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Careless Sport: Chapter 2

Careless Sport: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Author's Note: These stories were commissioned by TGF, who also did the incredible 3D work for them.  TGF's profile can be found HERE.

When it was time for class, Grayson drove Brooke over to the university and dropped her off at the front of her building.  They kissed, and Brooke wished Grayson luck today, though she knew he’d do fine.  His team had never even come close to losing to the local team they were playing today. 

Brooke’s first class was easy enough, though she was distractingly horny again all throughout.  She finished her in-class work, handed it in, got on the bus across town, and made it to her second class without occurrence.  It was in her second class when she started getting itchy again, but this time, all over.  Worst of all, she was itchy around her crotch, which was completely unresolvable without leaving the classroom.  The irritation got so bad after an hour of class that she slipped out to the single-occupancy bathroom on the second floor. 

Sure enough, despite having shaved earlier this morning, Brooke found that not only her legs, but now her pussy and mound were growing hair at an alarming rate.  Her armpits, too, had begun to regrow already.  She was getting nervous to look at her body for fear of discovering more hair.

Brooke grounded herself mentally, took a few deep breaths, and went back to class.  Regardless, between the irritation and the persistent arousal, her focus was completely out the window.  She waited out the last hour of class and then rushed to the bus stop, fidgeting as she waited.

For the first 20 minutes, the bus ride was neutral.  She kept her headphones in, streaming a Top-40 mix she listened to as a guilty pleasure.  When she changed busses, though, some drunk frat douche got on and she knew immediately by the way he was looking at her that he was going to heckle.  She couldn’t have predicted how embarrassing it would get.

He whistled at her when she got on, but when she went to put her backpack on the rack above her head, he hooted even louder.

“Woo! We got a natural lady here do we?”  he said, with slurred speech, “Hippie dippie much?”

Normally, she’d have just ignored him and pretended not to hear, but his words struck on her self-consciousness worse than usual.  She looked over at him, and when she did, she saw her still-visible armpit in her peripheral vision.  The hair had completely returned, and she had at least a full inch of growth.

She snapped her arms down to her side, almost dislodging her bag from the rack.  Her face was hot and her cheeks were reddening.  She’d never been so embarrassed in her life.  She was frozen, unable to decide whether to sit down and ignore, or run away. 

Suddenly, Brooke found herself emboldened.  She felt a rush of adrenaline and hormones.  She’d never felt quite like this before.  She felt aggressive, ready to defend herself, but stronger than ever before.  She stood tall, looked the man in the eyes.  Her heart was pounding.  She feigned a lunge at him, slamming her foot down hard on the ground in front of him. 

He yelped pathetically and flinched.  Other riders were laughing.  Someone shouted “oh shit!” from the back of the bus.  She shouted back,

“Mind your own business!”

Then sat down hard in her seat again.  Her heart was beating and she was truly angry now.  The drunk got off at the next stop without another look at her, but she stewed the whole way home.  Her mind was in a dark cloud of irritability, and it only got worse when Grayson wasn’t home when she arrived.

It was hypocritical to simultaneously desire to see someone and to yell at them, but that’s what she felt at that moment.  Not to mention, her whole damn body was itching more and more.

Resolute, she refused another trip to look at herself in the mirror.  She cooked up some quick dinner: baked chicken and store-bought biscuits, then settled down to browse the web.  Nothing but boring politics talk, which she always found utterly wasteful.  Her experience of the world was broader than most, and that made most people’s viewpoints on politics too narrow and simplified for her tolerance. 

Soon enough, though, Brooke stumbled on a video she liked and laughed until Grayson opened the door and came in.  He’d obviously showered since playing, probably before the meeting.  Brooke forgot she was ever mad, and before long they were both blabbing about their days.

Grayson had won his game, just as expected, and as an added bonus he’d scored a miracle goal that got played on repeat on the local sports channel.  The team meeting went well.  They were giving Grayson a lot more attention due to his performance of late. 

When Brooke recounted her day, Grayson was immediately up in arms, but his anger turned to pride as she reached the part of her tale when she stood up to the drunk and humiliated him.  She left out the specific insults he’d called her; she wasn’t quite ready to talk to Grayson about the hair stuff yet.  She tried to convince herself that she just didn’t want Grayson to overreact, but in reality, she was quite self-conscious about it and didn’t know how he would react.  She’d never been so concerned about her own appearance before, or at least, not since she was younger.

Brooke and Grayson snuggled on the couch for a few minutes, then Brooke went and made the rest of the chicken for Grayson.  They watched videos online while they ate, then after an hour or so, Grayson started to yawn, and they made their way up to bed. 

Brooke was maddeningly horny, but she was so petrified about Grayson discovering her hair problem that she managed the will to control her urges, at least until he was asleep.  After over an hour of lying awake and fidgeting with a burning desire in her pussy, Brooke made her way to the bathroom.  She filled the tub with hot water and scented oil, then stripped down, trying her best to not catch a glance of herself in the mirror.

All Brooke wanted was relief so she could sleep.  Tomorrow, she could sort out the hair issue and have sex with Grayson again like they’d done earlier in the week, but she couldn’t stand being up any longer without sexual release. 

She slid into the hot water and took a deep breath of scented steam.  It wasn’t long before she had slipped her hand down between her legs and was teasing her clit.  She ignored all feeling but the pleasure, sliding her feet against one another in the warm water and sending pleasure through her limbs.

After her heart was pounding from the excitement, she inched her fingers gently lower, sliding into herself with two fingers.  It felt good, but so incredibly tight that it surprised her.  Her pussy was never this tight.  It was fantastic, but so tight that it border-lined on painful.  She didn’t stop, though.

In fact, she just went at herself harder, sliding her other hand down to tease her clit more as she fingered herself roughly.  She was enjoying herself so much that she was struggling not to slide down into the water.  She worked herself up, pleasure surging out from her pussy to the rest of her body.  She felt light headed from the warmth and the rush.

At first, she was thinking about Grayson penetrating her, but that image just wasn’t getting her over the edge, so she tried imagining giving him a footjob.  That image wouldn’t get her off quite yet either.  In desperation, she let loose her desire, and her mind wandered to more naughty places.  What if she penetrated him?  Her mind filled with the image of Grayson bent over on the bed with her slamming into his ass with a strap-on. 

A short-lived wave of guilt washed over her, but these thoughts were her private thoughts, and they were just fantasy anyway…


Suddenly, she was cumming.  One image filled her mind, and it was the filthiest yet:  She had a cock, not a strap-on or a prosthetic, but a real, hard, veiny cock with pubic hair at the base.  She was pushing that cock deep into Grayson’s ass and watching as he cried out in pleasure and shock on the bed. 

Brooke was cumming so hard that she lost control of her volume, and moaned aloud.  She was stroking her clit like it was a tiny cock, unable to fight the fantasy that was running through her mind.  It was just too good.  As surge after surge of pleasure shot through her, she could’ve sworn she felt a specific concentration of pleasure at the tip of her clit.  It passed so quickly, but it was definitely there.  And she loved it.

Brooke washed herself quickly, and then drained the water.  Without thinking, she looked herself over as she toweled off.  She was immediately horrified with what she saw.  Her leg hair had grown considerably, as had her armpit hair.  Worse still, though, was the fact that her pubic area was now filling in as well, and worse than ever before.  Her vulva was covered in short hair, and the stubble was spreading outwards to her thighs.  Instinctively, she approached the mirror for a closer look. 

“What?!” Brooke said aloud.

There was stubble spreading up towards her belly.  All the pleasure of her bath drained out of her prematurely.  She was furious.  She sat down on the floor and spread her legs.  Sure enough, the short hairs were growing all the way down her lips and beyond, towards her ass.  She had never had hair around her asshole. 

Without a second thought, she refilled the tub and set to shaving her whole body.  She was shaking the whole time in fury.  It took her a long time and she burned through two razors trying to get every spot.  She refused to give into a life as some unkempt, hairy woman. 

By the time she finally flopped into bed, she had lost track of the hour.  She was exhausted and the anger that had fueled her had changed to disappointment and self-consciousness.  She drifted to sleep on anxious thoughts, and her dreams troubled her.

Brooke dreamt that she was outside in the summer wearing shorts which left her hairy legs visible to all.  She was wearing a tank top, too, and to her horror, her pits were hairier than the average man’s.  Her dream culminated with her running home and pulling off her tank top to change to something more modest, but when she did so, her belly had a trail of hair too.

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