the day did not have attendance requirements.  Grayson relented at that.  They kissed, and then Grayson took care of the dishes while Brooke did some reading for class.

Afterwards, Grayson showered and grabbed his bag; he was heading out for an extended workout with his teammates.  He snuggled with Brooke while he waited for them to show up.

“You’re burning up!  How can you handle having such long clothes on when the house is so warm?” he asked her, astounded.

“I’m just cold,” she said, lying poorly, “I think I might have come down with something over the last two days.”

Grayson stared at her for a moment until his cellphone buzzed, indicating his teammates had arrived outside the apartment building.  Brooke kissed Grayson before he got up, a long, passionate kiss. 

“I love you,” Grayson said, “please rest up and get to feeling better.  I hate it when you’re not feeling well!”

With that, Grayson left the apartment.  Brooke waited a few minutes to be sure he wouldn’t return for anything before stripping down to her underwear and bra.  She was sweating from the heat of the long clothes. 

Brooke was immediately confronted with her problem.  Upon removing her clothes, she could now see her pubic hair spreading out from the edges of her panties.  The trail of hair from her bellybutton down already seemed darker and coarser.  She glanced at her armpits and, sure enough, her hair had thickened there as well.  Now she regretted comparing herself to her old-fashioned relatives.  Her hair had never come in this thick, but, of course, she had also never let it grow more than a day or two since she first hit puberty.  She had a small bush of hair under each arm now.

Brooke slid to her feet and stomped up the stairs to the bedroom in frustration.  She pulled a sheet off the bed and wrapped herself in it before rushing back and flopping down on the couch to get the rest of her readings for class done.

Doing homework proved to be a true test of will.  Brooke’s mind drifted back to an urge to check her body every few minutes.  She was also passively frustrated that she had not come to a decision regarding medical action.  She wasn’t sure waiting another week and a half was a wise course of action with the speed of the growth.

Somewhere within the pages of her history book, Brooke finally shook the anxiety.  Getting lost in the tales of civilizations now long past somehow soothed her, despite her usual neutrality to the subject.  It was a nice change of pace.

As time went on, Brooke grew drowsier and drowsier, lulled towards sleep by the soft sheet on her skin and the warmth of the house.  Before she could catch herself, she drifted to sleep.  Her history book slid from her fingers and fell down to her side without disturbing her.

Brooke slept heavily.  Her dreams were hot and sexual, but troubling.  She was having sex with someone, and doing all the work.  She was pounding into them.  The pleasure was there, but it was mingled with something else, some other feeling she couldn’t quite describe.

Brooke felt like she was right and wrong at the same time.  Her penetrating someone felt natural, and yet some part of her knew it should not feel that way.  She was confused, yet the images kept coming.

Dream Brooke and her dream partner disengaged and together walked through a house to a bathroom that was covered in mirrors.  On all sides, she could see herself and her partner, but their reflections were blurry.  Suddenly, she knew she was with Grayson, and yet, in the mirror she looked just as tall and bulky as he did.

Brooke jerked awake as her hand tapped against the cold floor.  Her hand had apparently slipped off the side of the couch and fallen, limp, to the floor.  She was groggy and sore.  She could tell it was evening already.

Brooke cursed under her breath.  She had not gotten nearly as much work done as she had hoped.  She sat up, her whole body aching as she did so.  Rubbing her hands across her face, she couldn’t help but feel completely disoriented.  Her hands and her limbs felt heavy and large.

Brooke forced herself to stand and go to the bathroom.  She felt sweaty and uncomfortable, and she figured a quick shower would help.  Plus it had been hours and she could not avoid checking up on her body any longer.

She stripped in front of the mirror, and her heart sank.  The hair had grown even more, not only that, but something looked out of place between her legs.  She splayed herself out in front of the big body mirror.  Poking cleanly out from the big bush of hair between her legs was her clit, now considerably larger.

“Oh my god,” Brooke said aloud.

She had never realized how phallic her clit was.  It looked like a little, pink penis surrounded by her out-of-control pubic hair.  It was probably an inch and a half in length now.  As she stared at it, she accidentally tightened her pubic muscles.  In response, the cock-like clit twitched upwards before falling back down.  The motion seemed to stimulate something within, and she felt heat and blood rush to her crotch.

Before her eyes, Brooke’s clit swelled and hardened.  It now stood, straining, at about two and a half inches.  She was floored.  To her great frustration, the swelling felt fantastic, and some part of her even liked the way her clit swelled and strained against the downward pull of her much-too-small clitoral hood and lips, which fell away to either side of the phallic clit.

Groaning aloud, she fell backwards onto the cold tile of the bathroom floor.  The horror of her situation was sinking in.  Her heart was racing.  There was nothing she could do now.  Going to the doctor like this would be unbearable, but she had no choice right?

Once again, her mind drifted back to her experience with the crazed woman.

Is this what she meant?  Is this why I felt that strange sensation? I’ve lost my mind.

Brooke knew that considering the influence of magic in this situation was truly insane, yet her clit had grown insanely large and her hair had spread an insane amount.  Maybe it was time to confront the insane.

Maybe if I go apologize to her, she will undo this?

Brooke could not believe she was considering that before going to the doctor.  But she had already been to the doctor once, and going to her regular doctor would be at least as embarrassing as apologizing to some random person she would never see again.

A sudden cramp spread across Brooke’s groin.  It felt like period cramps, but worse. 

It’s not time for my period yet, is it?

It was not.  She also knew that her birth control pills severely reduced her period cramps and other symptoms.  This cramp must have been something else.  The cramp softened for a short time before tightening back up again.  

The pain seemed to be right about where her ovaries should be.  She felt around the flesh with her fingers and was rewarded with a sharp pain in response.  She pulled her fingers away, but before she did, she felt two warm, hard spots just beneath her skin. 

“What the fuck,” she swore aloud.

Brooke braced herself for the pain and went back for a second touch.  There were definitely two lumps right where her ovaries should be located.  As her fingers probed the spots, another severe cramp crept across.  As the cramp seized her pelvis, she felt the lumps slide lower.

Brooke cried out, and as she did so, she heard a noise come from outside the bathroom.  The front door opened, then closed.  Grayson was home!

Brooke’s heart went into overdrive.  She jumped to her feet and rushed to close the bathroom door. 

“Brooke?” Grayson called from downstairs.

What the hell am I going to do?

She was trapped in the bathroom in pain.  If she told Grayson about the pain, he would insist on her going to the doctor, which would result in a whole night of walk-in clinic staff looking at her now-weird genitalia.  She just needed time.

Her mind was racing between subjects.  She couldn’t understand why, of all things, she would feel lumps inside her pelvis.

Are my ovaries swollen?  Why were they moving?

Another severe cramp gripped her.  She cried out.

“Brooke?” Grayson said, outside the bathroom door, “Are you okay?  What’s going on?”

Brooke panicked.

“I’m okay!  Just bad cramps.  I think, ah,” she said, struggling through another cramp, “I think my period might be coming early.”

She glanced at her body in the mirror as she collected her clothing from the floor.  Her whole body was tense.  She looked swollen, bulky.  Her muscles were straining, making her look much different than she was used to.  Even her face looked wrong.

She hesitated on the reflection of her face.  She mimicked a yawning motion and tried to reposition her mouth.  Her face looked wrong.  It looked angular and heavy in comparison to usual.  Her jaw felt sore and her brow looked heavy and angry.

Distress and strain did not seem to satisfy her as an excuse for her appearance.  As she struggled putting on her clothes, she began to worry about the permanence of what was going on.  If anything would convince her to go to the doctor, it would be the idea that all of this wouldn’t pass.

She finally slipped on her pants, then opened the door out of the bathroom.  As she stepped out into the room, another cramp seized her.  She nearly fell over, bracing herself on the door frame.

“Oh my god!” Grayson cried, rushing over to her.

Brooke held her hand up to him, then stood up straight.

“I’m fine.  I just need to lay down.”

Brooke now noticed that Grayson was half-naked.  He must have been changing when she came out of the bathroom.  He was in his boxers with no shirt on.  His smooth, muscled body shined perfectly in the light that was pouring in from the hall.

How Brooke managed to feel any sense of arousal while cramps were seizing her was beyond her understanding, yet there it was.  Amidst the cramps and fear was arousal.  She resisted, but the feeling persevered.  She just wanted the pain to stop so she could fuck him again.

“I’m sorry, I think I just need to spend a night on the couch,” she said.

“What?” Grayson’s jaw dropped, “Why?”

“It’s much too hot up here, and if I’m up all night I don’t want to disturb you the night before your big game.”

“Brooke…” Grayson started.

“I’m going to be fine,” she lied, “Your game is incredibly important.  I promise you that I’ll wake you up if I need you.  It’s just cramps.”

Grayson was staring at her.  He couldn’t help but shake the feeling she didn’t look quite the same as he remembered.

“What?” she asked.

“It’s nothing,” he said, “if you are sure this is best…”

Brooke nodded.  She walked over to him and kissed him forcefully.  She actually came onto him harder than she intended, grasping his arm firmly and planting her lips against him.  Grayson was utterly surprised.  Brooke was usually soft and seductive not aggressive and forceful.  He found himself growing hard nonetheless.

As their lips parted, Grayson looked at her again, this time with a look of confusion on his face.  Their eyes were almost level.  Brooke was not as tall as him, and she wasn’t wearing shoes.

“Brooke,” he said, almost a whisper, “How is it possible you are almost as tall as me right now?”

Brooke’s hands flew to her face, hiding herself from him.

“I don’t know.  I just think I’m having some hormonal issues right now and I just need to go to the doctor after your game.  That’s it.  I really just need to sleep.  I’ll be fine.  Please just trust me.”

Grayson sighed.

“Okay.  I will.  I love you.”

He pulled her closer to himself again.  She felt different.  She was taller than she should be, bigger, less soft.  None of this made any sense to Grayson.  He had never felt comfortable with taller women, or stronger women.  He had always liked his girls girly, feminine.  Brooke had always been that.  Lately, though…

Despite his confusion, Grayson still felt himself becoming aroused as he held her close.  His cock tightened in his boxers.  The last week had thrown him too many curveballs for him to rationally process.  He slowly loosened his embrace, then stepped back, smiled, and sat down on the bed. 

Brooke returned a pained smile, then slipped out of the room towards the living room.  Her heart was racing.  The cramps were slowly subsiding, but she had a new, unknown feeling in her pants that was really worrying her.  In addition to the new, unexplainable feeling, she could feel that her physical contact with Grayson had made her…hard.  Her clit was brushing against her panties as she walked down the stairs.  She could feel it pushing out from between her lips and stretching the tight fabric of her underwear.

Brooke groaned as she laid down on the couch.  She lay immobile for about fifteen minutes as cramps of decreasing intensity and frequency worked their way through the muscles of her lower body.  Finally, they stopped altogether. 

Brooke heard the shower turn on upstairs.  She’d have a few minutes of guaranteed privacy while Grayson was showering.  Carefully, she lowered her pants and underwear. 


As her underwear slid past her hardened, enlarged clit, she felt a shifting of skin and weight.  Out of her panties slid something she’d never imagined she would see on her own body.  Loose skin laying over two spheres, which hung down with gravity as she slid her panties the rest of the way off. 

All disbelief in the supernatural dissolved as Brooke witnessed her freshly formed ballsack slide out of her feminine pink panties.  There was no natural explanation for the genitals that now sat between her legs. 

She stared down between her spread legs, her mouth hanging open.  Her vagina seemed to have been engulfed entirely by the new sack of skin.  She remembered her vagina tightening over the last few days.  She had thought it was stress that was causing the tightness, not her vagina sealing up all together.  Now instead of her beautiful pussy, a small, hard cock now throbbed above a tender, hairy ballsack.

Brooke’s mind was blank.  All she could do was look at the ballsack – her ballsack – and her cock.  She felt strange, dissociated, like she was looking at someone else.  She was in shock.

Finally Brooke brought herself to move.  Staring down at her feet, she slid her panties up over her little cock, the ballsack barely fitting within the small, ill-fitting undies.  She ignored the bump her hard cock made in the fabric of her panties.  She slid her pants up and pulled the sheet on the couch over her.  She closed her eyes, and she lay still until she fell asleep.

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