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Careless Sport: Chapter 3

Careless Sport: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Author's Note: These stories were commissioned by TGF, who also did the incredible 3D work for them.  TGF's profile can be found HERE.

Brooke snoozed her alarm three times without even realizing she’d done it.  Finally, Grayson came over and gently shook her awake.

“If you don’t get up soon, you’ll be late for class!” he said, “Also, did you take a bath last night?  There were hairs all over the bottom of the tub.”

He laughed about it, which bothered Brooke much more than it should have.  He always teased her when she forgot to clean out the tub because she was forgetful so rarely.  Her self-consciousness got the best of her, however, and she pulled the blankets back up over her head.

“I’m going to write in sick today,” she said, “not feeling too well.”

Brooke wasn’t entirely lying.  She was groggy, her body was sore, specifically her legs and arms, and she was seriously feeling anxious about this body hair situation.  She found herself thinking about the encounter with the crazy lady again.  It was becoming harder and harder to dismiss her words as nonsense.

What if she actually is making me an embarrassment to Grayson?  What if she poisoned me or cursed me or something?

It took Brooke another twenty minutes of internal argument to resolve that she still did not believe in magic and that if there there was a powder in the world that could make her hair grow like it was, it would have been known to her doctor and wouldn’t have gone undetected by blood tests.

At last, Brooke called out to Grayson to bring her some cereal.  She ate breakfast then relocated to the couch.  She made sure to wrap her legs in a blanket just in case there had been any regrowth of stubble overnight.  Grayson was going running with his friends today outside the city, then he was going to drop off the laundry on his way back, so Brooke would end up having the house to herself for some time.

For once, Brooke was happy for the alone time.  She was going to research ways to counteract this recent hormonal change, and was going to try to work up the courage to call her primary care doctor and say what was happening. 


Once Grayson left, she spent two hours scouring the web for every realistic reason that could cause such sudden hair growth.  She only came up with a handful of options and none of them were very nice to read about.  She obviously disregarded unrealistic things like curses and hexes and garbage like that.  After her research, she resolved to call the doctor and set up an appointment, and she almost choked on the phone when the secretary asked the reason for appointment.

I can’t believe they make you state a reason!  How is that private at all?  Now that secretary is going to see me when I go in and know I’ve got hair growing all over the place.

Brooke shuddered.  They couldn’t book her in for another week and a half, but that was better than nothing.  She laid back down on the couch and watched television for about an hour.  During that time, she was feeling inexplicably uncomfortable.  The discomfort had spread all across her body by the time she stopped her show and went upstairs to the bathroom.  Worst of all it had reached her face. 

When she went into the bathroom, she trudged herself in front of the mirror, resolving to confront her “hormonal issues” with as much courage as she could muster.  Sure enough, she had stubble already everywhere she had shaved.  She shook her head. 

Brooke lingered in front of the mirror longer than she intended.  Something looked off about her appearance, but she couldn’t quite place what. 

Am I getting fat?

She stepped on the scale.  She was indeed a few pounds heavier, but when she re-inspected in the mirror, she couldn’t quite find any place where new fat had cropped up.  She kept inspecting herself, noticing all her limbs just looked bigger for one reason or another.

Brooke didn’t understand.  She hadn’t been working out or lifting lately, but she was definitely looking bigger and definitely weighed more.  Could this be a side effect of the “hormonal changes?”

Feeling a brief resurgence of positivity, she flexed at herself in the mirror, striking a comical pose.  As she did so, she noticed her face looked slightly different as well.  She looked, angrier, harsher.  She tried to shake her expression back to neutral, but for some reason her eyes just kept looking slightly off, like her brows had gotten heavier. 

Even her jaw looked slightly heavier.


This has to be paranoia now.

Brooke could think of no way that all of these changes were possible.  Not even hormonal fluctuations would cause what she thought she was seeing.  She found herself considering she had become delusional. 

Well the mirror sure helped me a lot!

She rolled her eyes and got dressed again, then went back downstairs.  For the rest of the night, she staunchly ignored the irritation her stubble was causing everywhere.  It was particularly annoying around the lips of her womanhood and her ass.  Somehow, though, she managed to last until Grayson made it home again.

This time, he came home with dinner.  Grayson brought a to-go box from the very same restaurant the incident had happened at earlier in the week.  Brooke was flattered, but a reminder of that event was the last thing she needed.  She couldn’t be mad at Grayson, but the second she saw the box, all the memories came flooding back.  Suddenly, her mind was filled with paranoia. 

Brooke and Grayson started eating in silence, and Grayson only broke it once he noticed Brooke seemed aloof. 

“Everything alright?”

Brooke nooded.

“Yeah, just a little zonked is all.”

She mustered up a pathetic smile at him, before going back to picking at her food.  Once they were done, Brooke stood up to take care of the dishes, completely forgetting she was still in her shorts.  By the time she realized, it was too late.  She looked over to see Grayson looking quizzically at her legs, which were now growing hair much longer than stubble.

Brooke winced.  Embarrassment surged into her mind.  Her mind rapidly searched for an excuse, some way to throw the attention away.  She didn’t like lying to Grayson at all, but she wasn’t ready to divulge her issue yet, especially when that could be a major factor in his attraction to her.

“Oh!  Um,” Brooke said, “I forgot to shave my legs last night, don't worry about it!”

“You did?” Grayson replied, “Are you feeling okay?  I mean, you can talk to me if you aren’t feeling well.”

Brooke sighed.

“Actually, I’m feeling terrible right now, and I’d rather just head to bed if you don’t mind.”

“Brooke, you know I don’t mind about you missing a day of shaving right?”

Grayson stood up from the couch and walked over to her.  Brooke didn’t say anything.

“It really doesn’t bother me,” he said, “I mean, it’s not my favorite, but I’m not going to ever freak out about your appearance like that.”

Grayson hugged her.

“C’mon,” he said, “Give me a little credit here.  I love you.”

Brooke smiled.  Grayson had always had a way to make her concerns just melt away.  She stayed in his arms for some time.  His strong embrace had overcome her worries momentarily and was actually managing to turn her on.

Brooke moaned lightly as Grayson moved his arms up her’s and across her chest in a gentle stroke.  She could feel his touch across her nipples through the thin fabric of the light bra she’d worn around the house all day.  As he pushed up against her, Brooke could feel Grayson had gotten quite hard.  His bulge was hard against her ass as he held her. 

“You think you’re feeling well enough for me to fuck you?”

The words turned her on.  She most definitely was well enough.  Not even aches and irritation could keep her away from intimacy with Grayson.

Grayson figured that intimate sex was sure to help her self-consciousness.  Besides, for some reason, he found himself somewhat turned on by her current appearance.  Her guard was down, and she was still beautiful.  Grayson wasn’t a big fan of hair on women's’ legs, but something about the situation made her sexy.  She was very real right now, and Grayson loved her, hair and all.  He liked getting to see a different side of the woman he’d come to love.

Grayson took Brooke’s hand and led her up to the bedroom.  By the time she was there, she was already soaking wet.  All the anticipation and romance had gotten her going, not to mention how incredibly hot Grayson was looking right now.  His hair was still holding its style from this morning, though the day’s activities had given it a little rough-around-the-edges look which complimented him so well.  He had a dark shadow of beard growth coming in around his jaw and mouth, which played further into the rough look he had going.

Grayson led Brooke past the bed to the shower, where he began undressing himself.

“Tonight, we will shower together,” he said.

Brooke hesitated for a moment before her arousal and desire overcame her self-consciousness.  Seeing Grayson step, naked, into the shower was just too much for her to resist.  She stripped down and slid into the steamy shower before Grayson could get a good look at her.  It wasn’t long until they were both hot and thoroughly wet. 

Grayson was sliding his hands across Brooke’s slick breasts.  He teased her nipples, watching them harden beneath his touch.  He slid his hands downwards towards her pussy, then Brooke suddenly turned and started grinding her firm ass against his cock. 

Brooke was mad with desire.  She needed him inside her, but a part of her was still panicking that he would get turned off by her appearance.  She could see that the hair around her pussy had almost completely grown back already.  She had a dark covering of hair spreading across her lips, up her mound, and even a few stray hairs crawling up towards her belly.

Brooke could feel Grayson’s cock sliding against her ass.  He began to slide downwards, to enter her.  Brooke was panicking, but she bit her lip and decided to power through. 

He said he loves me.  He doesn’t seem turned off…

On the contrary, Grayson was inexplicably feeling more turned on than ever.  Something about the way she looked was so incredible right now.  She was bending over through the stream of water, opening herself for him.  He could see a small spread of dark hair around her pussy, which was so unlike her.  She always kept it perfectly trimmed.  Yet somehow he was still turned on, as if the new style was an exciting change.

Grayson also couldn’t help but notice how fit Brooke was looking.  Her arms, back, ass, and legs looked more tight, toned, and muscular than ever.  Grayson had always liked athletic girls, so long as they were feminine.  Even her breasts looked so tight and perfect, even if they did appear smaller from this angle.

He slid his cock inside her.  She was soaking wet, and even still it was difficult to push in.  She was so tight.  It felt incredible to him.

For Brooke, however, Grayson’s entry was very different.  It was insanely pleasurable but also painful for the first time in a very long time.  It reminded her of her first time having sex.  She didn’t cry out or even tell him to stop; The pain wasn’t so bad as to discourage her, but it was there.  She felt so tight around him that she couldn’t help but wonder if he was getting bigger.

Each thrust he made drew her closer to orgasm.  She couldn’t believe how quickly the pleasure was building up.  She winced and moaned with each of his thrusts. 

When Grayson heard her moans, he went harder, adjusting his thrusts according to his sense of where her G-spot was.  Grayson always thought himself excellent at sex.  His secret was listening closely.  He knew a good moan from a bad one and a good one from a great one.  He also had a good sense of rhythm.

Brooke could feel him develop a perfect pattern, just on the right spot.  The pleasure was brain-melting.  The tightness, the hot of the shower, his slick body against hers; all of it was driving her higher and higher to peaks of sexual bliss. 

After a few seconds of this pleasure, though, she realized she was slipping away from orgasm.  She needed something more.  She needed her clit to be stimulated.  This position was great for hitting her g-spot, but she wasn’t getting the clitoral waves she so loved.

As she thought about her clit, she found herself suddenly remembering jerking her clit off in the tub the night before.  Shame started to flood into her mind before being completely erased by Grayson’s next powerful thrust. 

Brooke rolled her eyes from the pleasure, her will to resist crumbling.  She slid one hand off the wall of the shower and down, feeling for her clit.  What she found was more than she expected.  Her clit was at least twice as large as it had ever been.  She couldn’t think it through clearly.  Instead of shocking her, it just aroused her.  She pinched her engorged clit between her fingers and rubbed it up and down.

She came in two strokes.  Screaming out, it took everything in her power to not fall down into the tub below.  Grayson started to cum just after her, moaning out loudly himself.  She could feel him pumping into her again and again.  The heat of his cum inside her grew and grew.

Grayson was gasping for breath.  Brooke was so tight that it felt like her pussy was milking him as he finally slid out.  Brooke didn’t seem to be quite finished though.

Brooke’s legs were shaking from the intensity.  She hadn’t yet taken her fingers off her engorged clit.  Instead, she had just slowly slowed down the jerking motion, prolonging out her pleasure. 

Finally, after another ten seconds of pure pleasure, she started to numb.  She breathed out hard as her mind slowly slid into blissful ennui.  She turned off the water almost instinctively and crawled out to wrap herself in her towel.  Quickly she sat down on top of the toilet to steady her still-shaking legs.  Grayson never even saw her engorged clit.  Her nipples, clit, lips, and skin were still buzzing from the orgasm.

She cradled her head in her hands, smiling.

“Brooke…” Grayson said, softly, “are you…alright?”

Brooke nodded, slowly.

“Yeah,” she said, sighing blissfully, “I am fantastic.”

Grayson wrapped himself in his towel and walked over to her. 

“That was fucking incredible.”


Brooke, breathing heavily, looked up at him and he bent down to kiss her on the lips.

Brooke somehow avoided thinking about her hormonal issues for the rest of the night.  She and Grayson dried up together in the bathroom, and, after, climbed straight into bed.  They chatted about the day together as they did so.  As Brooke fell asleep, she couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky to be lying in bed next to the man of her dreams describing the beautiful path he’d run earlier in the most poetic way.

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