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Careless Sport: Chapter 1

Careless Sport: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Author's Note: These stories were commissioned by TGF, who also did the incredible 3D work for them.  TGF's profile can be found HERE.

Brooke bit her lip in frustration as she tried to right the cheap, shoe-store stocking over her toes.  With an exasperated sigh, she finally yanked the material across her arches and resolved to ignore the uncomfortable seam now running along the bottom of her foot.  She sat up and smoothed a rogue lock of her auburn hair back behind her ear and glanced over to her boyfriend, Grayson, who was sitting next to her.  He was grimacing, caught somewhere between laughter and pity. 

“You know,” Grayson said, smiling, “you somehow manage to be so beautiful even when you’re making a fool of yourself.”

 Brooke cocked her head at him and issued a sarcastic smile, trying to fight back a giggle.

“Careful, last I checked you don't have to be at the pitch until three this afternoon and it is currently…” she smiled and checked the pink fitness watch on her wrist, “only eleven.  I can stretch this shopping trip as long as I’d like.”

Her voice was crisp and confident, with touches of a Northern French accent that hinted at her birthplace.  Grayson mocked terror.  Truthfully, he didn’t mind shopping with her.  He considered it a point of pride that his income allowed him to spoil her and enable her beauty.  It was relaxing to sit back and watch her enjoy herself, knowing that he had a hand in making it all possible.  He’d never admit that to her though, of course.    

Grayson maintained his silence as she tried on various footwear.  As time went on, his mind drifted to the practice session that awaited him after the shopping venture.  He had a big game coming up, one he was hoping would propel his career even further.

Grayson had had great fortune so far in scoring recruitment onto his team.  He’d been recruited straight out of college and ended up dropping out in order to keep up with the intense practice and competition schedule.  The pay was simply magnificent, but he wasn’t allowing himself to become comfortable with it.  Soon he’d be facing off against some of the best teams in the world, and his charm, wit, and talent alone wouldn’t help him as much as it had in college. 

Next week would be his first major game in the real competitive scene; a game against a visiting British team.  He’d heard they were fantastic, world-class.  And he intended to absolutely smash them if he could. 

“Grayson!” Brooke said, almost shouting.

Grayson jerked upright.

“Wow, daydreaming much?” She said, laughing pleasantly, “how do you think these look?”

Of course they were perfect: the heels fit her perfectly, hugging her impeccably groomed feet just right.  Grayson was always baffled as to how she managed to keep her skin so beautiful and clear, never so much as a stray hair or rough spot.

“Brilliant, Brooke.”

They locked eyes and smiled at one another.

“Well…” Brooke said slowly, “I hate to rush out, but I think I’m about done for today.  Why don’t we go get something to eat before your game?”

“I’d love that,” Grayson said as he rose and reached for her hand, “and I love you.”

Grayson leaned in for a kiss, all the while unable to shake the feeling that he truly had found love.  He couldn’t imagine anything that could ever come between them.  He held his kiss longer than he usually would.  Life was good.

“Ready?” He said, once they’d separated.

Brooke nodded and they made their way to check out and leave the mall.  Grayson knew exactly where he wanted to go for lunch.  It was Brooke’s favorite restaurant, a four-and-a-half-star place on the second floor of a luxury hotel she’d worked at part time when they first met.  It was pricey, sure, but the food was perfect and some of Brooke’s friends still worked there, which always made her happy.

The drive across town was uneventful, and Brooke spent most of it either touching up her makeup or browsing social media on her phone.  When they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, though, Brooke spoke up.

“Wow, someone important must be staying here tonight,” Brooke said, “is there a concert in town?”

Grayson searched the parking lot for a clue to what could have prompted this observation.  He found it immediately: an enormous luxury tour bus parked across an entire line of spaces. 

“How obnoxious,” he whispered, pulling the car into a spot on the far side of the tour bus.

“Right?” Brooke concurred.

He looked over at Brooke, who was staring out the window, trying to discern what big-name celebrity must be staying at the hotel.  He couldn’t help but adore moments like these:  Brooke looked like a goddess with the sunlight pouring in and accentuating the reddish tones hidden in her hair.  Her seatbelt strap ran down between her breasts, defining them in a way that sent fire through his veins.  Her lips were parted passively, revealing brilliant white teeth.

Grayson sighed, then reached across the car and ran his hand across her cheek, lifting a loose lock of auburn hair and placing it behind her ear.  She curled towards his touch and closed her eyes momentarily, letting the smallest noise slip out in the pleasure of such a caress.

“Let’s go eat,” He said to her, before moving his hand down from her ear to grasp her hand gently. 

The restaurant was particularly crowded and loud when they stepped in.  Brooke and Grayson had never seen it this busy during the lunch hour, and the tables were crowded with a odd mix of people that immediately chafed at Grayson:  attractive, young, male athletes.  He wasn’t self-conscious really, just naturally defensive of his girlfriend’s attraction to him. 

As they were seated by Brooke’s old friend Lena, Brooke asked her what special occasion could possibly be bringing so much business in at this time of day.  It clicked in Grayson’s mind before Lena even said it: a visiting overseas sports team.  This was the very team Grayson would be going up against next week. 

All previous sense of threat dissolved and was replaced with excitement.  The players sitting around him were some of the best footballers in the world, and he was going to be playing on their level in less than a week.

“Well, well someone is excited,” she said as they sat.

Grayson hadn’t even realized he was smiling.  His imagination had been drifting off to images of competition, of victory, of glory.  The idea of running off the pitch and kissing Brooke, savoring the feminine pride she would express towards him, Grayson, the victor.

“Okay, I can admit,” he said, “I may have been getting a little ahead of myself just now.”

“You really ARE looking forward to playing them,” she said, “I’ve never seen you this excited on such short notice!”

Then, under her breath,

“Okay, I have…but not about football.  Obviously, I’m pretty good at making you excited.”

She slid her foot up his leg beneath the table, out of sight.  Something about the way Grayson was so passionate about his career always made her feel a little turned on.  Perhaps it was the masculine drive, or simply the visible, emotional expression of such strong passion.  Grayson shot her a look.

“Don’t be jealous,” he said playfully, “you’ll always come first.”

Brooke bit her lip, then kicked him very lightly with her foot, making Grayson break out laughing.  Lena returned, interrupting their laughter, and they placed their order – one check only of course.  Lena warned them in advance that it might be a bit of a wait for food since the kitchen was so overwhelmed with the unexpected crowd, and then she was off and they were left alone again.

Grayson made to speak, but Brooke beat him to the punch. 

“I’m going to run to the restroom and fix up my makeup if you don't mind,” she said, sliding partway out of her seat.

“Yeah, of course why would I…”

Grayson was cut off by a sudden flurry of motion.  A woman had fallen hard to the floor next to him, smashing her arm down on one of the tables and flipping the dishes into the air, which then crashed down on her. 

“Oh my god!” Brooke screamed.

The woman’s boyfriend was immediately at her side, lifting her from the ground and cursing beneath his breath.

“What the hell just happened?” he shouted, accusatorily.

“I didn’t do it! This dumb bitch just tripped me!” the woman screamed back at him.

Grayson was to his feet in an instant.

“Hey it was an accident, watch it!” he said, defensive.

Brooke was panicking, but trying to get a word out.  The woman was now tearing into her, cursing her out.

“Back off!” Grayson shouted, attempting to get between the insane woman and Brooke, “There is absolutely no need for this!”

“Like hell there is!  Get away from my girl, you prick!” 

Grayson motioned to Brooke.

“Go ahead and fix your makeup, I’ll settle this.”

Brooke slipped away from the two, disengaging.  Grayson turned to the man in front of him.  He was fit and clearly strong.  He had an arrogant look about him and a chaddish British accent.  Grayson decided to make a gamble.

“Listen,” Grayson said, “We’re both athletes.  We’re playing each other in a week.  Let’s not make trouble out of nothing.”

The man scoffed.

“So you’re part of the club we’re here to stomp, eh?  Mate, you oughtta just lay down.  You don’t stand a chance, and judging by the butterfingers on that bird you’re with, you don’t have a whole lot going for you.  Don't make me humiliate you.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Grayson saw the man’s girlfriend slip away from the confrontation, her face twisted in anger.  The man seemed to notice her slipping away as well, and shifted his stance.  Was he just putting on a show for his girl?

“Look, let’s just cool down and keep the aggression for the game, yeah?” Grayson said, “This is a restaurant and we’re both looking like fools standing up like this.”

The man looked down his nose at Grayson. 

“Don’t even try that mewling, peacemaker rubbish.  Let me give you some advice, ditch that klutz before she humiliates you even more.”

Grayson was boiling.  He had never wanted to punch someone so badly in his entire life.  But the restaurant was full of the player’s team-mates, it was an upscale place, and a fight with a future opponent could cost him a career opportunity.  He let the guy go.

In the bathroom, Brooke was leaning on the sink trying to calm herself.  She was just beginning to regain composure when she heard someone open the door.  She flinched involuntarily.  The confrontation out there had gotten her on edge. 

Sure enough, the woman she had accidentally tripped came striding into the restroom.  She wasn’t unattractive, in fact, if her face wasn’t so red and twisted in rage, she would be quite beautiful.  Brooke stood up straight and cleared her throat, but the woman spoke first.  Her voice was unsteady and shrill.

“You think I don’t know what you’re up to, huh?  I know your boyfriend.  I know every player on every team my boyfriend will play.  Athletes always play dirty.”

Brooke’s face was clearly expressing her confusion.  She was completely lost.  The woman was pacing back and forth nervously.  Brooke couldn’t help but feel she was mentally unstable.

“What?” the woman said, suddenly stepping closer, “you don’t have anything to say for yourself?  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  People trying to humiliate or unsettle my boyfriend to help them win a game so they can propel their pathetic careers further.”

Brooke laughed by accident.

“Are you serious right now?  I didn’t see you coming!  I couldn’t care less if your boyfriend is good at football or anything else for that matter!  It was an accident!”

The woman’s eyes flew wider, then narrowed.

“You disrespectful bitch!  Why don’t you laugh some more!  Laugh to hide your lies.  MY boyfriend is the best footballer in the world and you know it.  You all know it.  You’re using ME as a way to tarnish his game, upset him.  Well, I won’t have it.  You don’t know who you’ve picked a fight with.  Who you’ve HUMILIATED!”

The woman’s hands were shaking at this point.  She was clearly lost in some advanced form of paranoia.  She began to reach into her purse.

“Hey!” Brooke shouted, “What are you doing?  There’s no need for this.  It was an accident, that’s all.”

The woman brought something out of her purse and lunged towards Brooke.  Brooke tried to step back but stumbled on her own feet.

“Ha!  Clumsy again!” the woman shouted, stepping forward one more time.

Something was clutched between her fingers.  Brooke could see it slipping out from the woman’s grip.  It looked like some kind of sand.  Suddenly, the woman flicked her wrist, and the sand was in Brooke’s eyes, then mouth, then throat and lungs.  She coughed violently.

“You can’t seem to stop stumbling over yourself.  Let’s make those feet a bigger part of your life,” she said, laughing almost maniacally.

Brooke could have sworn she felt her feet start tingling as the woman said this.  Certainly, her throat and eyes were stinging beneath the effects of the dust.  She couldn’t even choke out a cry for help.

“And since you tried to embarrass me and my boyfriend.  I’m going to make you embarrass yours.  So badly that no one will be able to ignore it.  You’ll become the last thing he ever wanted in his life.”

With this, she most definitely felt a tingling feeling, but this time it was focusing on her crotch.  It made no sense.  She felt pressure, then a pleasant tingle, then itchiness all over her body.  But then it all stopped in an instant.  

There was a flash of light and she heard the woman utter some words in a language she didn’t understand.  Then she was on the cold floor listening to the woman’s footsteps move away from her.

“I’m so happy I’ll be here in the states to see everything change.  Hope you learn your lesson, klutz!  That’ll teach you to play dirty for a filthy cheating wannabe like your boyfriend.”

Brooke tried to stand up, but she found that all her limbs were heavy.  She felt unnaturally exhausted.  She heard the woman open the door and leave.  Her mind was racing but she just couldn’t bring herself to move. 

What has she done to me?  Why me?  Was that some kind of poison?

Questions were firing through her brain faster than she could process them.  She was panicking.  She tried to control her breathing.  It took everything in her, but she managed to move her feet slightly.  Then her legs, then her fingers and hands and arms.  With excruciating effort, she managed to lift herself up off the floor.  And just as she did, she heard Grayson call her name from outside the bathroom.  He sounded worried.

Hearing his voice seemed to fill her with some previously unfound strength, and she was able to climb to her feet and slowly go to the door.

“Brooke!” Grayson said, his eyes wide, “What happened?”

Brooke was so tired she could barely stand.  She leaned against the frame of the bathroom door.

“That girl…” She said slowly, “The one I bumped into…”

She could tell Grayson was furious immediately, it was like a fire had been set in his eyes.

“What did she do?” Grayson said, through gritted teeth, “Did she hit you?”

Brooke shook her head and pointed to the door.

“Let’s get out of here, I’ll tell you in the car,” She said, through heavy breaths from exertion, “I just want to leave.”

Grayson didn’t even remember that they’d ordered food.  He just helped her out of the restaurant and back to their car.  Once they were in, he took the driver’s seat and Brooke retold the events that took place in the bathroom.

“What the fuck?” Grayson said.

The look on his face was one of utter confusion. 

“How can an adult behave like that?  It’s absolutely insane.”

There was a moment of silence and then Brooke started coughing.

“We need to take you to the walk-in clinic and find out what the hell she threw at you,” Grayson said.

He ran a hand through his hair as he turned towards the walk-in.  He would most definitely go to the police if it turned out to be anything poisonous, but he was clinging to hope that wasn’t the case.

The drive to the walk-in clinic only took a few minutes, but the visit took a few hours.  First, Brooke and Grayson had to wait in line, then the doctor took swabs and sent them to the lab.  When they finally got the all-clear from the doctor, it was dark outside and they both were relieved, if not exhausted.  The doctor found no sign of poisoning, and the only thing she’d found that was out of order was some rawness in Brooke’s throat, which she attributed to all the coughing.

Brooke reveled in her relief the whole way home.  For hours, her heart had been pounding expecting the doctor to tell her she’d only live for a few hours, or that she’d need to be hospitalized for poisoning.  She was glad to be going back to Grayson’s place, where she stayed most of the time.  She needed a long night of cuddling with him after today. 

Brooke and Grayson fell into bed almost immediately after they’d made it to his place.  Brooke didn’t even bother with pajamas.  She just stripped down to her lilac panties and slid into his bed.  It was an incredible king-size with satin sheets.  Paradise.  Grayson came into the room shortly after she had, saw her clothing on the floor, and looked at her slyly.

Grayson proceeded to strip down similarly.  Even despite the stress of the day Brooke couldn’t resist getting aroused at the sight of him.  His toned stomach and legs, his tanned, clear skin.  As he lifted his shirt off completely, he revealed another feature she loved about him; his chest, abs, and back were completely hairless.  He did it to improve his performance in football, but for her, it meant she got the best of both worlds.  Where she cuddled with him most was smooth and clean, but everywhere visible was masculine and hairy.

Brooke let the blankets slip down, revealing her breasts, nipples hard in the cool air.  Her breasts were big and natural, but still very perky and youthful.  Her nipples were a perfect pink with larger than average, light pink areolas.  Beneath the blankets, she couldn’t help but curl her toes.  The satin sheets were playing against her skin so wonderfully. Arousal began to spread through her body.

As Grayson climbed into bed, lifting the sheets to reveal Brooke’s nearly naked body beneath, Brooke couldn’t contain herself anymore.  She reached for him and pulled him into a kiss and an embrace.  He was atop her and she was rubbing her legs against his, her feet against his feet, savoring every last feeling.  They were locked in a passionate French kiss when Grayson made the move to slide her panties down. 

Brooke couldn’t help but moan in anticipation.  She couldn’t remember ever feeling this aroused.  Something about all the craziness of the day must have really pushed her over the edge.  Her whole body was on fire with pleasure, but especially her feet.  For some reason, the pleasure there was intensified more than it ever had been.  She’d always found her feet to be a light erogenous zone, but this…this was something else entirely. 

Grayson entered her and she felt the pleasure of being filled spread out from her womanhood.  She was writhing beneath him.  Grayson had always been incredible in bed, and this time he proved no less intimate.  He hardened inside her and she couldn’t help feel that she was tighter around him than ever before. 

Brooke felt Grayson move against her.  He had this perfect rhythm and form that always hit her in all the right ways.  She found herself drifting in the pleasure, of being penetrated, of her legs and feet rubbing against him, of her nipples against the smoothness of his strong torso.  Out of nowhere, she felt the rising surge of orgasm.  She was cumming so quickly…and powerfully as well.  A knot of orgasmic energy built up inside her and surged outwards.  Her hips bucked against his, but he didn’t stop.  He didn’t even seem near to climax himself. 

She was moaning involuntarily, arching her back and gasping for breath.  It seemed to never end.  Wave after wave of heat and pleasure shot from her clit to her nipples, up to her lips.  Every inch of her seemed on fire.  Finally, she could take no more.  She lifted a hand to his chest and shuddered.  Her legs were shaking.  He slid out of her and kissed her on the lips.

Brooke was seeing stars, but she wasn’t about to let Grayson leave this session without an orgasm of his own.  She took a moment to breathe before pushing him upwards, backwards until he had to reposition and sit back with his legs spread.  His cock was hard as diamond and slick with her cum.  The look on her face as she repositioned herself on the bed was pure devilish desire. 

She lifted her feet and pawed them against his chest.  Grayson’s face was a mix of arousal and confusion.  She’d never done this before.  Brooke slid her toes nimbly down his abs towards his cock.  Then, biting her lip and looking him straight in the eyes, she slid her feet onto his cock. 

Grayson was shockingly aroused.  He didn’t think he’d be able to get harder and more excited than he already was, but this was so new and unexpected that it was throwing him for loops.  He felt her feet slide gently up and down his shaft, softer than he’d expected, but rough in just the right ways.

Brooke was loving every moment of this.  This was better than a handjob, better than oral.  It felt like she was building up for a second orgasm, such was the intensity of the pleasure emanating from her soles.  She was gasping in surprise.  It wasn’t strictly sexual a feeling, but it was pleasant and the taboo aroused her so greatly that she didn’t want to stop.  Instead, she doubled down.  With her left hand she started playing with her clit, never breaking eye contact with Grayson, whose face had changed to a pleading, open-mouthed expression of arousal.  She moved her feet faster and more rhythmically against him.  The muscles in her legs were burning, but she pushed through.

Grayson’s body was tensing, and so was hers.  As she struggled to keep up the rhythm, her legs began to shake.  Grayson cried out and came, and just as he did, she felt the build of a second orgasm.  As his cum spilled across her toes, waves of pleasure seemed to alternate from her clit to her feet.  She was getting off – hard – to the whole scenario.  She could hear Grayson breathing heavily, but she was still riding waves of pleasure.  The orgasmic contractions just didn’t seem to end. 

Brooke closed her eyes and fell backwards onto the bed.  She felt dizzy from the pleasure.  Starbursts lit up across her eyelids.  She felt Grayson move forward on the bed, sliding his hands up her hips and towards her breasts.  His touch was warm and pleasurable in her post-orgasmic bliss.  When he moved closer and pulled her into an embrace, she felt paralyzed by the warmth.  She snuggled into his chest, feeling safe, protected, and supremely comfortable. 

*     *     *

The next thing Brooke knew she was waking up to the sun shining in her open window.  The smell of breakfast permeated the room.  She rolled over and groaned a little bit.  Her hair was a total mess, and her legs felt itchy.  Before she even moved again, memories of the night came flooding into her mind.  She smiled.

God, what was I thinking pulling that foot stuff? 

She laughed remembering how hard they both had cum.

I guess it worked!

Brooke mustered the will to slide out of bed and stumble to the shower.  She definitely needed it after all the craziness of the day before.  She slid into the stream of hot water, savoring the heat as it coursed down her curves.  She had always loved showers.  They were the ultimate focusing activity.  Calming white noise of falling water, heat, steam, and complete license to take as much time as needed for self-care.  She’d always taken long showers, and because of that, she was always very much on top of shaving her legs and armpits. 

Brooke was therefore quite surprised to see much more stubble on her legs than she expected.  She’d shaved just the day before, and even on her aggressive shaving schedule she usually didn’t need to shave more than once or twice a week.  Brooke sighed and set to shaving, resolving that she must have just done a rush job the day before. 

When she finished up and came out of the bathroom with her hair up in a towel, she could hear Grayson making his way up the stairs from the kitchen.  He came into the room smiling, carrying a platter of eggs, bacon, and orange juice.  He set it down on the side table and sat on the edge of the bed.

Brooke let the towel around her body slip off, sliding into bed next to him.  He ran his hands across her body down to her legs.  Grayson moved in to kiss her.  She pressed her lips against his and calmness flowed back through her.

“How are you feeling?” He said.

“Good,” she replied, “Looks like that stuff the woman threw at me was nothing after all…”

As she spoke, though, Brooke was struck with an odd feeling that she was wrong.  That there was something yet to come.  She tried to push the feeling away but it dug at her.

“At least, I hope so,” Brooke added.

Grayson nodded, then reached for the platter. 

“Well, since I missed practice yesterday due to the hospital,” Grayson said, I’m going to have to go meet up and make it up today.  You think you’re feeling well enough to get to classes today?”

Brooke shook her head “yes,” then reached for a piece of bacon from the platter.  Grayson moved it over to her lap after she slid over to the head of the bed to sit up.  Then, Grayson stood and headed towards the door.

“Going so soon?” she said, playing up her sadness.

“Yeah, I gotta catch a ride with the guys so you can have the car for class,” he said, looking at her sadly.

“Okay then!  One more kiss before you go!”

Grayson obliged.  They kissed, and then he went down the stairs and got his things together.  His teammates were texting him of their arrival already.  His heart was racing.  He was beyond motivated to practice; all he could think of was success.  All he wanted was to bring that team to their knees, and the only way to do that was to play better than he ever had before.

For Grayson, the day flew by in a flurry of sport.  He was performing well and he knew his teammates could tell, too.  The whole team hadn’t shown up since this was a makeup practice, but his best mates had, and he knew they were putting up their best.  He practiced for a few hours, then grabbed a long lunch, then practiced more.

For Brooke, however, the day couldn’t have felt longer.  All day she felt tired and sore, which she attributed to her late night tryst.  Her legs were irritatingly itchy, and she couldn’t focus in class no matter how hard she tried.  Her mind just kept cycling between thoughts of the day before and thoughts of getting home to Grayson tonight.  She couldn’t wait to see him and to touch him and to fuck him.

Brook shook her head and bit the end of her pen.  She couldn’t believe she was horny again already.  The professor dismissed her class and she was off.  She didn’t even take time to chat with her classmates like she usually did.  She just wanted to go home. 

Her next two classes dragged on as well.  History and then Intro to Archeology.  She was never a big fan of either subjects, but at least her Archeology teacher was nice.  He was charismatic and interesting, and he always required the students to call him by his first name, Eron.  He had a kind of Indiana-jones look to him, which was nicely out of place at her university.

Despite the charismatic lecturer, Brooke sighed audibly when he ended class.  Her itchy legs were driving her mad.  She was steaming with impatience the whole way back to Grayson’s place.  Her frustration only grew when she got back to see that he wasn’t even back from practices yet.  She rolled her eyes.

Probably wasted time with the guys.

She peeled off her jeans and set to moisturizing her legs.  They were red and bumpy.  To her increasing frustration, she realized that she could already see hair growing back in her follicles after just today.  Not even stubble, but definitely growth. 

In anger, she plopped herself down on the couch, resolving to do nothing else but watch movies and eat a pizza the rest of the night in order to stave off her dark mood.  She didn’t treat herself to junk food like delivery very often.  She figured she deserved it after this terrible week.


An hour later, Grayson finally came back.  He was a sweaty mess, but he still managed to look incredible to Brooke.  She smiled, kissed him, and then ushered him straight to the shower.

“There’s pizza waiting for you when you’re all clean,” she said, teasing him.

Grayson threw his head back, placing a hand over his stomach.

“Ahhhh, you’re an angel, Brooke,” he said, “nothing sounds better than pizza right about now.”

Brooke enjoyed the last few minutes of her show as he showered.  In truth, even seeing him had gotten her excited.  She wanted nothing more than to jump him the moment he was out of the shower.  As the credits rolled, she flicked off the TV and went up to his room. 

She stripped down to her underwear and posed on the bed like a mermaid.  Her legs were curled up and she was leaning on her left arm with her right hand playing with her hair.  In this position, her breasts hung perfectly off her chest.  She smiled and let her expression relax into comfortable bedroom eyes. 

Grayson opened the door and gasped.

“Whoa…” was all he managed to mutter.

She spun out of her position and sauntered over to him.

“Whoa?  Is that the best you’ve got?” 

Her light accent slipped out extra strong just then.  She got up on her tip-toes and kissed him, caressing his face, and just seconds later they were in bed again.  Grayson’s body was on fire and he was unbelievably hard yet again.  Brooke was panting.  Desire was crowding her mind, forcing out all other thoughts except those of fucking.  She wanted him so badly.  She wanted him now.

Grayson couldn’t believe how aggressive she was being tonight.  He loved it for sure, but it was a surprise.  He was usually the initiator in all things sexual.  As she furiously went after him, peeling off her underwear, he couldn’t help but get more and more excited himself.

Brooke was feeling adventurous.  She levied all her strength and rolled Grayson down onto the bed, straddling him and placing her breasts right above his face.  He took the cue and took them into his mouth.  He even bit lightly, a trick he’d found had always worked on her when she was really turned on.  The technique rang true with her drive this time as well.

Brooke moaned out loud as Grayson teased her nipples with his tongue and teeth.  Waves of pleasure coursed from her nipples all the way down to her soaked pussy.  She endured the teasing as long as she could, but his cock was calling to her.  She slid herself onto his cock and thrusted downwards, simultaneously sliding her feet down against his legs.  Grayson gasped and moaned.

She had never felt this tight.  He could almost feel the blood being trapped by the pressure her incredible pussy was exerting on his cock.  It was like she was pumping him to get harder and harder with every thrust.  She’d never topped like this before.  She was dominating the whole encounter. 

Grayson couldn’t help but find it hot, even if it was odd.  He was somewhat uncomfortable and unsure of what to do with himself being below her like this.  Any other time he’d been on bottom, he’d still been the one in charge of rhythm and position.  His trepidation didn’t last very long though, with each thrust he became increasingly lost in the pleasure he was feeling.  Brooke only seemed to get tighter with each thrust.

Brooke was reeling.  She was keeping rhythm through instinct alone.  Her mind was a muddled mess of pleasure.  Pleasure was emanating from her feet and her cunt and her breasts as Grayson slid his hands up to tease at her nipples again.  She was utterly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sensation pulsing through her body.  Even the feeling of her itchy legs had subsided beneath the pleasure. 

She rubbed her feet against the sheets and against Grayson’s legs as she pumped up and down on his cock.  Brooke hadn’t even realized she was moaning loudly, so intense was her rising orgasm.


Brooke screamed out Grayson’s name once before she shook into a cacophonous orgasm.  She fell against his chest, shaking, and as she did so, she realized he had cum as well, deep within her.  She didn’t even hear him over her own voice.  The orgasm seemed to come out of nowhere; She was enjoying the pleasure so much that she hadn’t been able to focus on the buildup.

For Grayson, pleasure had surged just as he heard her cry out his name.  He almost felt like he would lose consciousness, so intense was the pleasure surging from the tip of his cock.  He’d never felt like he’d had a full-body orgasm, but this felt like something close.  He felt pleasure surge in multiple bursts from his cock as he moaned involuntarily, shooting his load deep into Brooke’s womanhood just as she came with him. 

As Brooke collapsed onto his chest, he couldn’t help but feel a little odd.  A small pang of guilt?  Or was it embarrassment? He couldn’t quite figure out what he was feeling, and as he tried, drowsiness took him.  Their bodies together were warm, and post-orgasmic ennui was taking him quicker than he could keep up with.  Before long he was asleep, and Brooke, covered in his seed, slept on top of him.


In the morning, Brooke and Grayson woke together.  Grayson moved first, twitching in his dream, and that woke them both such that they woke looking one another in the eyes.  Brooke was comfortable, but when she rolled just slightly, she realized her whole body was sore, especially her womanhood.  She smiled at Grayson and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better night.

Grayson rolled over, Brooke embraced him, and they both dipped in and out of a light slumber for another half-hour, at which point Brooke willed herself out of bed and down the stairs to the kitchen.  Groggily, she prepared coffee and French toast.  It was when she was reaching to the top shelf of one of the cabinets for some powdered sugar that she realized something severely out of place in her armpits.  Hair.

There was at least a week’s growth in her armpit, and she’d just shaved it the day before.  She touched it, unable to believe what she was seeing was real.  Her pits were hairier than they’d been in years, overnight.

Realistically, the hair wasn’t too bad.  Less than an inch, and nothing like what some of her French relatives with more old-fashioned views on body hair kept, but it was more than she’d ever permitted, and it was darker than she’d expected as well.  It certainly shouldn’t have been there after one night. 

Brooke had a sudden realization and glanced down to her legs.  Sure enough, the hair there had grown longer as well.  Instead of the usual very light stubble, she had little hairs growing already.  She growled in frustration.

Memories of the bathroom run-in with the crazy woman flashed into her mind.   She couldn’t help herself growing suddenly paranoid.

  Come on…that doesn’t even make sense.  Stupid dust can’t make your hair grow…

She rolled her eyes.  Realistically, she told herself, she was just having a hormone fluctuation of some sort, probably because of stress.

Brooke resolved that giving in to paranoia was just letting the crazy woman win.  The woman had obviously gone out of her way to upset Brooke, and Brooke figured there was no reason to let her have her way.

Brooke shook herself out of thought and got back to making breakfast, she’d just have to be more diligent about grooming in the coming weeks until all this stress cooled down.  It would be easier once Grayson’s big game was done for sure.  He was practicing so much lately that it made scheduling complicated. 

Lost in her thoughts, Brooke almost burned the toast, but she pulled it out of the pan just in time.  She threw on sugar and syrup, plated it all nicely, then put it all on a tray.  When she entered the room, Grayson was stretched out on the bed and sleeping again.  He was splayed out on his belly, with half his body covered by her sheets.  The other half of his body was brilliantly displayed in the morning light.  He looked so good to her right now, with his tight ass and his fit, muscled back.

Brooke felt warmth in her groin. 


She couldn’t believe her libido had recovered so quickly that she was feeling aroused just the morning after. 

Definitely, definitely hormonal.  I’m sure Grayson won’t mind at least…

Brooke set down the tray, moved over to the bed and gently caressed Grayson’s back.  She sat down on the edge of the bed, then bent down and kissed him on the neck and back.  Grayson stirred, then moaned lightly in response to the feeling of her hands and lips on his back.  His voice was deepest when he woke, which was always a major turn-on for Brooke.  She felt more warmth and expansion within her loins as blood rushed to her womanhood.

Brooke kissed Grayson’s ears.  Finally, he rolled, smiling at her. 

“I love you,” he said to her, “and breakfast smells fantastic.”

Grayson sat up.  His emotions couldn’t be higher than they were then.  His life was perfect, even considering all the craziness of sports life and competition.  He had a girl who made him breakfast in bed, and he was the type of boyfriend who would make her breakfast in bed.  They were still romantic, and still had an incredible sex life.  He couldn’t believe he’d been so lucky to find a girl as incredible as her.

They ate together in bed, then took turns in the shower afterwards.  Today was going to be complicated, but it was one of the days Brooke had classes that started later.  They would have to do some transportation shenanigans, since Brooke’s two classes were on opposite sides of town, and Grayson had a minor game with a local team, as well as a meeting with the team to prepare for the big game next week. 

An hour later, Brooke found out that Grayson’s teammates couldn’t get him a ride today, so he’d have to take the car.  That meant that Brooke would have to take public transportation twice.  She hated busses.  She always got stupid gawkers or catcallers.  She couldn’t be mad at Grayson though, if things kept going well with his career, they were going to get a 2nd car soon. 

Careless Sport: Chapter 2

Careless Sport: Chapter 2

Strange Science by FrigofFury